30+ Professional and Creative Resume Templates for Every Field [in 2020]

in Examples on February 10, 2020

If you decide to make your resume with a template you should be able to choose the one that best suits your characteristics and your needs. Customizing it and editing it online is very easy and will allow you to create a winning resume that stands out in any selection process increases the chances of getting a personal interview that will lead you to achieve the job you aspire to.

Resume templates are effective tools when it comes to obtaining an effective, concise and accurate document that arrives and captures the attention of HR managers of any company of your interest.

With resume templates, you will save time and increase the chances of getting the dream job because they are designed so that they include all the essential information in an easy-to-read and understand format, to avoid the fearsome discarding of the previous selection.

A resume template can be the best resource to prelaunch your career or to take your first steps in the world of work. You have a multitude of models that will allow you to prepare the ideal resume in each case, with an optimal design and an exhibition of perfectly clear and organized information. 

What types of resume templates can I use?

Writing a resume requires dedication because it depends, in large part, on your work future. Editing it with a template will save you time but, most importantly, it will guide you when it comes to including the information that you cannot miss, preventing you from making common mistakes that subtract opportunities.

It is important to choose the right template model and know how to fill in its different sections. Look closely at the sections included in each Resume Template and in what aspects each of them focuses. This will make it easier for you to decide which one suits you.


With this resume template in Word format, you are sure to be able to achieve that first, much-desired interview. Many times simple designs are the ones that work best and transmit the most.

Register today to download this wonderful template at https://resumeinventor.com. An incredible number of resume templates are also available here.


Your resume is the first contact a company has with you and it is vital when it comes to achieving your goal of working in that company. You must seek a balance between design and information and this model is perfect as well as creative. This choice is already telling the recruiter a lot about your profile and your creative skills.

An example of a modern and stylish full-length resume template. You will leave your recruiting staff completely stunned by the complete yet large and elegant format of this wonderful template and resume example.

With a model resume template, you will achieve the goal of that job interview you have been looking for so long. Make a statement of your high level and creativity to achieve it, don’t think twice!


With this Word resume template, you can add a touch to make your application stand out. Change the name and replace it with your data in the easiest way. For any type of position, take advantage of it to get it while it is available, and get your dream!

The basic resume templates are suitable for all profiles. The classic resume examples are ideal for all professions as you are looking for something conventional. Get this resume model and edit it with your data and experience – you’ll be sure to get it right!


A complete modern and stylish resume design. Surprise and impact the recruitment department with the striking yet elegant format of this complete resume template. It brings at a glance all your experience, studies, skills and tools.

It draws the attention of the recruiter of the company you want to apply for. With a complete resume template, you will achieve your goal. That job interview won’t resist you. Make it clear that you are the right person for that job and fulfill your dreams.


This is a more than proven resume template design that due to its clarity and readability, will give that stylish touch to your profile while providing just the right clarity. The template will give you a lot of advantages over all the other candidates who will try to compete to get the job interview you are looking for.

With a clean resume template, reaching your goals will be much more accessible for you. With such a balanced presentation you will have that added in this resume model and you will get your job interview. A totally effective way of presenting yourself, with a professional and up-to-date look.


This elegant resume template design is perfect for technology positions where you can highlight your skills and knowledge as well as the tools you use.

The template is ideal for those people who are looking for a type of work in the technology sector and thus be able to highlight and mark the level of each of the tools and skills they have in their professional area. Good luck with this elegant resume template!


This resume template will help you apply for a job without any complications. Simply download it and fill in your details. It won’t take long and you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.

The template allows you to enhance your best qualities while taking away from your work history and the years you have dedicated to each company (good point if you have gone through significant periods of inactivity or have little experience in the sector).


The classic resume template is a guarantee of success. You know you can’t go wrong with it. Choose the classic resume template and adapt it to your profile and to the sector of professional activity in which you want to practice your profession.

This type of resume is one of many users’ favorites. It is easy to edit. It is composed of texts in different colors to be able to stand out in a different but not too strident way. It says a lot about you and your way of doing things.


What is the main objective of a resume? To highlight; And what better way than to do it with a different, eye-catching resume template that will catch the attention of the recruiter of the company you want to work for?

Show yourself different from other candidates and try this eye-catching template that will make you a unique candidate. If you have a curious mind and a desire to work all over the world, with this resume template you have a lot to gain. It is completely editable and customizable.


The creative resume template is the most chosen if you want to leave the first image of a creative person, with ideas and capable of innovating and proposing ideas.

With this premium resume template, you will be able to change colors, texts, and other options and use the icons for each thing. It will help you in your job interview! If you are looking to make an amazing first impression and want to be a creative person with a desire to show initiative, this is the perfect resume template for you.


With the Concentrated resume template, you will introduce yourself as a modern candidate. Such a resume will effectively emphasize your personal qualities. The original structure will make your resume memorable for a potential employer

A concentrated resume template is specially created with the idea of ​​those who want to pay attention to their resume. Such a resume probably has an attractive design. Simple and modern colors will not let you remain indifferent.


The chronological format is the most used by the majority of candidates. It usually works well for almost all job profiles and offers, as it adapts well to each situation.

Its versatility allows you to put academic training above professional experience based on your needs. In addition, you can start with the beginning of your trajectory (ascending chronological) or with the last thing you have developed (descending or reverse chronological).

However, although some time ago the most used order was ascending chronology, today most companies prefer that you start with your last work experiences instead of the first ones.


In a combined resume template, despite not being the main focus, the work experience will not be as hidden as in the functional resume templates. In this case, it still matters.

In the description of each of your skills, you have to show the ones that are most relevant to the position you are applying for, supporting them with examples of how you have used them and, if possible, with quantifiable results that show your professional achievements in relation to them.


The executive is a template with a modern design. Pastel colors make the template clearer and more pleasing to the potential employer. Its attractive color scheme will allow you to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your resume. The template is ideal for everyone who is looking for not only an exquisite but also a neat look for a resume.

The Executive template is something for fans of the creative design of their documents for employment. The above template will undoubtedly stand out from the rest of the resume. Modern colors and an original look will undoubtedly increase your chances of an interview.


The contemporary gray resume template is an example of a creative resume template. It is created for those who want to stand out in the process of hiring among other candidates. It has an interesting color scheme.

The template definitely stands out from other biographies. The resume template boasts simplicity and ease of perception so that all the most important information is highlighted and clearly visible to the recruiter. This template perfectly combines elements of elegance and professionalism.


Giving a little more prominence to the photo, it will make us look like a person attentive to the image and details. If you are going to use this model, make sure you have a quality photo to include. Otherwise, with a low-resolution photo, we will show an image of carelessness and lack of professionalism.

In addition to being easy to fill out for you, human resources usually like this structure. They are used to it, it is very easy to find out about it and find the most relevant information, making them the most bearable job.


Glimmer is an example of a resume template created in an original color scheme and balance to attract employer attention with creative design. This template has a simple and at the same time eye-catching structure.

Are you looking for something interesting and non-standard? Then the glim template will be perfect for you! Glimmer resume template is an offer for those who can afford to send a more non-standard type of resume.


This green resume template is a very simple resume, but also colorful. It has enough space to write about your experience and studies and also has a more visual touch in the lower left dedicated to skills and languages.

The skills will go to the beginning of the resume, just after the contact details, while the work experience will begin in the middle of the sheet, after putting the skills.


This is another resume template that is striking and original for working everything based on timelines. This is a good resume if you need to reflect a long professional experience and you also have several studies that you want to highlight. If necessary you can alternate the education and work experience spaces.

The orange and black resume template has a design that goes out of the traditional, but without neglecting an elegant style. In addition, its approach is very direct, if we do not have a great experience to include in the resume; it is a good option to highlight a couple of key aspects.


If you are looking for a resume without a photo, but that is also beautiful, this is a very good option. It has a lot of space to write about the experience, education, and languages ​​and also has some visual details in the space it leaves on the side.

Taking into account the amount of space that this resume template leaves us, it is not highly recommended if you do not have good content to fill it with.


This resume template uses a more subtle color scheme, combined with some simple design elements. The focus of the division is on the last professional stages where you can add more information about tasks and responsibilities.

Such a resume template is particularly suitable if you already have some work experience, have worked in several employment relationships, and your training or studies were a little longer ago.


This is a resume template with a classic and very formal style, but very well designed and with ample space to write without neglecting the visual aspect that should be taken to attract more attention with our resume.

As for its design, they are usually sober, with neutral colors. In this modality, you must give prominence to the information and opt for an elegant design with discreet typography.


This is a very visual resume, although with little space to write in each section. The design is very careful and although it is possible that the colors are not everyone’s taste, the design is very well designed and changing the colors is simple.

This resume template contains a sidebar on the right for you to include your photo and information. In Photoshop you can easily edit it, but you can also use Word and modify colors and content.


This is another simple resume template without a photo. Very well organized and with a lot of space to be able to write in the different sections and with some touches that help to give it a more visual aspect with the timelines and the graphics on the side.

In addition, since it has a very wide space next to the name, we could include a photo if we wanted to do so without much difficulty. This is a very good resume if you want to highlight your knowledge or skills, as you can see on the side there are some graphic elements that can be used for it.


With this professional and minimalist resume template, you can have a very professional resume. The left side has a good space to graphically represent our abilities. In addition, the main part of the resume is very colorful and leaves us ample space to write.

This resume template contains a sidebar on the right for you to include your photo and information. In Photoshop you can easily edit it, but you can also use Word and modify colors and content.


With a newsletter resume template, the information is structured by subject, but within each subject is organized chronologically. As a result, you highlight both achievements and professional skills acquired and developed along your professional journey.

This is a good model for people who still do not have much experience and have to do a resume for the first time, since it dedicates a lot of space to our skills and languages, while the one dedicated to work, even being a bit large, can be changed easily by the one dedicated to education.


This resume template is based on the classic tabular representation. The effect is loosened up by design and graphic elements in orange tones. Once again there is a scale of points for special knowledge and skills in this résumé, which allows you to specifically highlight your strengths and respond to expected qualifications.

This resume template can be used with its simple design in all areas, whereby the color design can be adapted to the respective industry or company.


This is a very well designed resume template with ample space to write on it. In addition, the section dedicated to skills is very visual and helps compensate for the abundance of text in the rest of the sections.

This resume template is fully customizable. It is a resume template ready to edit in Word and print. Its unique design will allow you to highlight your profile and have a quality resume.


The modern design of this resume template is supported by a light color scheme in blue tones, a clear structure and detailed information on your knowledge. What is special here is the grading of qualifications in the form of a points scale, which loosens the tabular representation as a graphic element.

The presentation of your own social media channels right next to your personal data is also very topical. Those who actively use them and have built up a good profile can benefit from them.


Advocating for simplicity using a format with clear lines, concise information and minimalist design may be the most appropriate for the job we are applying for.

These designs usually have rather simple color ranges. If you are one of those people who prefer to opt for soft tones and low-loaded designs, probably one of these templates is your best choice.

When to make the resume with the help of a template?

It is not just a matter of optimizing time. It is also about improving the results and increasing the chances of being included in that first screening of the selection process, in which the resume is decisive.

Making a good resume with a template always brings benefits but, in some cases, this option can be especially interesting, for example:

  • The first resume. A first history is always complicated to elaborate and, after completing the studies, the resume becomes the “key” for that first attempt of labor insertion. Expose in an orderly manner personal data, provide information regarding studies of all kinds (degrees, masters, knowledge about new technologies, languages ​​…) in a template will be absolutely reflected, avoiding unnecessary repetitions and emphasizing those points that make a resume stand out from the rest. In such a resume, possible practices, volunteer activities, awards (scholarships, special mentions, parallel work, and outstanding publications on paper or in social networks) are especially important and should be conveniently reflected.
  • Updated professional resumes. Keeping the resume up to date is also of vital importance to be able to access a new professional sector or perhaps to advance in the profession itself. If you already have a history that reflects your career, with an appropriate template you can update it and get the most out of it. It is not always easy to synthesize and highlight the best of an extensive professional career. A specific template will get the best out of your history by highlighting your skills and making clear your expectations for professional improvement.

It is always important to customize the resume highlighting what you think deserves special mention. The template is a format, but you must fill it with personal and professional experiences and experiences achieving an interesting and attractive resume.

The template is an excellent guide to avoid common mistakes. Extending too much in details that are inconsequential for a particular job; detail personal hobbies that are not relevant, do not explain your work well in a specific department that is related to the job you aspire to, omit work experiences, maybe short in time but decisive to achieve the position …

A specific template can avoid these errors and make the resume reflect exactly what you want to convey and become your best ally when it comes to finding the job you want.

There is no standard resume and you must pay careful attention to each of the possible designs and the different structures they may have if you want to achieve the best results. In ResumeInventor you will find many examples of resume that can be an inspiration to make your resume based on a template the best option to achieve professional success.

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