Motion Graphic Designer Resume

Creating the best motion graphic designer resume is a crucial step in showcasing your creativity and expertise in a competitive industry. This template is specifically designed to highlight your unique skills and experiences, making it an excellent tool for aspiring and experienced motion graphic designers alike. By using this resume, you will effectively demonstrate your proficiency in various design tools and your ability to create compelling visual narratives.

Our great motion graphic designer resume template goes beyond just listing your qualifications. It’s crafted to sell your personal brand, emphasizing your strengths and achievements in motion graphics. The layout and content are tailored to catch the eye of potential employers and clients, ensuring that your resume stands out. This template will help you present your work in the most impactful way, opening doors to new opportunities and career advancements.

What is a Motion Graphic Designer?

A motion graphic designer is a creative professional who specializes in creating visual content.  They use a mix of art and animation to share information, tell stories, or make things look more attractive in videos, TV shows, movies, websites, presentations, ads, and anywhere movement is required to connect with the audience.

What Does a Motion Graphic Designer Do?

Here are some key responsibilities and aspects of a motion graphic designer’s role:

  • Concept Development: Brainstorming ideas in line with client goals and audience preferences.
  • Storyboarding and Sketching: Creating visual blueprints to outline the project’s flow and essential elements.
  • Animation: Employing diverse animation techniques (2D, 3D, motion capture) to bring graphics, characters, and objects to life.
  • Visual Effects: Enhancing visuals with effects like compositing, lighting, and special effects for greater impact.
  • Sound Design: Select and edit sound elements (sound effects, music, voiceovers) that enhance the project’s overall appeal.
  • Production Oversight: Managing the entire project from start to finish, making sure it’s done on time and within budget.
  • Collaboration: Working together with other creative professionals, like directors, art directors, and scriptwriters, to make sure everyone’s ideas and work match the main goal of the project.

Motion Graphic Design Resume Formate 

Your motion graphic design resume is your chance to shine and showcase your talent in creating eye-catching and exciting visuals. It’s the key to conveying your skills and experience in a way that grabs attention. This outline will guide you in crafting a resume that not only reflects your expertise but also captivates potential employers with your ability to bring ideas to life through motion graphics.

Add Contact Information

Your contact information is like your personal gateway for job opportunities. Make it easy for employers to reach you by sharing clear and correct details.

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Link to your online portfolio or website (if applicable)

Summary Statement in Your Resume

Write a brief overview of your experience and skills in motion graphics design. Mention your professional goals and how you can contribute to the company.

Graphic Designer About Me Examples

  • “I am a passionate and creative motion graphic designer with a strong eye for detail and a knack for creating visually appealing and effective designs. I have experience in all aspects of graphic design, from concept development to final production. I am also proficient in a variety of design software, including Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch.”
  • “I am a highly motivated and results-oriented motion graphic designer with a passion for creating innovative and impactful designs. I am skilled in all aspects of graphic design, from branding and identity design to web design and marketing materials. I am also proficient in a variety of design software, including Adobe Creative Suite and Figma.”

Motion Graphic Designer Work Experience

This section is like a story of your motion graphic designer career, showing the things you’ve done as a designer. 


Visual Magic Studios, Cityville

Motion Graphic Designer | June 2022 – March 2023

  • Create awesome motion graphics for video productions and advertisements.
  • Collaborate with the team to bring ideas to life with cool animations.
  • Use software like Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to make things look amazing.

Add Skills in Mention Graphic Designer Resume

Motion graphic designers need a mix of technical and creative skills to make awesome moving pictures. Here are some of the essential skills for motion graphic designers:

  • Know your tech stuff, especially in a TV setting
  • Understand fonts, design basics, and colors really well
  • Be friendly, positive, and great at working in a team
  • Talk clearly and nicely with your colleagues and bosses
  • Stay motivated, bring creative ideas, and be super organized
  • Know a bit about 3D programs like 3D Max, Blender, or Maya
  • Handle pressure and make top-notch work even with tight deadlines
  • Master Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Have experience creating cool stuff for TV
  • Pay close attention to all the little details

Academic Background


Creative Arts University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (2016 – 2020)

Tips for Motion Graphic Designer Cover Letter

These tips will help you create a more professional and eye-catching cover letter.

  • Personalize Your Letter: Address it to a specific person by researching the company’s hiring manager.
  • Start Strong: Open with an engaging sentence expressing your enthusiasm and fit for the role.
  • Showcase Skills and Experience: Highlight relevant skills and experiences, especially those matching the job description, and include examples of your work.
  • Demonstrate Company Understanding: Show your knowledge of the company’s needs and how your abilities can meet them.
  • Include a Call to Action: Encourage them to review your resume and consider a follow-up.
  • Portfolio Link: Include a link to your online portfolio showcasing your work.
  • Keep It Concise: Limit your letter to one page with clear and direct sentences.
  • Professional Tone: Use a formal tone and avoid casual language.
  • Proofread: Check for grammatical and spelling errors to avoid appearing careless.
  • Format Appropriately: Use a professional font and layout with clean, readable spacing.


Making a super cool motion graphic designer resume is super important in a world where everyone’s trying to be the best. This guide helps you do that by showing you how to talk about your awesome skills and experiences. Each part of the resume, from the cool summary at the start to the details about what you’ve done, helps you shine as a motion graphics pro. Don’t forget to add a nice letter and a link to your online art show to make your profile even more awesome. Follow these steps, and you’ll be all set to tell the world how fantastic you are at making things move on screens!

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Motion Graphic Designer Resume
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