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General Cover Letter That Isn’t Generic (Sample For Any Job)

in Examples on August 4, 2021

The general cover letter cannot wait to tell you how important it is for a professional career. It is a must-have, for any job application. This type of cover letter highlights the relevant skills and experience for specific job positions. Employers take this issue very seriously. As a result, employers get a clear idea about the candidate and move towards a quick decision.

The general cover letter has another name. Another name for a general cover letter is a generic cover letter. In any case, its importance is quite effective. Firstly, employers never prefer copy-paste cover letters. Rather, they consider it disgusting and dislike it. So of course the issue should be avoided. Find out more about this topic from here:

Guideline Overview

  • An overview of examples of general cover letters for various job postings that are sure to get you hired.
  • Generic cover letters for multiple positions.
  • Here’s a tip on how to make a general cover letter look personalized and make the employer happy.
  • All-purpose cover letter samples and resume templates.

One of the things you might think about is that you need a cover letter template. Don’t worry, you will get a matching cover letter from the Resume Inventor. If you purchase any professional resume templates then you can grab a standard and matching cover letter. So don’t delay grab a professional resume and cover letter right now!

Before You Commit To A Generic Cover Letter

First of all, read the job posting ad/ job description well. It is very important to do this in the beginning. If you do not do this, you will not be able to organize the next steps.

This allows you to include different types of parts in the letter to match the desired work. Which will give you quite a bit of support. Remember that if you can prepare a well-designed cover letter, you can go a long way in your professional career and prepare a great tool to influence the minds of employers. Although this issue is not taken seriously by many, it must be taken seriously. You need to keep a close eye on when you are applying for any position.

Another thing is that the general cover letter should never be too low quality. Don’t be too generic as well. This will reduce the chances of getting a good job. Which can never be desired by any job candidate. 

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Create a “Master” Cover Letter, Instead

Many do not write cover letters individually when applying for individual jobs. This is a big mistake. But yes it takes quite a while to write a general cover letter specifically. But if you can pass that effort with patience and skill, you will get something good. However, in this case, some things can be followed to make it easier and faster. Here they are:

Hold a professional and standard cover letter template with Best Resume Template. This will save a lot of time and increase the value of the cover letter. The professional cover letter is handed over to the employers professionally about the candidate. In this case, try to present everything in the cover letter with apprehension. So that the cover letter only discloses the main elements.

Also, when you go to present additional information, employers will find it annoying to read your cover letter in its entirety. So you must keep an eye on this!

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Sample Generic Cover Letter Templates to Use

Many people do not understand the importance of decorating a professional cover letter. So I have come up with a great solution for all of you. Here you will find several examples of cover letters. By following them, you can easily straighten your forehead. Let’s take a look at them then:

Generic Cover Letter Example Here

City, State Zip Code
Phone Number
Your Email
Recruiter’s Name/Hiring Manager’s
Recruiter’s Title/Hiring Manager’s
Company/ Organization Full Name
Full Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Name]

I felt as if the opening for the [Position] with [Organization/Company Name] was addressed to me. As the current [Position] at [Organization/Company Name], I have improved [performance] by [%] over the past [number of months/years], which resulted in [Number + Result]. I’m confident that I can use my expertise to help [Organization/Company Name].

My key challenge in my role as an [Position] at [Current Company/Organization] has been to fulfill [Main Responsibility]. Below are some recent results:

  • The achievement of [Achievement] has been increased by [%] since [Year].
  • Skyrocketed [Achievement] scores by [%].
  • Improved [Achievement], saving the company [$/hours] a [month/quarter/year].
  • Managed a team of [Number] employees to increase [Organization/Company Name] revenue by [%] over [Number] years.
  • It has been months/years since my team achieved [Achievement] [Number].

I am aware that [Organization/Company Name]’s current plans involve [Company’s Plans]. I would be excited to build [Company’s Project] by using [Your Skill].

Please let me know when [Date] we can meet to discuss my ideas that will increase [Organization/Company Name]’s [Revenue/Traffic/Customer Satisfaction] by [%] in the coming quarter?

Sincerely/Best regards,

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
LinkedIn Account

Do you understand? Got a rough idea? If so, welcome. With this type of cover letter template, you can easily decorate your cover letter, but you will use a professional cover letter template in this case. Then your cover letter will be highlighted from other job competitors.

Notably, If you can uniquely decorate your general cover letter by following all these things, the cover letter will identify you as a suitable candidate. Employers will quickly find you in the crowd of other job competitors. So don’t miss the great opportunity, of course, be enthusiastic about it and keep up the maximum effort!

Let me tell you an important thing, consequently, if you use this as a tip, then hopefully you will be much more highlighted in front of the employers. The cover letter must include the name of the company you are interested in applying to. This will allow employers to understand that you have spent enough time decorating the cover letter and that you are the best at it. 

Basic Sample Cover Letter For Job Without Experience

Currently, those who have just graduated or are looking to apply for a first job may be wondering what their cover letter should look like. In this case, first of all, you have to introduce yourself properly and keep in mind the various issues and other issues, including your relevant skills. In this case, see below what kind of cover letter may be appropriate to hand over to employers.

Basic Cover Letter Example Here

Jane Albright
29-37 Newtown Ave
Astoria, NY 11102
January 1, 2020
Humphrey Watson
Content Team Leader
Criminy Jackets
1 Water St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Mr. Watson:

The position you’ve advertised for a new copywriter caught my attention. My dream has always been to be a writer, and I would be proud to begin my writing career with the website Criminy Jackets.

I had many tasks as a student that would translate well into a role as a copywriter, including researching and editing an 87-page thesis. Among the achievements are:

  • Final assignment: a paper that scored a perfect 100%.
  • My tutoring successfully improved the cumulative GPA of students who had failed a semester.
  • It would be a true pleasure to become the new staff copywriter on your blog. I enjoy following other writers, and I would apply that same enthusiasm and dedication to my writing every day.
  • I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate that my university achievements can be translated into a copy career at Criminy Jackets.


Jane Albright

Relevant skills and achievements can be presented perfectly without experience through such formats. Which fits perfectly. ‌ Employers also have a positive attitude by calling the employer by name. However, in this case, you will avoid mentioning your general identity in detail. Because this is quite annoying and confusing. Employers dislike and worry about excessive and unnecessary information. And in all these cases, you must use a well-designed professional cover letter template. This will make the employers understand that you are very skilled. And job seekers with professional minds as well. As a result, it will bring you the expected results.

Sample Generic Cover Letter Template For Career Changers Here

Jacob Gerry
386 Flatbush Ave Ext
Brooklyn, NY 11201
January 1, 2019
Patricia Fuller
General Manager
2370 Belmont Ave
Bronx, NY 10458

Dear Ms. Fuller:

I’ve only ever had pleasant experiences when dealing with the sales staff at Fuller’s Furniture, from when I furnished my first apartment to recently as I renovated my kitchen. Now you have availability for the very same sales team, and I’d love to put in my application.

I developed many skills as a self-employed graphic designer that would be useful in a sales job, including managing clients, providing friendly service, and fulfilling orders. I’m certain I could achieve similar results at Fuller’s Furniture, such as:

  • Wins a design contest for color matching, resulting in an increase of 17% in sales
  • Three years in a row, I won the community board’s certificate of achievement for customer service.
  • As a member of your sales team, I would love to continue helping guests beautify their homes and delivering excellent customer service.
  • Having graphic design experience makes me a perfect fit for your furniture store, and I look forward to the opportunity to prove this to you.


Jacob Gerry

Generally, With the help of the above cover letter, you can easily and especially present the required information. However, do not copy and paste anything directly. Try to keep the format the same but keep the uniqueness. This will make general your cover letter much more acceptable to the employers and they will be able to know everything about you very smoothly!

Key Takeaway

Last but not least, build yourself up appropriately and of course keep full attention when refining the cover letter. Never look down on a cover letter, never neglect it. Instead, try to decorate it with the utmost prominence because remember that the employer will make important decisions about joining you through it.

And in summary, be sure to use a professional resume with a cover template truly on all of these topics so employers understand you are a suitable job candidate. Grab a modern resume template from Resume Inventor now to get professional cover letter templates for free. In last, of course,  Best Of Luck Everyone!

Thank You!

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