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How To Write A Personal Statement On A CV (with Tips And Examples)

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The resume serves as the object of presenting the overall identity of the candidate in the professional career. A well-structured resume introduces the candidate professionally to potential employers. And one of the most important sectors in a resume is the professional statement. The personal statement resume section will be the best way to present yourself using a few and short sentences. This part of the resume can be a bullet point to impress the employers because through this part the employers will be able to easily determine if you are suitable for the company. So let’s get to know the information and tips in detail about this important section!

What Is A CV Personal Statement?

Personal statement resume sections are an important part of a curriculum vitae or resume. Which ranks at the top of the resume. This section summarizes your intentions and overall professional attitude. Which supports clarifying your professional identity to employers. This bullet sector usually expresses small but effective information. This sector is limited to a few sentences, but each sentence is very significant, which briefly presents the identity of the candidates. This sector is usually arranged after your name, contact information, etc. The personal statement resume section needs to be seriously equipped to get a good job.

The personal statement of the curriculum vitae usually contains three elements. The combination of these three elements completes the curriculum vitae.

  • A statement about your professional identity
  • Information about your value to the organization
  • Statement of your career purposes

The curriculum vitae or resume personal statement is composed of these three components which provide the required information to the employers. Usually, the employers judge the eligibility of the candidates through the curriculum vitae career or personal statement sector. And in a few seconds, they get a chance to make decisions through this sector. So the personal statement resume sector is considered to be a bullet topic to get a job.

How To Create A CV Personal Statement

At the top of the resume or curriculum vitae is the career objective or personal statement section. Which serves as one of the essential sections to attract the attention of the employers. While decorating this section, one must pay attention to the structural aspect. Besides, it is mandatory to form it depending on the specific position. Because arranging the personal statement resume section on the needs of the company and the specific position, make it more acceptable to employers.

Now we will know the details of the steps to equip the career objective or personal statement resume section of the CV, which will come in handy to prepare a suitable personal statement section.

1. Disclose Your Identity Or Position

State your professional identity with professionalism. That is, the profession you are in or add specialist fields. As well as in which sectors you feel comfortable and try to express relevant qualities. It reveals the position you are applying for as a focusing point. And it will give employers an advantage to impress. So be sure to express your position at the beginning of the career objective.


“As a skilled digital marketer, I have supported the establishment of several international brands in the best possible way. I am an expert and dedicated professional to improve branding and marketing strategies.”

2. Express Your Value

Your professional value is your main tool to get the desired job. So when decorating the second part of the career statement, you must try to reveal why you are suitable and what your value is. Express your position as a specialized person, and you will show your best values ​​in the best possible way so that the employers have a chance to trust you. Also, it is important to efficiently highlight the relevant material to achieve your goal. 

The second step is to summarize all the successes that are directly related to your position. In this way, you will be able to present yourself as a qualified professional. As a result, it will be easier to establish yourself as the best.

And lastly, try to show how effective you are for the organization or company and how effective your qualities can be in accelerating the development of the organization or company. Then you will gain special importance to the employers.


“In my recent job, I have been leading more than 10 employees for a long 5 years. My main responsibility was to ensure maximum productivity and to manage the employees under me. I adapted my workflow with a combination of my experience and strategy and efficiently established the top reputation of the company.”

3. Describe Your Career Goals

The third step in the personal statement resume section is quite important. So in the third step, try to prove your intentions so that the employers can clearly understand your intentions or goals. This will give the employers an idea of how effective you will be able to play for the company. However, try to keep everything concise and professional. One thing you must keep in mind is that employers will not spend too much time checking your resume. So it would be wise to equip the personal statement resume section professionally in a short range.


“Dedicated and expert digital marketer for special e-commerce projects. I am seeking a digital marketer position in the e-commerce field, which will enable me to express my expertise and experience. I am also a dedicated digital marketing team leader with 5 years of work experience”

Tips For Writing A Personal Statement

Present A Unique personal Statement

Always try to decorate the curriculum vitae and career objective section in a unique way. Being able to state or display all of the effective information differently will allow you to move forward on the path to getting priority from employers. And never randomly present information. Always express appropriate information with a specific location or position. This will allow employers to easily focus on your qualifications and expertise and they will understand that you are a suitable candidate for the desired position.

Use Active Words

Always try to use professional and inspired or active words in the career objective or personal statement resume section. Presenting the words actively will have a gentle professional effect on the minds of the employers which will bring you an advantage. Choosing all of these words will increase your volume to employers.

Some Examples

  • Ambitious
  • Motivated
  • Driven
  • Establish

Briefly Present Everything

One thing you must keep in mind is that employers will scan your career statement or personal statement section very quickly. So be aware of this and limit your required statements to a maximum of four to five sentences. Master the personal statement resume section within an average of 200 words so that employers do not lose focus. They will be able to review your brief statement carefully. Always keep this important point in mind!

Maintain Layout And Structure

Be aware of the format and structure of the career statement or personal statement so that it is more acceptable. Remember that the structure of your information presentation is very important. So try to present the necessary statements consistently. This will allow the employers to read your statement easily and you will be able to satisfy them quickly. Which can bring good news for you!

Highlight Professional Style

Choose a consistent statement style to highlight professionalism and unity style in your statement. Of course, mention everything professionally. And try to use the [I, me] word at least once. This will make your personal statement section shorter. And always maintain a sense of comfort. And of course, maintain consistency so that employers can scan your career statements quickly and fluently.

Some Effective Personal Statement Examples

Below are some unique personal statement resume section examples. These examples are arranged in 2 sectorsor levels. Examples are displayed based on two levels so that it is very easy to understand and comes in handy when writing your own statement. These examples will be much better if you are able to reflect these examples in your resume. Which will come in handy for writing your suitable career statement and will serve as inspiration. So let’s take a look!

For First-Time Work Candidates

“I am dedicated and graduated with a ten-year college education in arithmetic, studying measurements and investigation. Have experience working in the monetary area via a temporary position with a significant global firm, which has assisted me with creating specialized capacities in information designing and science. I have reliably demonstrated my capacity to fulfill time constraints and accomplish project goals, tackle strategic issues, and focus on pivotal errands while keeping up with the exclusive expectations expected of my job. Also expert to manage huge team members dedicatedly.”

For Experienced Candidates

“Exceptionally experienced item engineer with a broad foundation in the auto business. Has a degree in mechanical designing and longer than a time of involvement with the field. Has worked widely in research facility settings supervising specific testing cycles and preparing new professionals. Wide scope of involvement covering the group, conceptualizing advancement projects and carrying out imaginative techniques. Gently searching for a situation to contribute broad industry abilities and experience.” 


The role of curriculum vitae or resume is incredible for getting a good and desired job. And an important part of a CV is the personal statement resume sector. This focus section allows employers to make the right decisions about you very quickly which is really great. So be careful about writing this section and try to decorate the career statement section in the best way. Keeping the above points in mind while writing a career statement. Then you will get many benefits!

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