One-Page Resume 2021

How To Write A One-Page Resume 2021 (With Example And Tips)

in Examples on March 31, 2021

The importance of a resume for a professional career is immense. Your first impression of employers is usually based on your resume. The resume is also widely used in other professional fields. Therefore, it is very important to customize and format the resume properly. Besides, it is also very important to structure the resume in such a way that it is easily accessible. With a well-engaging One-Page Resume 2021 you can smoothly grab an expected job. The key to success in a professional career is to master the strategies that shape your resume professionally.

One-Page Resume 2021

A well-organized one-page resume will support you as a useful tool to present a wide range of information in a short-range. In it, you will be able to summarize all the information you need. This allows employers to easily get a good idea of ​​your background at a glance. Often a one-page resume provides better results than a huge page resume if it is well-designed. This increases the chances of getting a call to the interview board and chances of getting a good job. In this blog, we will discuss in detail how to professionally decorate a one-page resume. If you read the blog carefully and master the necessary things skillfully, you will be able to prepare a perfect one-page resume for your professional career. So without further ado, let’s know the necessary information as well as various tips.

How To Write A One-Page Resume 2021

If you want to create a one-page resume in the best way, you must keep several steps in mind. If you can master each step consistently, you will be able to write the best one-page resume for a bright professional career. Here are the steps together!

  • List your contact information
  • Make your work experience relevant
  • List your professional skills
  • Combine work experiences
  • Include relevant educational background
  • Request a reference to the hiring director
  • Use digits instead of numbers
  • Use industry-recognized acronyms
  • Remove unnecessary words
  • Reduce the margins skilfully
  • Decrease font size
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs
  • Attach bullet points Instead of paragraphs
  • Submit your resume as a PDF

List Your Contact Information

It is necessary to keep the name, work position, or title attached at the top of the resume. As well as professionally keep the contact information. All this information is generally considered to be especially important for the resume. This information is very essential because employers will have the opportunity to contact you through your contact information. Recruitment managers can easily invite you for an interview through communication theory or information. And if you skip all this information, employers will fail to contact you. 

Write your full name, job title, etc. in bold font. Then it will be very easy to see. Besides, write this information in a slightly larger font than other information. The purpose of doing all this is so that it is considered as a focus fund for the employers and also noticeable. The employers will contact you later through all this information such as email address, contact number, etc. So keep these things in mind.

Make Your Work Experience Relevant

Always try your best to present relevant experiences in your resume. If you have some previous work experience, list it first. Then choose the closest two to three work experiences from it and attach it to the resume. In this case, you must be especially careful and give priority to the relevant experiences. And make sure the experiences mentioned are enough to measure your proficiency. As well as be sure to include dates when describing work experience. At the same time, the experience sector must include professional keywords to gain more acceptance.

List Your Skills Shortly

Briefly describe your special and relevant skills. Try to publish your skill list in one line. In this case, you can use bullet points, it will be the focal point. Use short words, 1 to 2 words for each skill. It will not take up too much space but will save space. And employers will also be able to know your skills very easily so that it will be easier for them to make the final decision.

Combine Work Experiences

If you have previously worked in three or four organizations in the same role, it would be wise to combine your experiences. That means combining your previous experiences into one entry. By listing the relevant experience in this way, your resume will be much more powerful and effective. Besides, always highlight the issue of achieving your highest position. All of these things will make your resume more interesting and professional to employers.

Include Relevant Educational Background

Be sure to include your relevant educational qualifications in your resume. In this case, you can explain your testimonials or receipts. And note that all of the educational qualifications mentioned are consistent with the desired job position. Many companies thoroughly verify the educational qualifications of the candidates before hiring them, so it may be helpful for you if you prioritize the subject.

Request A Reference To The Hiring Director

You can also include all the relevant interests in voluntary work, hobbies, etc but for special needs. Also, you can collect some references from notable people to get the advantage. Because it is better to always include the necessary information briefly in a One-Page Resume 2021.  The reason for avoiding these issues without special needs is that if it is not preferred by the employers, the employers can ask you various questions about it on the interview board. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about correcting the information intelligently considering the overall aspect.

Use Digits Instead Of Numbers

Always try to use digits instead of numbers in a one-page resume or curriculum vitae. In this way, you can summarize your resume. Because you may need several words to write a number. On the other hand, if you express it through digits, it will take up less space. As a result, you can save a lot of space. So it is very important to maintain all the strategies while writing a one-page resume or curriculum vitae.

Use Industry-Recognized Acronyms

When you write a one-page resume, you can use short industry-recognized acronyms words to make it effective but concise. That is, use common signatures for the job application. To make it more clear, suppose you are interested in getting a job in a company in a technical position, then include short words like SAAS, SQL, and SEO in your resume. You don’t need too many words or spelling or write these. As a result, you can easily prepare a one-page resume in the best way with little space.

Remove Unnecessary Words

Once the required information is attached to the resume, observe the resume carefully. Remove the required words or phrases by editing the resume. Because there is no need to fill the resume with a bunch of unnecessary words. When editing the resume, try to replace the short words with more than one word. By reviewing or editing all of these topics, you will be able to summarize your resume and include more relevant information as needed.

Reduce Margins

It is important to have a margin in the resume. Traditionally the standard is to have 1-inch margins around the resume. However, when you decorate a One-Page Resume 2021, you can reduce the margins to save space. You can use a half-inch margin instead of a one-inch margin. Yes, using a one-inch margin is certainly acceptable, but you can reduce it as needed. One thing to keep in mind in this regard is that the surrounding margin amount should be the same.

Decrease Font Size

If the font size is reduced in the resume, it saves a lot of space. However, it is indeed acceptable to set the font at 12 points. If there is a problem in gathering the necessary information in a one-page resume, then you can reduce the font size. In this case, reduce the font size to 11.5 or 11 points as needed. However, do not bring the font-size below 10 points.  Generally under 10 point font size means that it becomes difficult to read the resume for the viewers. So be sure to make your resume with the proper font size as needed.

Use Bullet Points Instead Of Paragraphs

You can use bullet points instead of full paragraphs to save space in a one-page resume. This will allow you to save quite a bit of space. And be able to attach important information to those places. Employees will be able to find the necessary information very easily by bullet points So keep this in mind while writing a one-page resume. And maintain your resume professionally to make it briefer.

Unique Formatting Techniques

It may seem difficult to combine all the necessary information in a One-Page Resume 2021. However, after looking at the following points or tricks, hopefully, you will be able to do this more easily. So let’s learn the unique formatting technique.

Attach Bullet Points Instead Of Paragraphs

Reduce the size between paragraphs and sections as needed. Decorate a small column on the right side of the resume page. On the right side, you can highlight your necessary and relevant skills. As well as include contact information.

Submit Your Resume As A PDF

First of all, take a good look at the job description. If the job posting does not specify a desired or required file format, then you can submit your resume in PDF format. Using the PDF format can be beneficial for you. It will always keep the format of your resume always the same. So first look at the job description and then save your resume in PDF format, and send it as a PDF file. However, if the job description specifically mentions a format, then it is mandatory to adopt that format.

One Page Resume Example

James dude
Web Developer
Knoxville, TN 23456 | james@email.com | (555) 555-4321

CSS | HTML | JavaScript | Java | PHP | Eclipse | Photoshop | WordPress | SEO

Work Experience
Xyz Bank (2011 – Present)

Senior Web Developer

  • Designed the Xyz Bank website in a new and smart way, as well as training new employees with features. Through this 50% of new accounts are created on the website. The newly created site brought successful results as well as won two awards.
  • Created several widgets, such as a mathematical calculator, an online to-do list, an interest calculator, an online statement viewer, and an automatic bill payment. Which is currently with quite a good rating.
  • Website traffic has increased a lot since the inclusion of SEO features to reach website customers. Traffic has increased by up to 40 percent.
  • The bank’s servers and security features have been further enhanced to ensure the bank’s security handout percentage.

Zyx Bank (2006 – 2010)

Analytics Web Design

  • Designed and developed user-friendly websites with sophisticated features for a total of 6 clients. Each website is able to achieve a positive client review.
  • Tightens security and fixed bugs on websites for five international clients. Extended existing code to improve speed and functionality.
  • Trained staff for basic website maintenance, helped junior developers to enter the expert level by providing three to four years of training.


  • Knoxville State University, Knoxville, TN
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science with a concentration on web design and programming
  • Knoxville Community College, Knoxville, TN
  • Took classes in Photoshop, web design, and SEO
  • Certified Java Programmer

Website Examples:


The above tips and points must be kept in mind while writing a one-page resume. By following the above important things, you will be able to prepare the best One-Page Resume 2021 or curriculum vitae for your professional life. It will help you to impress employers as well as ensure your desired job position!

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