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Career Change Ideas For People Most Affected By The Pandemic

in Knowledgebase on July 14, 2021

Today we will discuss some career change ideas. In this current pandemic situation, the epidemic has brought various problems in the lives of all. Many professionals are currently facing difficult realities. Different types of economic crises are bringing different kinds of hard times for everyone which is never desirable. The effects of the recession have been observed in more or less every sector. According to BBS, those works were most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic:

  • 53% of dental office jobs have been lost
  • Jobs lost by 48.5% in film and TV production
  • Hospitality and general front-desk staff: 42% of jobs lost
  • Jobs lost by 39% in the air transportation industry
  • Specialists in real estate and property management: 38% of jobs lost
  • 48% of food servers and waiters lost their jobs
  • Jobs lost by 45% for performing artists
  • 53% of retail jobs disappeared (mainly from clothing and furniture stores)
  • Chefs and cooks: 44% of jobs lost

Apart from the above sectors, people in different sections have been affected in various ways. Then you realize how much damage is being done to those who have been affected by the corona epidemic. Working people in all sectors are facing a lot of frustration based on the amount of risk that different types of workplaces are facing. The sectors are:

  • Arts and Entertainment, 
  • Hospitality and Tourism, 
  • Dental,
  • Food Preparation and Service. 

If you are under the above sectors or have lost your job, you should think about a career change. Although this is not an easy task, a decision must be made to survive the epidemic. So let’s go to explore more about career change ideas!

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Alternative Careers For Almost Any Profession

Now we will think of everything in a slightly different way with some career change ideas. First of all, we get enough ideas by equipping different data from resume experts. And we see from those statistics that the two types of occupations are exceptional. In other words, these two types of professions can stand as a career option. Many have shifted their careers to these two professions during the downturn of the job. So today we will learn about these two professions. Hopefully, those of you who are currently going through a very difficult time will be able to move into these two professions. So explore now!

The two desired types of profession are given below:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer service specialist

Now the question may be why these two professions were given priority after having so many types of professions. Initially, these two professors came up in the survey, and secondly, the BLS shows that these two professions are the most common in the United States. The economy relies heavily on these two professions. So considering all these, most of the people in these two professions have reflected their careers.

Also if you do a little differently administrative and customer service jobs are very easily transferable. Maybe it’s a great career change ideas. You don’t have to work very hard for this, just like if you have certain proper skills, you can easily switch your career in such a profession.

You may be very interested in this now. But before deciding on this, you need to know well about the skills required for these sectors. We have listed some skills by taking a closer look at the resumes of different types of skilled professionals. Which will help you to switch professions. Let’s take a look then:

  • Problem Solving
  • Organization
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Time Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Salesforce

After looking at the list or career change ideas now, you may be thinking that if you can master these few skills well, your job will be confirmed! The main thing is that you have to take part in various pieces of training to become an administrative government. But they will not last very long. Considering all these factors, this profession is a suitable profession for career switching. Even then, when you make a decision, you must think carefully about the overall issues. Because if you don’t feel comfortable with a hasty decision later, you may face more problems. So think first and decide later

Customer Service Representatives

Now let’s move on to the profession of customer service representatives. If you want to get a list of skills required for this, then take a good look at the list below. Hope you get a well-arranged list. 

  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Multitasking
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Organization

If you look closely at the list above, you will notice that the skills are relevant and necessary. In addition, the list of skills is transferable to nine of the ten skills. Which is quite relevant and great. These skills are considered to be quite effective for other professions also. If you want to switch your career in such a profession then you must think about everything carefully. And of course one should take action on career after firmly saving morale.

Now let’s go to gain more information!

Food Preparation

Top 5 alternative career paths

  • Delivery driver
  • Housekeeper
  • Security officer
  • Warehouse associate
  • Caregiver

If you notice one thing, you will understand that the number of labor jobs has not decreased. Since this sector is mainly associated with labor, you can easily make a position if you want. So if you join this sector then it will be a wide selection for you. But you don’t have to be exciting in this sector just to be interested in it. But if you have previous experience, you can get out of the current recession by joining this sector.

Retail Workers

Best Alternative Career Paths

  • Tutor
  • Intern
  • Delivery driver
  • Junior management
  • Accountant

Several options have been highlighted above with career change ideas. You can consider the above options. These are quite great as well as varied. At present many people are temporarily shifting their profession. In this case, the best way is to start the journey as an intern. In other words, to start the journey as a junior employee. Thus it is possible to reach the top of success after a certain time.

You can also join the field of action as Junior Management. Such work usually involves various types of supervision. In this case, your teamwork and leadership skills must be acquired properly. The bottom line is that you have to join a profession first and you have to master different subjects based on that profession. And if you can master and stick to different things with strong morale, then of course you can stay ahead during this epidemic situation.

Dental Office Employees

Best 5 Alternative List

  • Surgical assistant
  • Project manager
  • Operations manager
  • Research assistant
  • Nurse

Those who feel comfortable adapting to such a profession or prefer such a profession can consider this aspect. Different types of jobs are easily available in this sector but one must-have skill.

Film And TV Production

Sone alternative career paths

  • Photographer
  • Account executive
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing specialist
  • Writer

Pick career change ideas with film and tv production industries.  Video production-related works are quite popular nowadays. However, in order to do this kind of work, you have to be proficient in various subjects. And must be creative as well. You can also disclose your identity as a graphic designer or photographer. But for this, you have to learn in a dedicated way first and then think about career switching. On the other hand, if you can write well, then you can write reports, press releases, etc., that is, you can be attached as a content writer. News channels and newspaper authorities hire content writers from various TV channels and magazines to conduct various writing activities.

Real Estate And Property Management

Top 5 alternative career paths

  • Project manager
  • Sales manager
  • Operations manager
  • Business owner
  • Executive assistant

In this sector, if you do not get a job at the upper level, then you can try to apply for the middle-level position. Such as various types of supervision work, maintenance and project management, etc. If you can apply in all these sectors you will be successful then hopefully you will get a good place. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what sector you go into, you need to be enthusiastic about learning and very flexible about adaptation!

Hospitality Workers And Front-Desk Staff

Top Alternative List

  • Sales representative
  • Executive Assistant/personal assistant
  • English teacher
  • Nanny/babysitter
  • Project manager

Always try to stick to the corporate culture. In this case, you must be friendly and polite. Try to maintain good relations with everyone and you will try to occupy matters like setting personal or executive government schedules, apartments. All these things will make you suitable for getting a job in this sector. Keep this in mind and try to master all of it.


Hope you found some relevant alternatives and career change ideas. Try to choose the one you feel comfortable in the middle of a bunch of alternatives and try to spend some time behind it. When you learn a subject with enthusiasm and stay awake, you will achieve success very quickly. And one thing to keep in mind is that no matter which sector you go to, you must be selected first. So always maintain a professional mentality and maintain professionalism while applying for a job. In this case, the best way to maintain professionalism and apply for a job is to use a Creative Resume Template

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Thank You!

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