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Language Skills: Levels And Examples for Your Resume

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Language is a very important skill for a professional career. Being able to speak multiple or bilingual languages ​​reveals the job skills of a job candidate that employers are looking for. Information on which languages ​​you are proficient in, whether you are bilingual or in which language you have studied, supports the resume to provide a standard level of resume. Which can give you the advantage of standing in front of the employers. Therefore, the issue of resume language skills must be considered to impress the employers as well as to brighten the job career. In this blog, we will discuss this topic and look at step-by-step examples.

Why List Language Section In Your Resume?

Listing resume language skill in a resume can be an innovative way to effectively express communication skill in front of employers or listeners. Also, it promotes communication skills. It is very important to transform the resume into a great job tool.

Take a closer look at the following points to better understand the importance of bilingual skills!

Daily Role

Good companies always prioritize bilingual job candidates. Because fluency as a translator is essential for proper day-to-day activities or roles. This quality is preferred in the workplace. Similarly, when you go to work for an international company, you must have mastered multiple or bilingual languages. This skill will come in handy in maintaining communication with your colleagues and where necessary.

Communicating With Huge People’s

It has become necessary to maintain contact with a large number of individuals as needed. Especially if you want to get a job in a customer-oriented role or get a job, you must be careful about your language as well as proficient. In this case, you must be bilingual to maintain communication with customers. Therefore, considering all these issues, acquiring bilingual qualities can bring successful support to the job career. 

Show Your Ability

Particularly mastering multiple or bilingual languages ​​is not an easy task. Expressing multiple language skill means you have strong morale and ability. Being bilingual requires not only a creative attitude but also patience. So if you can become proficient as a bilingual and present that quality to the employers, then of course you will gain predominance from employers. And they will also be able to get an idea of ​​your patience, creative attitude, etc. Which will bring benefits to you. So add resume language skill and pick better impressions.

List The Levels Of Language Skills In Your Resume

When you include your resume language one by one, focus on your expertise skill. That means it’s important to show your abilities properly. Consider the following points for details.

Beginner Skill

If you are a beginner, it is important to describe the level of language you are learning. With beginner resume language you can pick more consent. In this case, you can use some effective words or phrases to express the beginner level appropriately. Which would be many standards. 

  • Beginner
  • Basic
  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate

Proficient Skill

The proficient level is the next step of the beginner level. That means to be able to read and write a language. Being able to speak and write the language accurately is basically called the proficient level. In this case, you can express some surprises as you can speak with confidence. You can use any one of the following levels to decorate this proficient section nicely. Which will be suitable for you. 

  • Proficient
  • Professional
  • Professional working proficiency
  • Upper-intermediate

Fluent Skill

The fluent level usually refers to an advanced conversation. This means that those who can maintain a well-developed conversation at ease are included in the fluency level. This level refers to the ability to read, write and speak at a distance about complex concepts. You can choose some points or a resume language skill list to decorate the resume from the following steps.

  • Fluent
  • Full professional
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Native Skill

Native reveals the highest level of language ability to speak, read. That means, native usually means studying the language from childhood or from the time of primary education. Considering such issues, the native label is presented fully. The language you have grown up with or the language you have been studying since elementary school life is finally strong for you. And if you have bilingual skills, it will help you to get a good job by showing better performance. Here are some points to point out in the resume.

  • Native
  • Mother-tongue
  • Bilingual

Examples Of Language Skills To Make Perfect Resume

There are a few things to keep in mind before incorporating resume language skill into a resume or curriculum vitae. The first thing you need to consider is what role you are applying for. Depending on the subject, you can include language skill in your resume. To customize everything professionally you can use the resume template. Visit www.resumeinventor.com and grab a better one. Let’s take a look at some standard and perfect-level examples. Hopefully, that will be very helpful for you.

Some Effective Examples

Useful Language Skill

If you are interested in getting a job in a position that does not require any special language skill, add the language sector to your resume. If you only need one language for a job and you can present bilingual language skills, then you can grab more impact. Markedly it will be especially preferable to employers. Resume language skill will allow you to be ahead of other competitors. So considering all these issues, you must remember to include the language skill sector in your resume as a useful section.


Carol Blair
Carlsbad, California



Organized assistant manager with seven years of experience creating a welcoming store environment. Skilled in building customer relationships and recommending merchandise. Experience curating product placements and stocking merchandise.

Professional Experience

Assistant store manager | ShoppingWorld
Carlsbad, California I December 2018—Present
Commissioned over $200,000 in sales in one year
Developed relationships with returning customers and new vendors
Trained six employees to use the cash register and to assist customers
Balanced three cash registers each night
Retail associate | Clothing Central
Los Angeles, California I March 2014—December 2018


Assisted with returns and refunds daily
Organized store layout and stocked the store floor
Maintained inventory spreadsheets each week
Communicated with customers daily in English and Spanish

Relevant skills

Technical: Merchandising, tracking inventory, handling cash, curating storefronts
Soft: Communication, management, training, organization
Languages: Spanish—fluent, French—conversational

LA College, Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, 2018
Graduated magna cum laude

Required Skill

Truly for some roles, it is necessary to have strong language skill. For example, to get a good job as a communication manager, language proficiency must be present. In the same way, even if you want to build your career in customer care or such a profession, you have to have bilingual skills. To connect your language skill and expertise to the resume concisely and purposefully considering your professional purpose. See the example below to make the point clear!


Owen Harvey
Chicago, Illinois


Has full command of the language and is proficient in bilingual. Can work with patience and communication skills and am highly dedicated. Self-motivated translator with 10 years of work experience in [XYZ company]. Want to grab a full-time job opportunity to express my inner talent.

Professional Experience

Spanish-English Translator | Translating World
Chicago, Illinois. June 2017—Present
Translate text in a variety of formats including emails, blog posts, and written advertisements
Interpret and translate audio files including videos and phone recordings
Proofread and edit translated documents to increase clarity and accuracy
Spanish-English Translator | Healthcare Unlimited
New York, New York. May 2015, May 2017
Translated over 1,000 patient files from Spanish into English
Communicated daily with patients and doctors, translating and aiding conversations
Maintained client confidentiality when translating written and verbal communications


English: Native
Spanish: Native
Portuguese: Proficient
French: Conversational


Verbal and written communication
Copywriting and proofreading
Analysis and research


Chicago College, Bachelor of Arts in linguistics
Graduated magna cum laude
Published article in “Translator World Journal”

Desirable Language Skills


Uniquely it is very important to show the skills needed to do the job properly. In this case, the needs of the employer or the company should be given priority. So with that in mind, you can talk about language proficiency priorities to impress employers. And if language skills in your role point to expression, present it separately in the resume. Publish a sector on language proficiency in the resume. See the example below to make the point clear!

Meredith Perez
Dover, Delaware


A dedicated teacher with over 5 years of work experience. Complete master’s degree in English and three years of ESL teaching experience and a proven track record of producing strong educational content for English language learners. Also proficient in communicating with students. 

Professional experience
ESL instructor | EnglishOnline Academy
Remote work I September 2018—Present

Design and implement ESL curriculum and lesson plans for four courses
Provide small and large group instruction daily, meeting with over 80 students in a week
Create assessments to evaluate and track student performance
English Teacher | Northwest Elementary School
Beijing, China. September 2017, May 2018

Taught conversational English to 30 students daily in a classroom setting
Designed course content, presentations, and lesson plans
Provided written and verbal feedback on weekly assignments


English: Native
Mandarin: Fluent
Cantonese: Proficient
Spanish: Conversational


Technical: Video instruction, grading platforms, content creation, assessment, and evaluation
Soft: Empathy, patience, active listening, mentoring, and organization


United States University, Master of Arts in English literature, 2017
Earned a partial scholarship teaching assistant position
Delaware College, Bachelor of Arts in English studies
Graduated summa cum laude

Language skills must be the focal point in order to complete the resume and achieve the desired goals. Never underestimate this valuable section. This section will help you to quickly impress the employers and take advantage of them. Attach a language section to your resume and organize it in an informative way. Take advantage and also more opportunities with proper language skills!

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