How To Make A Digital Marketing Consultant Resume in 8 Steps

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A digital marketing consultant advises businesses on how to strengthen their social media and digital marketing strategy. You may need to develop a resume in order to apply for a position as a digital marketing consultant. Understanding how to write a resume for this profession might assist you in writing a more effective resume and boost your chances of being recruited. We’ll look at what a digital marketing consultant performs, what skills you’ll need, and how to write a CV for this employment in this post. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to make a digital marketing consultant resume in 8 steps. In each step, I’ll provide helpful tips and tricks so that you can get started in no time.

What is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is a specialist who advises businesses on their digital marketing strategies. They investigate their clients’ digital marketing using analytics and other data, making recommendations and overseeing any necessary policy or plan modifications. Consultants in digital marketing might work as freelancers or as part of a consulting firm.

How to write a digital marketing consultant resume?

These are some steps to help you create your own digital marketing consultant resume:

1. Review the job description

Many businesses include phrases or keywords indicating the abilities and qualifications they are looking for in a candidate when writing a job description. Consider looking for these keywords in the job description and adding them in your CV. For example, if you notice in their description that they mention a certain social media network you’re familiar with. you may include it in your abilities section so the company knows you’re familiar with it.

2. Write down your personal information

If you want to get contacted for an interview, include your personal information at the top of your resume so that hiring managers can readily find it. On one line, write your full name, then on the next line, write your phone number, email address, and city and state. You can also include a link to your digital portfolio or website with the rest of your personal information if you have one.

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3. Include a professional summary

You can showcase your experience as a digital marketing consultant in a professional overview. You can mention your professional skills and expertise if you have previously held positions in digital marketing. If you don’t have much experience in the sector, you can utilize the professional overview to define your professional aspirations.

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4. Detail your work experience

You can mention your previous work experience after your professional summary. List any past digital marketing-related jobs you’ve held. If you’re new to the field, you can talk about your previous experience and how it connects to working as a digital marketing consultant by referencing the job description.

Try to include your job title, the company you worked for, the dates you worked there, and a few bullet points summarizing your responsibilities when mentioning your work experience. Place each employment in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent. You can include internships or volunteer work as part of your work experience if you have any.

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5. List your education

A four-year college degree in marketing, communications, or a related field is required for most digital marketing consultant roles. Include your schooling in a section beneath your professional experience to demonstrate that you fit this requirement. This part might include information such as your school’s name, graduation date, and degree type.

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6. Mention your skills

In your resume, try to include a list of abilities that are relevant to the position of digital marketing consultant. Many people establish a distinct section for their skills, even though they can be included throughout the resume. In your list, including both soft and hard skills.

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7. Include certifications

Take some certification classes if you wish to expand your knowledge of some abilities that will help you as a digital marketing consultant. Include the company that issued the course, the date you received it, and the expiration date if it’s a certification you need to renew in their own section of your resume. Search engine optimization, digital marketing, and social media marketing are some courses you could wish to take and mention on your resume.

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8. Proofread your resume

Employers frequently want people that have a high level of attention to detail. One of the most effective methods to demonstrate this ability in a resume is to make sure it’s free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Before submitting your resume, double-check that all of your information is valid and that it is formatted correctly.

Skills for a digital marketing consultant

Here are some skills that are important for a digital marketing consultant:

Customer service

A client hires a digital marketing consultant to help them increase their digital marketing strategy and impact. This implies they interact closely with clients and may require excellent customer service abilities to assist them in achieving their objectives. Developing your customer service skills will help you form a stronger bond with your clients, allowing you to provide them with more effective advice.

Project management

After providing advise on how to strengthen a digital marketing strategy, a digital marketing consultant may assist a company in putting that advice into action. Project management tasks such as delegating responsibilities to teams, tracking progress, and defining deadlines are examples of this. Some consultants operate in groups within their firms and can manage an internal team using project management abilities.


The practice of using data to make business decisions is known as analytics. As a digital marketing consultant, you might use analytics software to look into a client’s tactics and products, or to figure out how to change their digital marketing strategy. You can learn about analytics programs from a variety of sources, including online courses, college classes, and website resources.

Data literacy

As a digital marketing consultant, you’ll have to look at a lot of data for your clients. Increasing your capacity to comprehend and interpret this data will help you learn more about your client’s marketing situation and help you make better decisions. You can improve your data abilities by working with sample data sets, volunteering or interning, or enrolling in data science seminars.

Search engine optimization

The technique of ensuring that people can quickly locate you or your client’s information while using a search engine is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. Knowing how to properly optimize web pages and sites to show up higher on searches is a significant part of digital marketing, and knowing how to do so may improve your overall performance as a digital marketing consultant. Consider enrolling in an SEO online course to learn more about the process.

Content marketing

Material marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating compelling content, such as videos, blog articles, and social media posts, in order to attract new clients. As a digital marketing consultant, you may be expected to be well-versed in a variety of marketing tactics, including content marketing. Some digital marketers may even produce custom content for their customers.

Social media knowledge

The majority of digital marketing campaigns are carried out on social media sites. A digital marketing consultant may establish effective marketing strategies by learning about the most prevalent platforms. best practices for publishing on social media, and how to create content for these networks. To expand your understanding of social media. you can take college classes, take a certification course, or do an internship where you can practice marketing strategies.

Template for a digital marketing consultant resume

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