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Achievements To List On Your Resume [In 2021]

in Knowledgebase on June 20, 2021

Highlighting some sections of the resume is extremely fancy and important for getting a job. Listing relevant achievements in resumes are highly rewarding. Also listing achievement makes it easier to present yourself differently from other people with confidence. Most job candidates make a mistake. That mistake is that they only mention their responsibilities in their CV or resumes. And does not attach much importance to mentioning their achievements. This is a fatal mistake! If you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd of other competitors, you must list your achievements on resume uniquely. With this, you can easily advance in the job competition!

So today we will discuss this important issue in detail for all the job candidates. And will cover several topics fluently. Here is the topics list:

  • How To List Achievements On Your Resume
  • Where To Mention Your Achievements
  • achievements you can use [30+ professions covered]

Achievements & Accomplishments On Your Resume

Naturally, when you want to know about something, you must start with why? You will find something clear and accurate by asking why? We will do it now. In other words, we will try to understand why accomplishments and achievements are important for a professional career. So let’s get started!

Why are accomplishments and achievements so important? Want to know this curious thing? To make this clear we need to compare two things. It is up to you to compare and consider the following two entries. Now decide to consider!

  1. Disclose and exceed KPIs of the department for six consecutive months.
  2. Outbound sold or did outbound sales.

Which one do you think is appropriate? The first line of course, right? The first seems appropriate. And the second one is wrong. Do you understand the difference between the two lines? If you have difficulty understanding, see the explanations below!

First: How the information was presented in the first line was remarkable. The KPI score clearly described here is impossibly good. And it is also very effective in overcoming these. Not only that, six consecutive months have been mentioned here. Which is enough to limit vision.

Second: Second, how the information was presented was vague and random. Here it is just said that he sells! There is no way to understand anything except by this.

Hope you understand the huge difference between the two lines! Since you understand, let’s move on to the next topic. Stop, take a glass of water! Because now we come to the part where we talk about the important ground. So be sure to include your vision carefully!

Where Do I List my Achievements?

Your achievements on resume should be included in the special sector. This will enable you to highlight your achievements effectively. And be able to earn the attention of employers. The categories or sections are given below:

  • Resume objective or summary
  • Work experience
  • Projects & Volunteering [Optional]

Now we will look at other sections. And will explain every section step by step. If you’re interested in the best ways to list success in the work experience, summary, and optional section, follow these steps:

Work experience should be a little tactful to express your achievements. And the second thing is trying to get you used to the summary section of your resume. This section is the first to enlighten the eyes of the employers. So if you can cover this top section by expressing your achievements, it will be highlighted very easily. Also, when you describe your information in other optional sectors, try to outline your achievements on Resume with each line!

How To List Achievements Perfectly

You may now wonder that you need to follow the rules to list success! The answer is a resounding yes. Choose the right way to list your successes that means achievements list to transform your resume into a powerful job tool. If you compare an example, you will understand something-something!

  • Significantly improved sales.

On the other hand!

  • Product sales improved by 30%, which led to a 50% increase in half-yearly revenue.

The first example however is not appropriate. Now the question is why is it not appropriate? This is because the first example does not reveal enough information. Which will make the employer feel hesitant when making decisions about you. On the other hand in the second example, the information is presented and a unique impression of skills is published. As well as highlighting how the sales have improved using the skills. So the second example has been arranged appropriately.

So hope you understand why achievements should be properly disclosed. Welcome if you understand this point. Let’s turn a little deeper!

Time Frame/Deadline

Try to highlight your achievements on resume by keeping deadlines or time frames in focus. To illustrate you can describe: You have increased the number of subscribers by 50% in three months at XYZ. Consistent information can present to you.

You can also present the timeline in another way. Like you used that, “you manage 20 customers directly daily”. That is, try to highlight specifically what role you played with the time frame.


Try to clarify how many people you have worked with or managed. ‌ such as “Conducted a special team of 15 engineers to develop software solutions for dedicated clients”. Try to specify the scale in this way!


Understanding the opportunity, your results should be linked to your success or achievements. This tends to be quite effective. For example: “A 1.5x ROI is provided for the total advertising cost of Ad 10,000”

How To List Achievements As A Student

Are you a student Or a graduate? Then surely you don’t have too much experience in your basket. This is not something unusual. In this case, you can list relevant achievements to complete the resume. In this regard, it is given below:

Education: You can mention your best achievements during your studies at the university. Try this point to express your achievements on resume. Such as “always managed to maintain a 3.8 GPA in education”

Project: You can show all the projectors that you took part in spontaneously. However, when applying for a job, try to include project achievement in keeping with the company and the desired position. Such as ” Developed a marketing strategy for X organization as part of the Marketing 360 course”

Volunteer experience: Experiences of volunteering can be highlighted, such as “Teaching many uneducated people basic elementary English as a volunteer at St. Jude’s Orphanage. In this way, you can add volunteer experience or achievements.

Achievements You Can Steal (For Every Profession)

Lacking inspiration? No worries, get enough inspiration and knowledge from here.

Sales and Support Achievement Examples

Sales Associate

  • 500+ cool emails are sent daily to manage the call line with 100% of recipients.
  • Gregorian calendars hit and exceed KPIs by half an hour for September and October.
  • Cold-cooled 40+ with 50% potential buyers per day with a completion rate of twenty.

Check out our Sales Associate Resume Template

Customer Service

  • Handed a customer perfection rate of 80% for 2015
  • Solved 50-55 tickets on a daily schedule.
  • Holds retention calls with dissatisfied customers, convinces 50% of them dedicatedly.

Check out our Customer Service Resume Template 


  • I have supervised the training of 17 people for the company for three years.
  • Received the Best Representative Award for December.
  • Achieved the Best and Dedicated Representative of the Year Award 2019.

Administrative Achievement Examples

Office Manager

  • Reducing financial supply costs by about 25 percent through dedicated contracts with suppliers.
  • Manages all types of office outdoor activities, 50+ maintenance staff and 10 plus outdoor maintenance staff.

Check out our Office Manage Resume

Administrative Assistant

  • Have worked efficiently with senior management. Responsible for managing all the meetings, appointments, etc.
  • Daily 50 Plus to keep in touch with company partners and their clients.
  • facilitated onboarding 45 employees during my time at company ABC.
  • Every day the company collaborated to get 10 plus people on board.

Check out our Assistant Resume Template

Finance Achievement Examples


  • Manage an annual budget of 10,000 dollars per year.
  • Creating a financial budget for the company’s operations through a combination of 7 to 10 key departments.
  • Dedicated support to the company will be included in the budget for 5 consecutive years.

Check out our Accountant Resume

Financial Analyst

  • Implemented and streamlined edge data management methods improved by up to 50%>
  • Served as the financial analyst of two different projects with more than 50,000 monkeys.
  • Production costs have been reduced by up to seven percent.

Check out our Financial Resume Template

Bank Teller

  • Manage 300 plus weekly customer transaction process.
  • Continue to build relationships with 50 Plus customers keeping in mind the needs of each customer.
  • Assist 5+ new bank tellers for inner growth.
  • Provide support to manage huge customers every day.

Check out our Bank Resume 

Business & HR Achievement Examples

Branch Manager

  • Dedicatedly use a variety of technologies by providing references from social media, databases, and networking by reducing them by 50 percent.
  • Exists to increase the capacity of certain branches.
  • Participated in community issues to increase branch visibility and increase new and existing business opportunities.
  • Promoting superior supply sales and culture about the customer through different types of staff motivation.

Check out our Branch Manager Resume


  • Disclose, Plan, organize and execute partnerships with 50 local community organizations.
  • Simply and smartly distributed presentations showcasing career opportunities.
  • Manages data integrity within the applicant tracking system, ensures timely access and visibility of recruitment activities.

Business Development Manager

  • 3 software projects managed till the end.
  • 20% increase in annual revenue at XYZ company.
  • Launched a partnership program with 4 implementation partners in America.
  • Defines growth strategies, hires software and marketing teams and sets goals and expectations.
  • Established new core partnerships with ABC and company XYZ company.

Check out our  Business Resume Template

Project Manager

  • Expand the digital adopting software, transformation project to support the marketing section at XYZ company.
  • Confidently completed 10+ projects start to end
  • Increase total of $50,000 in revenue monthly for ABC company.

Check out our Project Manager Resume

Marketing & Advertising Achievement Examples

Marketing Manager

  • Successful social media accounts have been rebuilt. Improving engagement strategy with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc.
  • Lead generation promotions of led Facebook ads campaign, driving top 20+ sales
  • Boost up 47% social media conversation rate by continuously dedicated marketing.
  • Fixed 5+ invisible bugs.

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Media Purchasing Or Expanding Expert

  • Thoroughly monitors and handles monthly advertising budgets over $20,000.
  • Intensive management of a large advertising project averages $1000 for one month.
  • Managed search ads campaign or ads to reduce CPC, reducing the total monthly advertising cost by about 5k.

Check out our Media Person Resume

SEO Expert

  • Review and manage XYZ company website with proper SEO services. 
  • Published about 15 more content monthly and equipped with more than 100 links.
  • Organically increased about 50,000 traffic.
  • Managed a five-member team of freelancers.
  • Sixty percent of published content ranks on the first page of Google.
  • 20 percent content ranked between pages 2 and 3.

IT and Software Development Achievement Examples

IT (Information Technology) Specialist

  • Smart and advanced documentation systems significantly increase workplace efficiency.
  • Half-yearly costs are drastically reduced to about 3000 dollars.
  • Express advises redesigning the company’s website and result; increasing traffic by almost 75 percent.

Check out our IT Project Manager

Software Engineer

  • Build an effective data entry software in one hand.
  • Lead a full team of five members to create standard and professional features financial management software. And successfully launch the software.
  • Provide 20+ microservices among 20 clients, the company’s new management has built, maintained, and monitored cloud infrastructure.

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Education Achievement Examples


  • Published five books on English grammar.
  • 50 plus letters have been published in more than 15 journals.
  • Five research papers are published in the online journal every month.


  • Improve the success rate of the classes by around 95%.
  • Increased GPA level average by 50% after joining XYZ college.
  • Attendance rates have increased by about 40 percent.

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Other Sector Achievement Examples


  • Participated in all aspects of the international project design and construction.
  • Completed the process of creating fancy designs 25+.
  • Supported each client to design a dream home and was able to satisfy about 95% of the clients.

Check out our Landscape Architect Resume

Bar & Restaurant Manager

  • Increased sales by 20% by changing the decoration of the bar.
  • Bar’s economic profits have increased at a rate of 5 percent per year.
  • Running ads to increase the scope of the bar has resulted in an annual profit increase of about 13 percent.
  • The online marketing sector has grown by about 35 percent as a result of constant online marketing oversight.

Check out our Manager Resume Template

High School Resume

  • Grab 4 GPA with dedicated study level.
  • Disclosed 3+ poems and a story in the school magazine.
  • Gain student of the year honors in 2015.


Keep in mind the above processes and examples to highlight your achievements on resume as the best individual. As well as collecting profession-based templates from Resume Inventor to highlight the best resumes for professional careers. And move forward with success in a professional career!

Thank You!

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