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Video Interview – Tips on How to Ace It in 2022

in Interview on October 6, 2022

Today, video interview are frequently conducted in place of in-person interviews or in addition to them.

A video interview can be essential to the employment process if the position you are seeking for is headquartered in another city or the hiring manager is located elsewhere.

How to Ace a Video Interview 

You may have previously read our advice on how to ace a phone interview, but you should also be ready for a possible video interview.

With more advanced technology at our disposal, video interviews are increasingly employed in place of phone interviews, and hiring managers seize the chance to get to know potential candidates before bringing them in for an in-person interview.

Since video interviews are increasingly being used in the hiring process, you should be ready for one if you’re applying for any position. Also, make sure you have the tools and equipment you need to ace the interview.

You should be just as ready and prepared for a video interview as you would be for an in-person one because they are quite similar.

Top 5 Video Interview Questions

  • Describe yourself to me.
  • Describe the kind of workplace you want.
  • Why ought we should employ you?
  • In five years, where do you see yourself?
  • What made you decide to work for our business?

5 Tips for Getting Ready For Your Video Interview

Video Interview
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#1) Check Your Surroundings

The hiring manager can see you and everything around you when you participate in a video interview, so keep that in mind.

When picking a place for your video interview, you must be careful.

The background should be a simple color without any crowded patterns that would be distracting or offensive to the interviewer’s eyes. The venue must be silent, without any outside noise or other potential distractions.

Remove your pet and kids from the room, and avoid public spaces like coffee shops because they will have a lot of background noise.

Ahead of time, make sure to check the lighting, and avoid windows that can cast harsh shadows.

You want to present yourself in the best light possible, so make sure you can be seen on the camera and that your body is properly framed with your shoulders in the picture.

Sit back sufficiently to let your upper body be seen if you don’t want to look like a close-up face. If you absolutely must, have your résumé and notes in front of you, but avoid making it a habit to look down or go over your notes frequently.

The key to a successful video interview is making a personal connection with the person on the other end and demonstrating why you are the ideal candidate for the position. This all begins with choosing the appropriate setting.

#2) Prepare Your Equipment

Making ensuring your equipment is in functioning order is maybe the most crucial aspect of a video interview.

The hiring manager won’t be able to see or hear you well if you are disconnected or have a bad internet connection, which is the worst possible scenario.

Before the interview, test your camera and microphone to ensure everything is in working order. Ask a friend to join you for a video chat on the platform you’ll be utilizing for the interview, if at all possible.

You should make sure you have the right account access and the software is functional before the interview because there are so many options available today, from Google Hangouts to Skype, that allow for video communication.

To ensure that you will have a strong internet connection throughout the interview, you should often use an ethernet cord.

Make sure no one else in your home is using the internet to stream television or perform other tasks that demand a strong internet connection if you’re utilizing wi-fi.

Close any open web browsers so they don’t provide a distraction or interfere with your connection. If the place you select has poor lighting, you should set up a few lamps next to your computer so the hiring manager can see your face properly.

Position your webcam so you are staring directly at the hiring manager and not down at them, ideally at eye level or slightly higher. A crucial step in aceing your video interview is making sure your equipment is in functioning order.

#3) Conduct Yourself Like You’re In-Person

You must do the video interview as if it were an in-person interview, despite the fact that it isn’t. You should dress suitably for the position you’re applying for. For the video interview, you should dress professionally if the workplace you will be working in values it.

Since the interviewer won’t ever see your lower half, you might be tempted to dress comfortably, like sweats.

Avoid this and wear your full attire. You’ll act more professionally when you’re dressed fully than you might if you’re in casual attire.

Keep an eye out for any visual indications the interviewer may be giving you. Take advantage of their vigor and convey your enthusiasm for the job as if you were speaking to them directly.

Make an effort to connect with the individual conducting the interview. When you can see them, this is the opportunity to show them how smart and polished you are and why you are the best person for the job.

#4) Conquer Your Body Language

The way you appear on camera is crucial during a video interview. To project a focused, professional appearance, sit up straight with both feet on the floor.

When you’re anxious, you could fidget, but it’s crucial to stop because the interviewer will be distracted.

Don’t shake or rock from side to side; keep your hands on your lap or at your desk. Maintaining eye contact is one of the most important things you can do during a video interview.

Even though you may be tempted to glance at your image on the screen or even stare at it, you should be gazing directly at the interviewer at all times.

Although it may seem strange at first, you must look squarely into the camera when talking to the interviewer so that they can see that you are doing so.

If you find this unsettling, practice speaking to the camera before your interview to make yourself feel more at ease. A smile and remaining approachable during the meeting are equally vital.

Instead of scaring them away by smiling all the time, act as you would in person and show your enthusiasm for the job you are applying for.

#5) End Strong

Make sure you end the video interview on a positive note because this will set the tone for what comes next. Ask for the interviewer’s email address right away if you don’t already have it so you can write a thank-you note.

After the interview, follow up with them a few hours later to express your gratitude for their time, highlight any noteworthy elements of the conversation, and reiterate your enthusiasm for moving the interview process along.

With these suggestions, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to ace the interview and go one step closer to getting the job of your dreams. Video interviews might initially be intimidating.


It’s clear that the video interview is here to stay and is going to become part of the standard interview process for many companies in the future. If you haven’t yet participated in a video interview, you might be nervous about how to prepare for it. The good news is that there are a few simple things that you can do in the days and weeks leading up to your interview to help you feel more confident and be more successful on the day of your interview.

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