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Why and How to List Certifications on a Resume – Guide W/ Examples

in Examples on August 14, 2021

Worried about including testimonials or certifications on a resume? No worries, many people think a lot about this issue. Many people may think that it is very easy to decide in this regard but it is not so easy. So there are several things you should keep in mind before deciding to include a testimonial in your Resume Template.

Keep reading the blog to get a clear idea about it and keep the important things in mind. 

What are certifications?

Testimonials or certifications on a resume serve as a very important document for a professional career. Certification is a document that is declared by a specific organization or board. That is, such certification or legal documents prove that a person is experienced at some level. As well as his skills at some level. And the kind of certification is measured in terms of efficiency.

A positive testimonial or certification makes it much easier for employers to find qualified job applicants. Separately identifying suitable candidates is possible. In order to get a good job, candidates’ Resumes should include testimonials or certifications.

When should you include certificates in your resume?

A common question in the minds of many stressful candidates is when should the CV certification be included! You should consider taking time before making important decisions in this regard. The first thing you need to understand is when including certifications in your resume can bring good results. You need to consider whether or not to include certification in your Resume. So let’s find out some of the reasons.

Disclose industry experience

Demonstrating industry experience is very important to ensure a good job. The chances of getting a job are greatly increased if you can present to the employers through certificates with a good resume template that you have been in the desired industry for a long time. In other words, such certifications on a resume are very useful to enhance the showcase level of experience. So you must try to highlight your position as well as qualifications and experience with the required industry through the certification in the resume.

Certification is mandatory if the employer so specifies

Mentioning job description certification in different fields is presented as mandatory. If you are interested in getting a job by following this type of job description, you must pay attention to attaching certification to your Resume Template. This means that if the employers specifically present testimonials as necessary, you must comply.

In this case, try to attach the certification keeping in the main purpose with the position you are interested in getting the job so that the employers can easily get a clear idea about your qualifications. Also, be sure to express a sufficiently qualified attitude when attaching certification lists. And if you’re in a dilemma as to whether certification should be attached, you can make it clear by talking to the company’s website or support.

Exhibit additional skills

Not only proper education but alertness and dedication too are most required. Having enough skills in a professional career is not the final thing. In this case, you must have the full ability to express your additional skills. When you present your certificate in different sectors, employers will easily understand that you are skilled and proficient in all their subjects. So you must connect to the resume summary. In this case, always try to match your credentials or certifications with all company requirements to be proficient in all sectors to achieve the company’s goals.

If you can maintain it, hopefully, you can easily get a good job through your well-structured resume. So be careful when adding certifications on a resume.

Some best ways to list certifications on a resume

The importance of a resume for getting a job is immense. It helps to make a statement in front of the employers very easily. The various certifications of a professional career can be described smoothly with the help of a resume. However, many people think that attaching certifications on a resume is a very difficult thing. But, this is not true. If you can properly maintain the format of attaching certification to your resume, then you can easily refer to the certification in your resume. Which, of course, made your Resume Template more catchy. So let’s find out more about this!

  • Express the certificate’s title

Be sure to keep an eye on the title before presenting detailed information about certifications. Try to highlight the testimonial or certifications titles in your resume. In this case, you can increase the font size, make the font bold or attach the title to the bullet point. This will highlight the titles of your certification and present them to the employers. Which, of course, makes your Resume Template more perfect!

And of course, keep in mind that this is a very sensitive issue so work on this section carefully. And don’t forget to re-check other relevant things including spelling after everything is done.

  • Enter the date you earned

When attaching the certification, it is necessary to clearly state when you have obtained the certification. This will allow the reader to continue to know when you have earned the certificate as it depends on the important matter. So many employers want to know this clearly.

Another thing to note in this case is that if you are thinking of renewing, be sure to collect a new date. Many candidates make mistakes in this regard and do not attach new dates. You must be aware of this and try to keep it up to date.

  • Identify the host organization

One thing to keep in mind when listing certification in your resume then include the name of the organization. This is very important to verify the validity. This issue should not be skipped by mistake. You must be aware of this.

When you write the name of the host organization, you must mention the name of the organization correctly. In this case, no mistake will be acceptable. So you must keep a close eye on this matter.

If you can maintain these things, then your certifications on a resume validity will be restored, which will be visible to the employers and will serve as a plus point for you.

List potential earning dates

If you play as a new job candidate or are waiting for a certification that you have not yet acquired or are in the process of making sure to mention a possible date. Because this issue also has a positive effect on the minds of employers. This will allow employers to understand how far you have come in the process of obtaining a certificate and how long it will take you to become proficient.

Therefore, you must mention the certificates in process in your CV or resume template.

Describe relevant skills

You can use a trick to present the resume to the employers more acceptably and perfectly. The trick is that you can list the skills that are relevant to the certification in a row. This will allow the employer to clearly understand that you are proficient and you will be able to know what you are proficient in.

However, you must maintain a relevant attitude and do not mention any irrelevant skills in this case. Always try to disclose or show certifications on a resume with proper relevant skills.

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Some example

  • Bartending Certifications
  • Bartending online
  • Marketing
  • AMA Professional Certified Marketer, Analytics Certified
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Computer Science, American Red Cross
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe ACE, Autodesk
  • Web Developer
  • Google Adwords, Adobe ACE, Microsoft MCSD
  • Customer Service
  • Defining service strategies

Right certification list example

  1. Certifications in Languages or ESL (General or Education)
  2. Public Notary (General)
  3. Six Sigma Belts (Business)
  4. Project Management Professional (PMP) (Project Management
  5. Certified in Inbound Marketing (Marketing) with Hubspot
  6. ServSafe (Gastronomy)


You should utilize your certifications in a proper way or show certifications on a resume if you want your professional career to flow smoothly. Also, follow the above tips and directions for better success. Always keep in mind that certification reflects qualifications. So it is appropriate to take this matter in a very serious way. If you take this matter seriously and be able to reflect on your certifications that will be good in your resume template, then hopefully you will be able to reach your desired goal and be able to brighten your professional career, good luck!

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