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How to List References on a Resume [w/ Examples]

in Examples on September 15, 2021

Through references on a resume, employers can understand what kind of employees you have worked with in the past but what your previous identity was. So if you are a job seeker then you must be worried about how to attach references to your resume! No worries, today we will learn how to organize references in biographies and relevant issues. Hopefully, after knowing these issues thoroughly, you will easily get a clear idea about how to attach references to your resume template for your professional career.

How To List References

Keep reading this blog to make it clear how to reference attachments are effective in creating a well-rounded resume. Hopefully, by reading this blog carefully, you will be able to know some necessary tips and tricks as well as get effective instructions. This informative blog enables you to organize your resume in a much more effective way. Which will definitely help you to bring benefits to your professional career. So now let’s learn how to arrange a reference list or how to disclose references on a resume.

Understand The Requirements First

Before attaching references to a resume, you need to consider how many references are appropriate to attach to the resume template. This can be done more or less based on the requirements. However, attaching excessive preferences can upset the resume and lead to page wastage which is never advisable.

So if you are an entry-level job candidate then it is suitable for you to attach two to three references to your resume. However, if you do not have a reference to attach two to three references, you can also attach a single reference. Try to collect the references of any senior person who is already involved with the same category position.

Another key point

On the other hand, for references on a resume, if you are interested in applying for a higher position, try to add four to five preferences. And of course, read the job description well. Many times the job description may have given directions on how to attach the reference. If there are guidelines in this regard, then he must consider adding references to his resume template as per the guidelines

In this case, another question that may arise in your mind is which reference is most suitable for including references in the best way. Let’s clear this up!

  1. Senior Mentor Reference
  2. Academic Advisory References
  3. Managers or former senior co-workers Reference, etc.

References to the individuals described above may play a significant role in your professional resume. If they are attached to the relevant position then their reference can catch employers’ minds. In this case, try to refine the reference list repeatedly and put the most effective references in your list. Prioritize the references of those whose references will highlight your qualifications and performance and try to make a reference list shot!

Disclose A Reference Page Professionally

You can link your references to a separate page if you wish. Always remember that every page in a resume is extremely valuable. Employers will not spend too much time scanning your resume template, you should continue to do your best to present all the information briefly to pick their positive mindset. And try to present the references at the end of the resume so that the first impression of the employer is on your qualifications! And with requirements in mind show references on a resume.

How To Format References

It is important to maintain a professional format when attaching references. Take a good look at the format below to get an idea of ​​what a professional format can be!

  1. First, add first and last name.
  2. Secondly, add a professional title/position.
  3. Then include the name of the reference’s company.
  4. Disclose reference’s phone number.
  5. Then show the reference’s email address.
  6. Lastly, express reference’s relationship with you smartly.
  7. In general double-space between references

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Some key points

  • Keep a minimum of 2 spaces between one reference to another.
  • Be sure to use the font used in the resume on the reference page.
  • Always try to keep the font size the same as your resume or curriculum vitae.

Should You Include A Reference Section On Your Resume?

The subject I am going to talk about now is a very curious one. The issue is how necessary or unnecessary it is to attach references on a resume!

This depends largely on the requirements and instructions. In fact, many times employers may want to submit a resume by attaching a reference. In this case, you must attach references with your curriculum vitae. However, if they do not want this issue, the reference may not be attached to the resume. Because each page of the resume is very valuable, by linking to the referrals, if it happens that other important information is not being highlighted, the references may become redundant!

Naturally, always try to keep your resume as short as possible. Briefly try to highlight the required skills, experience, qualifications, and relevant issues. Since employers will quickly scan your resume, the chances of the reference being observed in their eyes are much lower.

So one last thing I want to say is that you should always take a good look at the job description and in the job description, if the employers ask you to attach the reference page as part of your resume, then you must attach the reference to the above rules maintains.

Let’s take a look at some examples to attach a referral to a resume if it becomes necessary.

Reference Examples

  • John Smith
    Director of Marketing Department
    Sunshine Inc.
    (444) 111-2233
    John was my direct marketing head from 2000 to 205 when I worked as a junior marketing manager for xyz company.

  • Robert Smith
    Civil engineer
    Xyz. co
    (333) 999-6677
    Robert Smith is a senior civil engineer. I have worked under him for two long years.

  • Robert Smith
    Civil engineer
    (333) 999-6677
    Robert Smith is a senior civil engineer. I have worked under him for two long years.

  • James
    Ccv Ltd.
    (222) 888-6666
    He was my manager at Ccv Ltd. I worked with him for two years.


Resume Template is a very important part of a professional career, so be sure to try to handle it in a very careful way and keep the above key points about references on a resume in mind when adding references and based on the needs. Keep in mind to attach the references neatly. And if you are a job candidate and if you want a good resume with a reference page in a template, then you must visit www.resumeinventor.com. There are numerous resume templates equipped with reference pages. With these you can be very easily highlighted to employers, so stay ahead!

Thank You!

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