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Accountant Resume – Writing Guide & Example for 2021

in Knowledgebase on December 1, 2020

As an accountant, you have to maintain a vast responsibility for the company’s growth. You are a trusted individual who requires accuracy all the time. In most situations, you have to face various challenging tasks or issues to sort out. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to face it, you have no other options to choose from. 

Your resume is one of the most incredible assets which describes your qualifications and expertise. Moreover, this resume will help you to get rid of various situations. A well-structured resume makes you different from other individuals competing for top job roles.

This article will discuss the importance of the accountant resume template and the step-by-step process to write a worthy resume with a cover letter. So, let’s dive in! 

How to Format an Accountant Resume

The first step of building an amazing resume is picking the best format to write. Before including the accounting information to impress the hiring manager or employer, you need a proper resume format to include that information in the right place.

There are various types of resume formats out there. Such as,

  • Functional Resume 
  • Combination Resume
  • Reverse Chronological Resume

The Reverse chronological resume format is a great option to choose from for being an easily accessible and engaging format. This incredible resume format is easy to read and very engaging to the hiring manager. They will get to the point information and make them think you are capable of the job. 

Importance of an Accountant Resume Template

As an accountant, one of your qualities is keeping things in order. Your resume reflects your personality and existence. That’s why an accountant resume template is important to format your resume. Because while you will try to format your resume, it’ll be a hugely time-consuming process. 

You can take a look at ResumeInventor’s professional accountant resume template. This admirable template will effect like a boost to the resume and as well as at your application.

What to Include in an Accountant Resume

We can categorize the things to include in an accounting resume into two sections. As follows,

  • Essential: Essential things are the mainframe of a resume. These things are a must while building a resume—for example, Work Experiences, Contact Information, Skills, Education, Etc.
  • Optional: Want to make your resume more resourceful? You can also add more kinds of stuff as follows, Awards and Certification, Language, Interest, and Hobbies.

How to Categorise Your Contact Information

You have to be concerned about your contact information. Because if you make any mistake in this section, the hiring manager won’t be able to contact you! Checkout following contact information section must include,

  • Full Name: Your full name similar to certificates or expertise.
  • Title: Provide the job role for which you are applying for. For this purpose is “Accountant.”
  • Phone Number: Your personal phone number.
  • Email Address: Create your professional email (firstname.lastname@gmail.com ) and use that in contact information.
  • Location: If you are applying for a job abroad, mention your location. Otherwise, you can skip this if you want.

Tips on Writing an Accountant Resume Summary

This is a general fact that a hiring manager or recruiter gives a glance at each resume to observe. So, this is a short time. And you need to extend their glance to a descriptive look into your resume. How? It’s easy with a resume summary or objective. Follow the instructions below to build an engaging accountant resume summary,

  • Do not make the summary more than 2-4 lines.
  • Describe your professional experiences and expertise in short. Don’t describe any specific topic. Give an overview. Or,
  • Give an overview of your goals and aspirations, which makes you unique from others. 
  • Try to describe things according to the desired company’s goals, achievements, and nature.

Provide a Stand Out Accountant Work Experience

Your previous work experience shows your working quality and capacity. So, properly describe your previous working experiences. Here is the easiest way to list your work experience step by step. Before that, one of the most powerful things to make your work experience stand out from other candidates you have to focus on this section. Let’s see how you can align your working experiences,

  • Working position name
  • Company name.
  • Service dates.
  • Achievements and expertise.

Secret Sauce to Make Your Accountant Resume POP!

A resume will stand out through your creativity of organizing. The quality of specifying your resume from others is making the right word selection to describe your expertise. Use professional powers words to express strength quality. Here are some example to give you ideas,

  • Determined
  • Conceptualized
  • Formulated
  • Cooperative 
  • Initiated

List Your Education Background Properly

This is another important field in the resume, which describes your education strength and background. It helps the employer to measure that, either you are capable of handling this job post or not.

Keep your education background detailing as simple as the working experience section. Follow the structure below to format,

  • Degree type and major [Ex.: B.A. in Accounting & Finance]
  • College/University name.
  • Years of the studied session.
  • Studied courses. [Ex.: Finance Accounting, Economics, Management Accounting, Auditing, etc.]
  • Grade Point Average (GPA).

Other Expertise You Can Add in an Accountant Resume

Now your resume is almost ready to go. But there are a few extra sections that can be added to the accountant resume template to make a worthy and designed resume. Some of the sections are listed below. You can use them if you want to decorate your resume. But, be careful while providing information. Do not use any extra info that is not related to your or the job requirement. 

  • Language & Preferences: If you can speak any other languages without your native language and international language, you can list them according to your proficiency. Such as native, basic, fluent, intermediate, expert.
  • Interest & Hobbies: Let the employer know about what type of personality you bear. Hobbies and interests show that you can be a good part of the company team. The employer can measure your expertise.
  • Awards & Certificates: Do you accrued an award or complement for giving your best to the company’s success. You can mention them in your resume. Thus, the employee will consider you more than other candidates.
professional accountant resume template

Importance of Cover Letter with Your Resume

A cover letter is a kind of letter that contains your basic info, along with your arguments on why you think that you are perfect for the job. This letter is like a wheel of your application. A well-structured cover letter diverts the hiring manager to call you for an interview.

If you purchase ResumeInventor’s professional accountant resume template, you don’t have to think about your cover letter. This template is a compactly designed package.

How to Write a cover letter for an Accountant Resume

A cover letter contains three basic sections. Let’s dive in to know how to fill these section’s requirements. 

  • Contact Information: This section has two categories. One is our personal information, and another one is the hiring manager’s information. Fill these categories with full name, profession, email address, phone number.
  • Opening Paragraph: Summerize your expertise with greetings to catch the employer’s attention. No, it needs to be overrated here.
  • Body: Why are you applying for this job post, and from where you get its information? Give a specific 2 or 3 lines description of these questions. Moreover, give a short glance at your skills and experiences.
  • Closing Paragraph: Complete the cover letter in a friendly conversive way. Include the main point of this cover letter in this section. The most important thing, finish your writing with the call-to-action sentence. Through this, the employer can recognize that you are eager to continue this conversation.  

At last, finish your letter through formal salutations. 

Overall Thoughts

Your resume is ready! 

By following this step by step method, you can build your highly engaging and controversial resume in a while. Be specific with your words and let the employer know that you are capable of the job. Try a professional accountant resume template to make a sturdy resume.

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