How To Write an Executive Virtual Assistant Resume

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Executive virtual assistants help executives and other high-level staff with administrative tasks. You can utilize your resume to describe your relevant abilities and qualifications for an executive virtual assistant position while applying. If you’re seeking a job as an executive virtual assistant, you might be wondering what to add on your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.

We explain what an executive virtual assistant performs, how to build a resume for these jobs, and provide a template and example to aid you in creating an executive virtual assistant resume in this post.

What is an executive virtual assistant?

An executive virtual assistant is an administrative professional who works from a distant location to help executives and other senior personnel. Some executive virtual assistants work as self-employed contractors, while others work for staffing firms. While executive virtual assistants’ responsibilities vary, they usually execute standard administrative tasks. They might take calls, handle executives’ schedules, plan travel, organize records, update databases, and prepare documents. Some executive virtual assistants may have extra responsibilities for executives, such as managing social media accounts or conducting market research.

How to write an executive virtual assistant resume

Here are some tips for preparing your resume if you’re applying for executive virtual assistant jobs:

1. Write a professional summary

To describe your qualifications for an executive virtual assistant job, start your resume with a professional summary. If you’ve worked as an executive virtual assistant before, emphasize the amount of years you’ve spent in this position and your achievements. Outline your transferable talents, like as organization and time management, if you have little or no experience. To persuade hiring managers to read the remainder of your resume, keep your professional summary to two or three phrases.

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2. Outline your experience

Outline your work experience history in reverse chronological order. Provide your work title, employer’s name, and dates of employment for each job you’ve held. To summarize your key responsibilities or accomplishments in each role, provide bullet points. Highlight responsibilities that are applicable to an executive virtual assistant position, such as organizing appointments and responding to emails. Use data and statistics to quantify your work experience whenever possible. For instance, you may say that you installed a new file system to increase productivity and saved four hours each week.

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3. List your skills

Create a section beneath your work experience to list your applicable skills for an executive virtual assistant job. To demonstrate your qualifications for the job, emphasize both hard and soft skills. Office administration, customer service, database management, accounting, calendar management, scheduling, office software, communication, organization, and time management are all common abilities for executive virtual assistants. Reviewing the job description might help you include talents that the company particularly specifies. If the job description calls for candidates with experience with remote video technology, for example, you can list that talent on your CV.

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4. Describe your education

Include a section where you can describe your academic background. Your most recent degree, diploma, or certificate should be listed first. Give the name of your degree, such as a business administration associate’s degree. Include the name of your high school, college, or university. If you graduated within the last three years, only submit that information. You can include this information in your education area if you don’t have a degree or professional certificate but have done relevant coursework, such as business classes.

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5. Highlight additional information

While it’s not required, you can add more information to your CV to highlight your qualifications as an executive virtual assistant. Other parts to add on your resume include accolades or honors, professional associations, volunteer activities, and certifications, to name a few. Make sure any additional material you include is pertinent to a career as an executive virtual assistant. For example, if you volunteer at a local charitable organization to do data entry and answer phones, you may choose to include that information on your resume.

Executive virtual assistant resume Examples.

Examine this sample executive virtual assistant resume for ideas on how to write your own:

Morgan Ainsley | morgana@email.com | Chicago, IL 203-555-2839

Professional Summary

Executive Virtual Assistant with six years of expertise handling day-to-day administrative activities in a remote situation who is highly driven and detail-oriented. To provide administrative support, I have experience using video technologies, phone systems, and email to interact efficiently with executives. Proven track record of identifying and implementing operational optimization and streamlining methods.

Work Experience

*Executive Virtual Assistant, Macklemore Industries, Seattle, WA, May 2019–Present*

  • Using video technologies, phone, and email correspondence, manage day-to-day administrative chores for executives.
  • Answer 10-15 calls every day to assist clients or refer them to other professionals.
  • Prepare meeting agendas and remotely attend meetings to take notes for executives.
  • To keep track of executives’ schedules, schedule events, meetings, and appointments.
  • To increase efficiency, enter, organize, and share data in databases.

*Virtual Assistant, Titan Companies, Wichita, KS, June 2016–May 2019*

  • To deliver exceptional customer service, I responded promptly to phone calls and emails.
  • To assure correctness, I prepared documents, notes, and financial reports with great care.
  • Streamlining operations for five virtual employees by developing a new technique to organize and file customer records.


Customer service | Typing | Communication | Organization | Problem-solving | Office administration | Scheduling | Calendar management | Database management


Associate of Science in office administration

Perry North Technical College

Executive virtual assistant resume Sample 01

Sample 02

Sample 03


If you’re looking to start a career as an executive virtual assistant or just learn more about the job and how to position yourself for success, then this blog post is for you. We’ve outlined what an executive virtual assistant does, how to build a resume for this position, as well as provided a resume template and example that you can use as a guide in creating your own.

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