When Can Be Two Page Resume

When Can Be Two Page Resume

in Knowledgebase on January 10, 2021

Formatting resumes require structural guidelines. Every resume contains a basic structure, without those fundamental sections a resume can’t be ready for professional uses. The two page resume template contains many additional sections along with all of these important points.

Based on your professional condition, the resume has various designs including additional sections to build your appearance more sturdy and clear to the audience. In the corporate field, it will be a hiring manager who is going to judge your capacity and efficiency, while you apply for a job position. 

  • How do you design your own resume? 
  • How lengthy a resume can be? Or, 
  • Is the length of a resume based on the job nature? 

Don’t worry! This article is going to be useful for you. In this article we are going to cover all these aspects. Hold tight and dive in!

Can a Resume be Two Pages?

A resume contains your qualifications and work experience, along with other sections to prove your capability and seniority in a certain sector. Resume length varies based on work experience and efficiency. Here are some examples of two page resume factors,

  • If you are maintaining a responsible position at the mid or senior level of a company. By mentioning your efficiency, achievements, and experiences, your resume displays your corporate activities. 
  • If you have been in the corporate sector for a long time, then you have such knowledge about this industry and its nature. Suppose you have at least 10 years of relevant working experience, so you have to present your skills and experiences in your resume. So, it is ok to use a two page resume template. 
  • Use a two page resume layout while you are applying for such a job post, which requires an extensive amount of skills and expertise. Moreover, if you have skills that need to be described to present your efficiency. YOu can use a two page resume template. 

A two page resume is not a sturdy option for beginners, or newly arrived in this corporate life from studentship. They should use a single page resume template to point out their skills and expertise in an attractive format. 

Classification of Resume Layout

Resume which is an official actualization for any job position. It plays an important role for any candidate by describing their qualifications and work experience level. A written and well-formatted resume can explain your knowledge and work preferences. When you want to apply for a job position, make sure to make your resume highly engaging and well-reviewed. Each step is essential, you should maintain a prospective profile that can be eye-catching. 

To make a great resume with structure and format is a big decision. Based on your profile’s strength, you have to choose your preferable resume layout. There are a few common type resumes formats, now we are going to describe when you should use each of them.

  • Functional Resumes: This type of resume is skill-based resumes. The strength of this resume style is organization. Rather than working experience, it focuses on highlighting the candidate’s skills and strengths. In an easy word, it’s a resume for new job seekers who have no working experience.
  • Chronological Resumes:  This format is a standard for resumes writing. It’s a common format and acceptable for every kind of query based recruitment. These formats help to highlight the skills and the most working experience. Chronological resumes are a path to show your career movement with popular style.
  • Combination Resumes:  Some combination resumes can be very effective for a right career. We can define it like its name. The important and must have part of these resumes is highlighting qualifications and achievement summary. By the author recommendation your skills,education and experience can be included chronological order.    

Among this qualitative and well-structured resume layout, Chronological Resume Layout is generally used to apply to any job sector. This an official resume layout, which you can use anywhere to display your identity and efficiency. 

Tips to Format a Sturdy Resume

Formatting resumes in one or two pages is not the main fact. Along with making resume length as needed/ preferred size, you need to optimize your resume. Keep your writing simple and easy to read, so that the hiring manager won’t get troubled to review your resume. Here are some steps you can follow to format a sturdy resume. 

Include Post Related Information

To create a proper valued resume, you have to focus on what you are including in your resume. Before writing your resume for applying at a job, read the job circular to find out what excellence they are looking for. Moreover, add that job related information to make your resume more effective. And, it’s better to remove  irrelevant working experiences, skills, and other expertise to build an on the topic resume. 

Professional Fonts to Use for Resume

There are a lot of fonts out there to use to build a resume. But, not every font can display professionalism. Through using the accurate font gives your resume an elegant and constructive look. Try to use small fonts as Georgia, Calibre, Cambria, etc. You can also use Times New Roman font to write your resume. Keep font size between 9 to 10. This font sizing is easy to ready and display,

Avoid unnecessary words and phrases

Instead of making a resume lengthy or wordy, you need to maintain to-the-point informative and efficient details, It makes your resume nice and steady to perform the best at the right time. In the place of long sentences, it’s better to remove unnecessary words and phrases from the line and make the core thing clear. For example, for the most part, you can avoid articles and many prepositions such as to, in the meantime, so that, etc. 

Keep Your Resume Clear & Concise

Suppose, you are applying as an accountant to a company. At working experience detailing you mention that, Increased customer satisfaction rate by 13% by taking orders and entering orders within five minutes of a customer’s arrival. 

Now this expresses your excellence, but the information you are trying to deliver doesn’t appear perfectly. Instead of that you can write, Completed order entry with five minutes of customer arrival, resulting in 13% increase in satisfaction.

Doesn’t it look more nice and steady? So, mention your expertise clearly, so that the hiring manager can measure your actual potential. 

Don’t Left Resume Blank

A resume is a professional paperwork which gives you an opportunity to disclose your efficiency with certification to the hiring manager or employer. So, utilize every section properly to describe yourself. Keeping the resume blank decreases your value at the first glance. Along with basic structure, there are various additional sections to use in your resume. 

Choose a Two Page Resume Template

Today’s world is changing ASAP! People are always looking for perfect things in every situation. In this revolutionary world you have to keep yourself fit with your assets, so that you can compete with others with your excellence. Building a resume is like a preparation stage of aligning your lifestyle with corporate things. Designing your own resume template will consume your valuable time. Making each moment valuable to your life is wise behaviour. 

You can’t save your time and create value to anything at a time. To give you relief from this sort of problem, ResumeInventor is formatting professional-based resume templates. Through proper research, they have formatted two-page resume templates with various file formats. 

Along with creating classic, clean, and professional resume template designs, each package includes a cover letter and reference page (additional). By purchasing a professional-based two-page resume template, you will get a sturdy formatted template without getting into any trouble. Now you have to replace those dummy texts with your information. 

Importance of Cover Letter In Resume 

In general words, a cover letter is a paperworks works as an opportunity to describe your arguments on why you think that you are perfect for the job. 

“If a resume is a car, then the cover letter is it’s wheels.” 

If the car is more expensive, but it has no perfect wheels then, it won’t be a wise decision to drive that car. Same as for a resume, a cover letter lets you discuss your excellence, capabilities, and efficiency to grab the attention of the hiring manager.  

Get your two page resume template with a cover letter, if you want sturdy and same designed paperworks. 

Secrets to Making Your Resume POP!

Resumes are the most important documents which are an official method of applying as a candidate to a company. Resume displays your creativity and clear organizing, including skills, qualification, experience. When you want to make a resume layout but to make it more professional you have to make it through describing your expertise. .Moreover, written narrative style documents can make your resumes more effective.

Most of the job circular recruitment you can find more opponents by one post. If your resumes are neat and clear it will help you to get your desired job. There are lots of methods to make your resumes more effective and eye-catching. To make your resumes pop or effective you can follow this ideas,

  • Firstly, you have to make a simple and basic informative structure which can be easily noticed by anyone. You need a format the cv base with alignment, margins, spacing, and page setup. 
  • To make the right quality of specifying from others make it with the right word selection to describe your expertise. Use professional power words that can make your resumes more strong quality.   Make your resume more engaging like a professional, make sure it’s based on determined, formulated, cooperative, conceptualized.
  • Characterize the fonts like italic, bold, underlined which can highlight certain information areas- such as a header or informative/differentiate details.
  • Lastly, review your resumes re-check it for information that is Captionized. Get a suggestion or help from your seniors, colleague to assure it if there are any problems or you have missed something unknowingly.  


Make resumes eligible to compete in the war of applicants for a job post. Most of the people are gathering bookish knowledge by proper guidelines. But you will be exceptional in the corporate sector if you contain the skills to lead the sector and the company will pay attention to you. Not only educational background can’t help you to lead your life. You need to know many other aspects which are related to the development of your own skills. 

While applying for such a reputed job position, it’s professionalism to maintain your first impression beautifully to the hiring manager/ employer. A two page resume contains enough space to describe every single section and aspect. Create your future on your own, nobody won’t recognize what you can do if you don’t show them. Choose popular resume templates to make your sturdy resume your professional and favorite design. 

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