5 Must-Have Skills For Your Nursing Resume

5 Must-Have Skills For Your Nursing Resume

in Knowledgebase on December 24, 2020

Nursing is a respectful profession from the starting of civilization. This profession is supporting to whom this is needed. This is a highly respected job and a huge responsibility to handle the professions’ reputation. A built-in designed resume is one of the best ways to introduce yourself professionally. 

While you start building your resume, the first thing is a template. Thus, ResumeInventor is presenting the best nursing resume template. Check out this template if you want to build a classic designed and professional resume.

Building a professional nursing career requires a responsible mentality with a wide range of various skills and expertise. The skill or expertise section shows your working potentiality and sturdiness to the hiring manager. So, the hiring manager can measure your abilities to be successful in the job role you are applying for.

From this article, we will know about at Nursing Resume,

  • The classifications of nursing skills and their difference.
  • Essential skill ideas and importance.

Let’s get into it! 

Classifications of Nursing Skills

Before the classification, we must know that skills are not divided on the respect of importance. Every skill is important to build a trustworthy career in the nursing profession. In this profession, we can define these skills according to the following sections below, 

  • Hard skills: This type of skills can be achieved through proper education and training. Hard skills are also called technical skills. These skills let you perform your job duties properly. Suppose you are taking care of a patient who needs emergency medical care. Handling this situation, hard skills are needed. 
  • Soft skills: Soft skills are related to its section name. This type of skill makes you a professional and trustworthy nurse. Soft skills relate more to the personality traits gained and developed throughout an entire lifetime. These skills help you to sort out the situation’s environment and handle that properly. Moreover, soft skills are the personal characteristics that relate to how to perform in a work environment.

To be successful in the nursing profession, you need both hard skills and soft skills. You have to mention both of these skills in the expertise sections of the nursing resume template. Thus, the employer can measure your potentiality of work and other activities.

List of Must-Have Hard Skills For Nursing Resume

When you submit your resume, the hiring manager will strictly judge your technical skills to identify how much you prepare to handle essential professional duties and activities. Here is the list of 5 must-have hard skills for the nursing profession.

  • Writing patient care plans.

Writing patient care plans are stands while a patient is admitted for treatment. Then, they need proper guidelines to follow. Taking care of patients is the main duty of a nurse. And this skill helps the nurse to work freely without getting stuck with lots of patients information. This is a must-have skill that you want to learn through proper practicing.

  • Evaluation Assistance

Suppose you are assisting the doctor in the operation theater. Now, if you can’t cooperate with the doctor’s need and indicate, then it’ll be a massive issue and disrespectful thing. Moreover, it can causes harm to the patient. Evaluation assistance is a must-have skill to learn through proper certification.

. Technology Skills For Nursing Resume

Technology skills are essential to work easily and efficiently to be successful in every situation. Nurses need to maintain the patient’s health data, medicine tracking, and other information to serve while it’s needed. More hospitals are moving towards electronic medical record systems. These systems are a digital version of keeping patients’ information track. Thus, nurses must know how to use these electronic medical record systems to record their notes and information gathered from the patient.

  • Wound Treatment:

Every category of nurses needs to know the essential primary treatment. They should know how to check and monitor a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and temperature. Through this, they can identify the patient’s present situation and provide critical information to make life-saving decisions.

  • Monitoring Nurses

One of every senior nurse’s basic responsibilities is to handle other junior nurses and monitor their working progress. Handling everyone and give them suggestions on how they can do better to build their profession. This is a valuable skill that can rarely be achieved by the majority of nurses. You will be considered a capable one. if you can achieve this skill and mention it on the resume. 

List of Must-Have Soft Skills For Nursing Resume

Employers take a glance at the candidate’s soft skills to measure that either the candidate can cooperate with the medical environment and with the team or not. Some employers may even prefer candidates with stronger soft skills because hard skills are often easier to teach through on-the-job training. Here is the list of five must-have soft skills to include in the resume.

  • Effective communications

As a nurse, you have to be always ready to face any type of situation. And, without getting panicked-you have to handle that situation in a standard way. Dealing with patients, families, doctors, and staff requires effective and efficient communicating skills. 

Nurses are often communicating with patients’ families during times of confusion, worry, or fear. In that situation, having strong emotional intelligence and empathizing are critical components of their communication skills.

  • Thinking and problem fixing

Not only the nurse, but every professional job field also requires this critical thinking and problem-solving skill. The ability to handle complex and crucial situations in the workplace and gently handle that situation indicates your working strength quality.

Think quickly to make a conclusion about patients’ condition and determine when emergency medical support is necessary.

. Time and stamina management

Time and tide wait for none. This is a universal truth to everyone, specifically in the nursing profession; you have to utilize your every situation through proper time management. The ability to organize your daily work-life by prioritizing tasks is a vital skill for the nursing career. Nurses also need the stamina to work efficiently. Stamina is the ability to working on high-pressure situations while maintaining your composure. Managing time and stamina is a must-have soft skill. 

  • Ethics and confidentiality

Ethics or a set of morality is essential skills need to acquire by a professional job holder. In the nursing profession, they have strict ethics that they have to follow because their decision-making actions are made the difference between life and death.

In every job sector, there are plenty of confidential issues and information you have no right to disclose to the public. The nursing profession is not different from this condition. You can not disclose a patient’s personal and sensitive medical issues without their permission. 

  • Teamwork and support:

To be successful on a goal, teamwork is a professional method to do it properly. This is an interpersonal skills/ expertise which makes you perfect for that situation. Suppose, at the operation theater, lots of doctors, nurses, and other staff work together to accomplish a successful operation. If you can not cooperate with others, it can be harmful to the patient and the workplace’s reputation. 


This set of skills is an example to identify your skills and expertise by yourself. Add those skills which you achieved. Do not stuff any extra skills that you don’t have. These things make you unprofessional who have no responsibility for himself and the expected job post also. 

Along with using these skills in the resume’s expertise section, you can use these skills in your about section to describe your strength and confidence. Also, you can use the cover letter to answer why you think you are capable of the job? You can highlight one or two skills at maximum in the cover letter.

If you want to make a sturdy resume with a classic and convenient template, ResumeInventors’ Nursing resume template is the best choice. Make an engaging resume to make your dream successful in the nursing profession.

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