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How To List Education On A Resume [13+ Real-Life Examples]

in Examples on July 3, 2021

Naturally, the subject of setting up a list of education in a resume or customize education format on resume may seem very fluent. I think it is very simple, there is no reason for complications! But is it that easy to set up?

Name of University, Degree, Graduation Year means done? Nope! It is very important not only to put the education section on the resume but also to follow some rules. Considering some things, it is very difficult and powerful to integrate education into a professional resume. In this blog, we will know a bunch of tips. These tips will be very effective and helpful when arranging a resume for a professional career. Not only this, you can easily create a professional-level education sector which will come in handy!

What to Include in Your Resume Education Section

First of all, read the following points carefully and proceed to the next decision.

  • Recent degree or education in progress or relevant point
  • The name of your school, college, or university
  • Location or position of your school, college, or university
  • Graduation date 
  • Your field of study and degree major
  • Your GPA score (above 3.5)
  • Any academic relevant coursework, honors, or making dean’s list
  • Relevant study abroad programs, accolades, and extracurricular activities.

Most of the time arranging the education section or education format on resumes in resumes is an easy task. But in this case, you have to follow some prescribed and continuous steps as well as focus on presenting the information in a disciplined manner. 

Some Effective Tips

  • First, list your highest degrees. And start the education section with the highest degrees.
  • Add all the other degrees in reverse chronological order.
  • If you finish college life, don’t add your high school details or information.

Here’s an example

Education Section
2005 MA in Bangla Literature
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
4.0 GPA
2009 BA in Math Literature
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
3.5 GPA

 Doesn’t seem too easy? The matter is quite simple, to be honest, the matter is not very complicated. Read the blog carefully and follow the step-by-step sequence. You will then be able to easily add your education section to your professional resume or curriculum vitae.

Extra Tips

Let’s learn some additional tips. And let’s make it a lot easier to connect the education section in a professional resume or curriculum vitae.

  • Briefly summarize your degree. Instead of spelling “Master of Arts” in full, you can abbreviate it as “MA” which would be very appropriate to look at.
  • You can use “M.A.”. Also, you can use different status “MA.”
  • You can easily enter your MA in Psychology or separate your degree from your major with a comma “MA, Psychology”.
  • Also, relevant points or information can organize in such away.

In this case, let’s say a job candidate has passed from Herbert University. His GPA score is 4. And he graduated in 2010. Also, his subject was Bangla. In that case, what would it be like to equip his education format on resume? Let’s take a direct look!

Here is an example

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
MA in Bangla Literature
Graduated in 2010 with a 4.0 GPA

The most important thing to keep in mind while making education information aware is that what you are presenting is relevant? And the format you are using is compatible? If you can be sure of these two things, you will be able to cross a big step. Which will brighten the education sector of your resume or curriculum vitae and support to show professional and standard quality. 

Hope you understand that it is easy to put an educational background in a resume but it can be a bit difficult to attach additional information. No at all it is quite simple. The methods discussed above to equip the education sector will be most useful to those who have professional experience. That will be quite beneficial for them. In this way, we will know in detail every way to equip the education sector according to the educational background level.

Mind It

If you want to easily equip the education sector in your resume, one thing you must keep in mind is that you will need a professional quality resume or curriculum vitae template. If you don’t use a professional resume or CV templates, your resume will feel very boring and your chances of getting a job will decrease. So you can use the best and professional template with Resume Inventor. Resume Inventor is packed with a bunch of professional-quality resume templates just for you! Get the desired resume template according to your needs and position and make your professional career brighter by decorating it smoothly! Be aware of the education format on resume & make shine your professional resume!

Where Should Education Go On A Resume?

Do you have very little experience? Or if you are a student or a recent graduate, it is normal to have less experience. It doesn’t matter! This is a fitting and normal thing. In this case, you should put your education section above your work history. However, if you have roughly one year or more of work experience, your studies should come after your employment history. In this case, always try to prioritize your recent degree. That is, you will mention the recent degrees first. But make sure your GP score is always 3.5 or higher. If you have this score, then mention it. And if it doesn’t, it’s best not to mention it.

In this case, job seekers must remember to open Modern Resume Template beginnings with the experience department. Because in this case, the employers think this issue is very relevant and consistent. Quite important as well! But suppose your educational qualifications are far ahead of your experience. In other words, your educational qualifications are quite impressive and full of excitement. In that case, you can make an exception to the traditional rules. There is not much of a problem in this case. But if it is not right in your case, then it is better to follow the usual rules.

Another twist

And yes! The case is different in the case of an academic Creative Resume Template One thing to keep in mind when you write your academic resume or curriculum vitae is that your education section or education format on resume should be above experience. Because in this case your academic background will be considered more important than the experience.

Again, if you are a professional, things are different. This means that for seasoned professionals, the history of professional work must be kept before your education. This can be very important in disclosing your resume as a standard.

In this way, employers will find the relevant attitude of your educational qualification along with your experience in your Creative Resume. Which will help them to find the information they need very easily. As a result, they are one step closer to making the right decision quickly. So make your professional resume or education format on resume more better!

How To Add Your High School Education To A Resume

To get a complete guideline in this regard you can consider the following points which will be very effective. However, it is necessary to maintain continuity, arranging information haphazardly will not be very effective!

Is high school your highest educational qualification? If so, you need to place the education sector in your resume as an entry-level candidate.

Here is an example
XYZ High School, Cherryville, OH
Graduated in 2011

You must be quite surprised after reading this. Yeah, that pretty crazy. But it’s not a joke at all. No jokes made here, you have to do what is written here! It’s like a joke, but it is appropriate!

Now let’s come to a little different context, when you equip your resume, you must equip the education format on resume sector by keeping your skills, success, etc. That is, you will be the first to identify these issues and relevantly highlight the education sector. This will make it more effective. In this case, you can present information that can be anything from honors, awards, and outdoor activities to any of your work during high school. Is the matter clear? Let’s say the matter is clear. Because it’s really easy!

One thing to keep in mind is to prepare a resume in the hope of getting a job or to prepare a resume in the hope of getting something, so the description should be read carefully and the keywords should be included accordingly. The role of keywords throughout the resume, including the education sector, is impeccable. You may want to include a curriculum description by adding relevant classes to a new job. That’s pretty good! Yeah, it’s fancy and also effective, you can follow this theory. But don’t fill your resume with irrelevant and unsolicited information! Make proper education format on resume. Stay clear and stay shine!

Now a question must be swirling in your mind! That is, what if I didn’t graduate from high school?

Here is an example
ABC High School, Cherryville, OH
Attended school from 2002 – 2004

The matter did not become strange! It is enough to mention only the name of the school and the years you attended. That is enough. Here is nothing to add more things! 

If you did not graduate from high school but completed a GED, follow the steps below. Hope you find the solution!

Here is an examples
GED High School Equivalency Diploma
Cherryville Adult Learning Center, Ohio, 2007
Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH
Attended school from 2006-2007

If you are still in high school? Then follow the below process:

Here is an example
XYZ High School, Cherryville, XYZ
Expected to graduate in 2010

Add your permit, authentication, license, or certificate initially followed by your high school data:

Here is an examples
Cosmetology License – 2010
Cherryville Beauty Academy, Cherryville, OH
ZYX High School, Cherryville, OH
Graduated in 2007

You Can Express Unfinished Higher Education On Your Resume

Let’s say you have very little or no work experience. In that case, it would not be bad to highlight some additional points. You can add some extra points in context. If you graduate from university, you will establish your highest degree first. But if that is not possible, let’s look at what can be done as an alternative. Mind it, it’s no a harmful or negative idea to include some extra points for this type of situation!

  • Awards and Honors
  • Relevant Coursework
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Publications

Here is an example
Honors BS in Biology, Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude
Dude University, West Lafayette, IN
Graduated in 2009

Honors And Awards Could Express

  • Academic scholarship/award.
  • Academic honors (campus, national, or international).

Mind It

If you think your list is large enough to be published, you can set up a separate Honors and Awards sector. This way you can try the education format on resume to attract employers.

Key Takeaway

Express your education section before or after your experience sector in your resume.

  • Disclose as little or as large information as you need.
  • Running students: Unless you have sufficient professional experience your education department can lift heavy. But don’t worry, it’s natural.
  • Even if you do not finish a degree, fill up your resume education section with running courses.

One last thing to keep in mind is that the education sector is very important to increase the quality of the resume. So never neglect this issue but take it seriously. Try to arrange the education section or education format on resume according to your level by considering the above points. You can grab Professional Curriculum Vitae templates from Resume Inventor to equip the education sector smartly and professionally. This will enable you to get the best resume ready in a short time!

Thank You!

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