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in Examples on June 6, 2020

Having an attractive resume is one of the best ways to get recruiters to look at your application. Luckily, there are plenty of pages on the Internet with free resume templates to download, a handy resource that will not go unnoticed by HR professionals and will open the door to a new job.

To achieve a perfect resume you don’t need to have high knowledge of graphic design. Far from it. Thanks to the free downloadable CV templates that we propose in this post you will make them notice you and take you into account in the selection process. 

8 Best Websites with Cv Templates

If you want to create a resume that catches the eye of the recruiter, the layout and design are elements that can make the difference. Thanks to these 6 websites, you no longer need to be a professional graphic designer to get there!

With them, you can download free professional CV templates to highlight your experiences and skills. These are resources where you will find a wide variety of models to choose from and refine to your liking so that they become your best professional resume.

1. ResumeInventor

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

On the  ResumeInventor website, you will become a resume designer pro in a few steps. You can choose from many different resume templates. There are premium and free resume templates to choose from. The site also allows you to modify your profile photo thanks to numerous filters, to insert icons, banners. The resolution of the chosen resume format is high so that both quality and originality go hand in hand.

RESUMEINVENTOR is very easy to use. With just a few clicks, your resume will be ready. And above all, your experiences and skills will be perfectly valued. The site even offers you to use ready-made texts to describe your skills. 

It offers a wide choice of style, sorted by “classic CV”, “original CV” or “modern CV” to suit any type of profile. You will most certainly find your happiness among these different ranges. Whether you want to highlight your experience, your professional career or you want a feminine presentation, you will find a template that meets your needs.

The interface is very intuitive and you can customize the colors, the texts (size, font), as well as the margins between the different blocks.

2. Canva

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

Canva is a platform with a wide range of features, including its photo editor, and the resume templates. They promise that the resume you will make with them will make the difference between all the others.

The CV templates are customizable and you can choose typography, upload your images or use those from your library, changing the colors, etc. Starting from a model that you have chosen, you will be able to modify all the graphic elements: inserts, photo, tables

Canva is an ideal platform for those who do not have word processing software or are not comfortable with these tools. Here you simply fill in your personal information directly such as your experiences and training and upload your CV in web format, ready to send to your recruiter. 

3. Visme

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

In addition to CV creation, Visme gives you the possibility of posting it on the web to increase your chances of being recruited. The online resume creation site is particularly simple, accessible, and intuitive. So you can do it in just a few minutes and focus on finding a job.

Visme offers three different categories of CV: classic, original, or modern. With more than a dozen models per category, you can choose the structure and shape that best suits you. Also, the site offers a mini guide for the creation of the resume.


Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

It is a page that acts as a resume bank in which you can find all the resume template resources you can imagine. When you search for resume templates, you will find a great variety of designs and groundbreaking models such as the one shown in the attached picture.

Cover letter or Resumes, here you will have the opportunity to download templates for both! You have a fairly wide range containing various models, a simple and effective resume, or a very design and more original resume. The only constraint here: you will have to register on the site to be able to download your resume template and complete it on your word processing software.

5. Novo Resume

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

Novo Resume is a website that allows you to download free resume templates and samples. Many sections are available, allowing you to create a complete resume. In addition to traditional training, work experience, skills, etc., you can add your social networks and even footer.

Thanks to this site, you can create a great resume in PDF format and you will be walked through the making process. This requires a quick registration but once registered, you will have several possibilities and will be able to fully customize, the form, design, and structure of your CV without the help of any other word processing or design tool. You will just have to fill in the information and get your new resume, again for free.

This site offers several free CV templates in Word format, sorted by “classic CV”, “original CV”, “modern CV”, “design CV”, “creative CV” or “CV office word”.

6. Hloom

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

Hloom is a perfect alternative to develop a most visual curriculum vitae when turning it into an infographic. It should be recognized that recruiters prefer to have things clear at a glance and, opting for this type of their resume template, the information will be clear without having to read anything.

It offers free resume templates to be able to choose the design that you like the most or that is more in line with the job you are going to choose. It has complete templates, but also the option to customize each section with the preferred visual resource.

7. ResumeGenius

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

On this page, there is a diversity of models for curriculum vitae. It highlights the option offered to download resume templates in Word, as it is not an option that includes many other pages of this type.

Normally, the way to create a resume is online and then you can download the template. Some modern editors or builders can be complicated for people who do not have many digital skills, hence ResumeGenius word resume templates are still a very viable option for many people.

8. TidyForms

Best Website for Download Resume Templates – ResumeInventor

For the most creative resume template for you, there are TidyForms. It is a site where you can create many different resume styles. You must first register, and from a template or a blank page, you can model a resume at your leisure, by adding icons, images, change colors, and this, in a few clicks.

TidyForms offers many CVs in several categories: original, by profession, or even depending on the years of study. To download them, however, you must register; after the download is free. In this site, you can even have a career description under each resume template.

These sites also allow you to download cover letters if necessary or to have CV or letter writing advice. You can also create your resume online thanks to many powerful sites and offering fairly convincing results.

The Importance of Choosing a Resume Template

When applying for a job it is important to make the best of the impressions. The usual tone of a selection process, either by the company itself or by an external specialized consultant, is to sift through a pile of resumes.

This is where the importance of having a good resume lies: standing out from the crowd of job applications and making a difference. Once the resume selection stage is over, personal interviews or group dynamics are usually arranged in which the candidate will have to demonstrate his or her qualities and skills, but has reached that point by choosing a winning resume template.

In addition to a good presentation, it is important that you include in your resume the most outstanding information about you. Don’t forget to mention your qualities, achievements, contact details, etc. Please note that the information must be presented in an orderly fashion and in the correct order. Believe it or not, this way you are passing on information to recruiters in a subjective way.

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