Resume Template in 2021

Choose the Right Resume Template in 2021

in Knowledgebase on September 13, 2020

When you are looking for a job, undoubtedly, first impressions can evaluate your success. In that case, it is so essential to choose the right resume template that looks beautiful and attractive, reflects your personal brand, and attracts the attention of recruiters and the human resources team.

In this article we have collected some of the best resume templates that can help you to make unique from the other applicants and catch your desired job.

How to Choose the Right Resume Template for You?

Before choosing your resume template, firstly, you need to think about what kind of job you are looking for. Colors, font, and layout really make a big difference. People/recruiters are visually oriented; they first look at a resume that stands out. It is also important to know which function you need to include on your resume.

Premium Resume Templates

We have prepared a wide variety of examples of premium resume templates that you can get at an affordable price. You must choose a resume template that meets your expectation. In addition, you have to choose the resume model that best shows your abilities and skills, or your achievements and experiences.

1. Black and White Resume

If you prefer minimalism and conciseness: simple fonts, black and white format and strict blocks – keep an ideal collection of classic templates. Click the download option to get it for your dream job.

This template is suitable for everyone who wants to present themselves in an interesting way. This black and white resume template is an excellent combination of style and functionality of a modern resume. All personal data is presenting on your resume so that the potential employer immediately sees the necessary information.

2. Resume with Photo

If you are looking for a resume template with original, very modern and dynamic designs that also feature your photo, this resume template is perfect for you. A resume template with a photo will undoubtedly stand out among other documents. Its unique layout and unique use of colors will effectively attract the attention of a recruiter. The resume template allows, with all its features, for a clear and simple arrangement of information.

It has a simple and traditional design, presenting information about the selected candidate in a clear way. The template combines an interesting project with professional design. Horizontal gray fields give the template clarity and order. This resume template is useful when applying for employment at each company.

A resume template with a photo is the solution for anyone looking for a simple resume template with small graphic elements. This template draws its attention due to its simplicity of design and nice colors.

3. Clean Resume

With a clean resume, the color options specially tailored to suit most jobs. It is a resume template with a simple and clear structure. The universal nature of the template allows you to use it when applying for jobs. This is an example of a classic template, simple and affordable for a potential employer. This is a professional template for those who apply for employment in high positions or in more prestigious firms

This color scheme of the template is so much noticeable. Such resumes guarantee attention-grabbing. It is a template that has a unique design and attractive color scheme. Designed for those who want to step over a standard resume.

4. Creative Resume

A creative resume is an elegant and professional resume template. The template is based on light graphic additions that exquisitely emphasize these resumes. The Thresh pattern is a simple structure in seasoned tones.

The creative resume template mainly focuses on a very clear placement of all basic candidate information. At first glance, the classic resume is intertwined with the modern form of the document; therefore, of course, it will not be lost in a large number of other documents sent.

5. Chronological resume

The chronological resume is the most widespread of all and the easiest to fill out. It is also the easiest thing to read by interviewers, since your information is organized by date, always starting with your most recent work experience and studies.

These resume templates will help you focus on the development of your work and academic history to highlight your career over the years over your extra skills or courses you have taken.

6. Combined Resume

They are the most popular today, since they are very similar to the classic chronological resume but provide a touch of superior creativity, since they are usually 2 columns to highlight personal information, achievements and skills on the one hand and, on the other hand, your work and academic history in an orderly manner on the other.

An interesting color combination makes your resume unusual, and also properly emphasizes the data contained in it. Modern colors will highlight your candidacy among many other resumes. A combined resume is suitable for areas such as marketing, PR, graphic design, and the media.

7. Tabular Resume

These resume templates offer a very organized view of the document content. Ideal for developing a resume with little experience. A good impression must be made at the initial stage of recruitment. This resume template was created with the idea of those who don’t like typical solutions and recurring topics. A tabular resume template is created specifically for those who do not like boring and banal decisions. They always try to go against the tide in order to realize their dreams and infect others with optimism.

8. Artistic Resume

If you want your resume to be special, with an artistic, elegant and visual touch, these word-modifiable resume templates are yours. Of course, make sure if this type of design is suitable for the job you want to apply for.

For tastes there are colors, and for resume templates, there is variety. These templates are perfect for creative professionals. This way they can visually show their work and achievements.

9. Trendy Resume

The trendy resume is a sleek and modern resume template. This template is created for creative, modern people looking for employers who value orderliness, a high personal culture, full professionalism and, of course, coolness. The sample immediately catches your eye and, of course, attracts the attention of a recruiter.

Trendy resume template is for anyone who would like to modernity but would also like to use existing traditional solutions. The template combines a traditional graphic layout (horizontal lines) and many different modern elements. The advantage of the trendy resume template is its versatility – you can use it without fear when applying for different positions.

10. Professional Resume

If you already have more or less extensive work experience, you need a professional resume template that collects it and gives it full value. If you have years working in different companies, it is easy to write an informative resume. In addition, it may be not very versatile, that is, it will only be valid for very specific sectors and positions.

Enforce your experience with a template that allows you to adapt your knowledge and years of work to different sectors and jobs. Take advantage of your career years with a template that highlights your values and clearly reflects how you have been able to apply your knowledge in the different functions you have been developing.

Having an updated curriculum, which you can send at any time, is an advantage both if you are looking for your first job opportunity as if you are open to new options that are an improvement in your career and in your life.

Why Should You Choose The Right Resume Template?

Having a tool that allows you to create your resume online, with impeccable design and selecting the essential information in each case, is a way not to miss a single option when it comes to improving your profession.

If you decide to opt for a resume maker like RESUMEINVENTOR, which offers you perfect templates for you:

  • Have your resume ready in a few minutes and from any device, so that, immediately, you can send it, download it, print it in the most appropriate format … whatever you need.
  • Ensure an optimal design so that the essential information stands out in an easy-to-read document.
  • Customize your resume. As you complete your template, you are developing a unique resume even if you start with some sections and general epigraphs.
  • Resorting to a resume template will allow you to work on a base document that supports numerous modifications without complications. You will be responsible for the final edition, having at all times an overview that allows you to rectify possible failures on the fly.
  • Save time. It is one of the obvious advantages. Making a resume can take hours and involve numerous drafts and tests. Earn time and security with this online option that offers templates for each case, with a more than proven effectiveness.
  • Increase the chances of success. Deep down it is what it is about. Getting the attention of the person who will read your resume is the purpose of these templates. Managers, management, Human Resources managers … the challenge is always the same, regardless of the sector or job in question: know, through a few lines, the qualities and full potential of a future worker.

The resume must “catch” the person who reads it in a matter of seconds and, in that, choose the right resume template with the appropriate format and information can have a decisive influence.

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