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41+ Hobbies & Interests to Put On A Resume [Updated For 2021]

in Inspiration on June 17, 2021

Many people think that a question always comes to mind. The common question is whether it is correct to include attractive hobbies and interests in a resume. Let’s get out of the confusion today. If you read this blog carefully, I hope all your curiosity will go away.

Many people say that there is no harmony between hobby and job. In this angle, it is better not to mention it in all the resumes. However, a closer look reveals that this does not apply to all cases. If you think deeply, you will understand that highlighting hobbies in your resume will help you to differentiate yourself easily from other candidates. Don’t you want to highlight yourself from other candidates? Of course, you want to, then you must consider this point!

However, in this case, it is important to remember that it is not only necessary to present attractive hobbies and interests in the resume or curriculum vitae, but also to do it correctly. If you can do it properly, you can differentiate yourself from others. Think about it, if you write in your CV as a hobby you like to travel, will it set you apart from other candidates? Certainly not! So you need to try to present the unit and consistent hobby adequately.

In other words, you have to try to present all that is interesting. So that they easily become visible in front of the employers and they become fascinated. However, it has been said before that it is still being said that it must maintain relevance.

Let’s think a little deeper!

If you could lead a good team in school and always take the lead in cricket matches, then you can present this hobby. This will allow employers to understand your team management skills so it will be a plus point for you.

All in all, whether hobbies and interests should be included in your resume will depend on whether they reflect or reflect the ethics, relevance, orderliness of your work.

Should You Mention Hobbies & Interests On Your Resume?

There is much less space left in the resume after presenting all the relevant necessary information. If there is a certain amount of space in your resume, you can present your attractive hobbies and interests. If there is no space, it is better not to do so. However, for all the hobbies that you will do, you must keep in mind that all your hobbies specifically reflect your personality. If you can position yourself as suitable and best through your hobbies and interests then it will help you to get the expected job. 

If you think more deeply, suppose you want to give a speech at an event you will be invited to give a talk when you are known to the public as versatile. That is, in this case, one subject indicates the effect of other subjects on different subjects in different cases. Hopefully, the main things have become clear to you. So considering all these factors, if you want to get a job in an ICT company, you must show interest in technical subjects so that the employer has a good idea about you. Above all, you need to be tactful about all your hobbies and interests, as well as keep in mind various things!

However, in this case, if all of your hobbies and interests are irrelevant and unnecessary with the position you are interested in applying for, then it is better not to present these issues in your resume. Because by presenting the issues that are not handy, only the space of the resume will be wasted. Besides, the tidy image of the resume will be destroyed.

How Your Interests Can Save Your Resume

If you want to get a complete idea about this subject, you have to think about some things first. Many resumes in front of employers include your resume. Now it is seen in everyone’s resume or curriculum vitae that similarity is being found. In this case, who will give the job to the employers? In such a situation, the employers found some relevant hobbies and interests in your resume. So you say they won’t pay special attention to you? Won’t your chances of getting the job you want to increase? Of course!

So if you can properly portray all of them in your resume, it will help you to cover all the other shortcomings of your resume. But in this case, you must do everything properly. Especially when you stand out in an interview with employers directly, all of them will give you a lot of support if they fit you with the job! So try to imagine this thing, you will grab the proper answer automatically.

How To List Hobbies & Interest On Your Resume

You must have realized that it is appropriate to present attractive hobbies and interests at the end of a resume. But now the question is how do you include these? Or how to list them is very important because if you do not list well then it will not give the expected results. As well as one more question you may have in mind is how do you understand which hobby is compatible with your desired organization or company.

Remember that hobbies and interests usually refer to personal interests and have nothing to do with position in the career, it should not be. So which hobbies would you highlight in your resume?

In order to know this, first of all, you need to know well about the organization or company in which you are interested to work. So start researching about the company for a while before attaching attractive hobbies and interests in your resume. See what specific points they are most interested in and what hobbies can complement their job roles.

After knowing all these things clearly, you have to make your valuable decision. When you discuss the company in the above process you will automatically get an idea of ​​which hobbies are relevant and fit!

Check Job Description

Let’s make things easier for you. You will start with a job description to do all the research. In most cases, a lot of information is presented in the job description. The job description reveals what employers want. Job descriptions tell you what skills all employers are looking for. So of course start with your research job description. You need to figure out which skills are soft or hard or transferable. Then you have to sort them as needed. And according to that, you have to put your relevant hobbies in your resume or curriculum vitae.

When you are thinking or deciding to include a hobby, you must ask why these attractive hobbies and interests are relevant or how these can be associated with the organization or company!

Basic Point Of View

From the basic point of view, recruitment always wants the candidates to be strong. Is healthy as well. And tends to be unique members of the team as well. This is quite normal. So you have to keep an eye on things. You need to reflect on these things while writing your resume because a resume is very important as well as every sector of it is very essential. Keep in mind that it is not appropriate to list everything on your own just to stand out. Rather, it is important to keep an eye on who develops your personality and brings good results for your career with hobbies.

Mind It!

It is often seen that if you give more priority to your interests then you cannot expect much better in your professional career from your hobby. So you have to try to always be creative so that all those resumes can be well-reflected. And always try to equip your skills as well as good hobbies.

Think about why it’s important to be creative, if you’re interested in exploring new cultural buildings, what does that reveal? You are a very creative and open-minded person? Right! In other words, this issue will indirectly express your personality in a good way. And will support it to have a positive impact on the minds of employers.

if this issue is highlighted in the eyes of employers, they will give you priority. And they will think that something like the company is possible for you. One last thing you must do is make sure you don’t overdo it while writing your resume. Attach a maximum of three to four relevant and attractive hobbies and interests. Don’t present the CV or resume in a complicated way by connecting too many hobbies and interests randomly. If you do, it will be bad for you.

With a good understanding of the above, you will surely be able to realize which interests and hobbies should include your resume or curriculum vitae and which should be excluded. Welcome if you understand!

40 Best Hobbies And Interests To Put On Your Resume [Complete List]

Presenting the hobbies and interests relevant at the end of the resume can be the best way to highlight yourself in the minds of employers. But make sure the case presents all the facts listed. But keep in mind that nothing extra is good! If you present irrelevant and inaccurate information to exaggerate yourself, then naturally you will have to come back home frustrated! So be careful!

Not only in the case of resume or curriculum vitae, let’s say you have been selected for the interview. Nothing exaggerated can be presented to employers.

Would you like to see real examples of this? If you want to disclose some real matters then look at the examples below and hopefully, everything will be clear.

Sports Interest And Hobby Examples

It is better to combine two types of hobbies and interests in the resume or curriculum vitae. The first is individual and the second is the team. Which one is appropriate depending on the different types of sports? These things will reveal your self-discipline and perseverance. Which will definitely be good for you. But don’t make the mistake of highlighting irrelevant games!

And remember, endurance sports are pretty good. These include jogging, driving, etc. On the other hand, team sports such as football, basketball, and cricket are also quite comfortable. 

But one thing I want to say is that what hobbies or interests you will mention in your resume depends on your work. So which sports you will disclose similarly depends on you and the work. However, here are some positive sports hobbies:

  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Marathon running
  • Skiing
  • Baseball
  • Mountain climbing

Analytical Thinking Interest And Hobby Examples

You may be wondering now what are analytical thinking hobbies and interests? The combination of such hobbies or interests indicates your creativity and imagination are very common. All such professionals also play a very important role in life and personal life. Especially if you are interested in getting a job in an organization or company that requires special creative skills for the organization, then mentioning these issues will be a plus point for you.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Sketching
  • Design
  • Blog writing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Chess
  • Playing a musical instrument

Social Interest And Hobby Examples

Social attractive hobbies and interests often come in handy. It reveals the ability to work in coordination with huge people. Let’s take a look:

  • Public speaking
  • Local meetups
  • Volunteering at a charity center
  • Language classes
  • Exploring other cultures
  • Dancing
  • Camping 
  • Board Games
  • Creating and organizing a book club
  • Networking events

Unique Interest And Hobby Examples

Do you have any other unique hobbies? If so, you can refer to them if they are appropriate. Take a look at some unique hobby list:

  • Yoga
  • Archery
  • Gardening
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Baking
  • Fencing
  • Theater
  • Journaling
  • Calligraphy
  • Languages


Finally, when you organize your resume, take a look at the list of attractive hobbies and interests mentioned above. This will give you some ideas that will help you. And of course, when you mention these things in your resume, you must use the professional resume template. If you do not do this, the image of your resume will be tarnished which is never desirable. So take a professional resume template with a creative and Eye-catchy look from Resume Inventor and decorate everything well!

Thank You!

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