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Resume “About Me” Section [7+ Examples]

in Examples on August 22, 2021

One of the most important things in a professional career is a Resume Template. Which acts as a positive weapon to get a good and desired job. It is very easy to present yourself as a suitable candidate with a well-engaging resume. The role of a Resume is very important in every step of a professional career. And it makes it more comfortable to present yourself as the most qualified for the position you are interested in applying for. Which is the most desirable thing for a professional career. And one of the most important sections within the CV is the resume About Me section. Through this section, the employees have the opportunity to make a good first impression. If this can be done then the chances of getting a job increase a lot. Let’s get detailed information about the most important section of a resume (About Me).

“About me” section: what is it?

The About Me section is a section at the top of the Resume Template. There is an opportunity to highlight yourself through this section. Which is reflected as more effective. If you can organize this section and present information about yourself, then of course you can present yourself in the best way that will keep you one step ahead of other disabled people. Through the resume About Me section, as a job candidate, you should try to summarize in this section all the things that you are suitable for the position you want. Be sure to include in this section the information you need to summarize. You need to make sure that the employer gets a good idea of ​​you in a short period. Because if you present a lot of information in the About Me section, it is not relevant and if the employers feel annoyed by seeing it, then your chances of getting a job will be lost! So be careful about this sensitive topic or section!

To understand this topic more clearly, you first need to know what topics are covered in the About Me section. So let’s clear the step-by-step issues!

Professional Title

It is important to be the first to publish this professional title in the About Me section. It is very important to present all the topics in which you are an expert in your professional career or interested in working in any section. If you can explain the matter clearly in the resume About Me section, the employers will easily understand which sector you are in as a professional. And based on that they will be able to go one step further in making the final decision about you. So be sure to include professional titles in the About Me section.

Skills and achievements

After describing the professional title in the About Me section, you should highlight your skills. If you can highlight your skills, you must be able to attract employers. However, in this case, you must mention the skills that are compatible with the position in which you are interested in getting a job. Be sure to state achievements as well. You can mention the big achievements of your professional career that are visible to employers. These two are so effective topics and will highlight you to the employers. Which will increase the chances of getting a job and will have a positive impact on the minds of the employers.

Disclose dream or goal

To confirm the job and to get a call from the interview board or to pass the interview board, you should set some goals in your resume. This means that employers will prioritize you if you can clearly define your goals for your professional career or why you are the best for the company and what your goals are. This will allow you to easily stay ahead. Be sure to align with the company’s goals when describing gold targets. Employers will consider you special. This will come in handy as a plus point for you!

An overview of the About Me section benefits

The resume About Me section is considered the heart of a Resume Template. I hope you understand from this quote how important the About Me section is for your resume or curriculum vitae. With this section, you can be sure to attract the attention of employers. Keep reading the blog carefully to know the other benefits of the About Me section!

  • The most effective thing about the About Me section is that it allows you to briefly present your professional career. This important section is mainly used to briefly describe the issues related to a professional career. By looking at the About Me sector, employers or visitors try to understand the overall background of the job candidate. So understand that if you can present yourself neatly in this sector then you will be able to quickly differentiate yourself from the crowd of other job competitors and enroll in the list of best job candidates to the employers. 
  • If you want in this sector, you can show special skills to express yourself so that your personality is revealed. That means you have to present yourself as a brand. If you can do this nicely then you can portray your personality as a brand. Which must be considered acceptable to employers. So describe your professional brand!
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that it is very easy to attract employers through this section so if you can present yourself in this section then your chances of getting a job will increase. Employers will be annoyed if you express yourself randomly and unnecessarily in this section and will throw you on the cancellation list!
  • Another nice thing about the resume About Me section is that it is not just for a resume template as well as you can present this section in your LinkedIn profile in all other fields including social media profile or cover letter. It will keep the professional image always active. And will come in handy to establish your own professional identity. All in all, the benefits of the About Me section are unique. If you can use the section properly then you will benefit in your professional career.

In a resume, how to describe yourself?

So far we have learned about the features of the resume About Me section as well as the benefits of this section. So let’s find out how to equip your professional identity smoothly.

  • It is important to set goals to get a good job or to present yourself professionally. If you can present an outline of your goals, you must be able to express yourself comfortably. Make sure you set up professional goals that are consistent with the company you are interested in. Set and express goals or outlines so that employers can clearly understand your attitude on your resume and think you are the best person or job candidate. You must pay attention to the subject.
  • The second step is to think about what is important to present in your resume template or to express yourself. You need to think about and describe everything that makes it possible for you to present yourself as a suitable candidate. You always have a positive mentality to highlight all the things you want to disclose. At this point of view, it is better to avoid irrelevant things. If you can maintain these things then you can easily present yourself neatly and position yourself as a suitable job candidate or a qualified professional.
  • When presenting information about yourself, you must keep an eye on the issue of maintaining professionalism. Employers prefer professionalism and there is no substitute for professionalism for a professional career. So try to maintain and equip each line with professionalism so that it becomes more acceptable. Many job candidates do not pay attention to maintaining professionalism while presenting information about themselves as a result they fail to express themselves neatly and lose potential jobs. 
  • So always try to maintain professionalism while presenting information so that you do not have to face all the problems. And always positively present information. If you do not have enough skills or experience, in this case, you can present your entry-level intern or internship work experience. But always try to develop yourself with the best experience and skills!
  • Many think that presenting detailed information is perfect for a professional career. However, from a realistic point of view, more descriptions are considered less effective in attracting viewers. If you can briefly present the necessary information, it will be better than the description. So try your best to briefly present information about yourself with the resume About Me section so that it is easily acceptable to the viewers.
  • Don’t ramble. Always try to explain everything shortly. Viewers lose their attention with 250+ words. So keep this thing in mind and try to explain everything within 250 words in the resume About Me section.

Some effective tips for writing an About Me section

We hope you understand the previous sections of this blog. Now let’s know some tips. These tips will help you to decorate the About Me section more beautifully and properly. Try to keep in mind all the tips and tricks in the professional field. So let’s go!

  • Stay humble

When presenting information, care should be taken to present the information in a polite manner. If the type of information presented is extreme, there is a strong possibility that it will have a negative effect on the minds of the employers. Try your best to maintain the humble text style.

  • Integrity is key

Integrity is a reflection of the light in a professional career and throughout life. So always maintain a truthful attitude when expressing information about yourself. Do to present accurate and clear information. When presenting information about yourself, keep in mind that you should not present information that you are not aware of. That is, do not attach any skills or certifications that have no real basis or you are not proficient in all of them. Try to present all the information honestly.

As well as try to restrain yourself through clear examples. If you notice that your skills and experience level is very low then you can present relevant skills or work experiences. Be sure to try to arrange each sentence honestly!

  • Update your About Me section regularly

Always make sure the resume About Me is updated. If you do not update the updated information, it will be obvious to the employers that you will be forced to withhold your information. Besides, they will also be confused about you. So be sure to update the About Me section regularly. By updating the About Me section properly, you will notice a positive impact on your professional career. If you can maintain all of these things then you will be able to show yourself to the employers neatly.

  • Revision or proofread

About Me Sector is a very important section, so you must revise the section after completing the writing. That is, if there is a mistake somewhere by making it real, you will correct it. If necessary you can take the opinion of others. In this case, you will get the opportunity to get various directions and advice!

About Me section examples

Teacher: Tutoring high school students at Summer Valley High, California, for 12+ years. Each of those years, I received a 95%+ satisfaction rating from parents and students. During this period, I improved my math and physics grades by over 20%. To continue to nurture young minds, I am seeking a position as a vice principal.

Firefighter: I am an experienced firefighter with over seven years of experience providing emergency services for the City of Jacksonville, AR. I have excellent teamwork skills, and I am calm under stress. Am the recipient of a wide range of bravery awards and have administered medical care to more than 100 people. In search of a position as a head firefighter to develop my passion for helping communities and saving lives.

Analyst: Passionate about analysis, with extensive experience in communication and management. Gaining a better understanding of ABC Inc.’s key performance indicators. As a business writer, I increased DEF Inc.’s employees’ understanding of key metrics by 25%. More than 3,000 people viewed my Google Slides presentation on DEF’s corporate values.

Business Executive: Dedicated and well-organized e-commerce executive with more than seven years of experience. Dedicated to planning marketing strategies and creating new businesses. Boosts and redefines ABC Inc.’s KPIs. The company grew revenue by 30%, increased ROI by 40%, and slashed costs by 25% YOY. The business expanded by 80% at GHI Inc.

Content writer: Since 2006, I have been writing engaging articles about travel and lifestyle. Awarded the Best Travel Photographer award by Condé Nast Traveler. Has graduate degrees in journalism from Northwestern University (summa cum laude). I am a qualified candidate for the Travel Writer position at Southern Travel & Lifestyles due to both my writing abilities and proven research skills.

College Graduate: Graduated from a research internship in data science at a private investment bank startup with 8 months’ data science experience. Developed a new alpha extraction method and modeled relevant financial metrics to achieve 135% investment returns. Using AI, I beat 358 student teams across multiple sports disciplines. For the junior data scientist position at Brooklyn Tech, I intend to leverage a 3.9 GPA and 80 data science-related classroom hours.

SEO expert: Over the past five years I have acquired a great deal of experience as an SEO specialist. I also know HTML, PHP, blogging, CSS, SEO plugins, and I know very well that business market sectors are becoming more competitive every day. Small business websites need to rank high on search engine result pages so that they can attract customers. As an SEO expert, I have to stay current on market trends. In my experience, the competition is mostly about remaining on the first page of Google search results. With my knowledge and experience, I am capable of boosting my clients’ websites and helping them gain a high ranking.


According to a common saying, fast impressions and last impressions are more important than any other impressions. A resume‘s About Me section is part of the first impression of the resume, so you should pay attention to it. If you want to decorate the About Me section in a beautiful manner, follow the tips and rules above. Warmest wishes to all!

Thank You!

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