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What’s The Difference Between A Cover Letter Vs A Resume?

in Examples on July 15, 2021

It is important to perform well in the recruitment process before joining the desired workplace. This is because the recruitment process provides an opportunity to present relevant issues. And if it is possible to do it skillfully, then the chances of getting a job increase a lot. The best way to attract employers is to attract employers through cover letters and Creative Resume. In this case, the resume and the cover letter are very important tools for job seekers. But these two have different purposes. In today’s lesson, we will clarify the difference between a cover letter and a Resume or main points cover letter vs a resume.

What Is A Resume?

A resume is a document equipped with relevant information. It presents a variety of information as a reflection of a candidate. Creative Resume Design is arranged in several sections or elements. With the combination of which employers can easily gain a good idea about the candidate. Here they are:

Educational History

Educational history is an important part of a Resume. In this section, as a skilled job candidate, you should attach the most relevant histories. You must make sure that all the information you have presented is related to the desired job position. In this case, you can specify different types of dates. All in all, when forming this sector, you need to pay special attention so that every information seems necessary to the employers.

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Applicable Skills

The resume presents the applicable skills in a very easy and fluent manner with employers. Employers get the opportunity to judge the candidate through resumes or curriculum vitae. Suppose you mentioned in your resume that you are very good at team management, then employers will understand that you can manage the team. On the other side, suppose you mentioned your resume differently. Through the speed of your typing, employers will understand that you are proficient with different types of data entry programs. In this way, skills reveal important information about the employee in the resume. So overall it says that resumes disclose applicable skills smoothly.

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Summary Of Qualifications

Summary of qualifications is a very important part of a resume. This section presents the candidate’s success and testimonials. Through this part of the resume, employers can get a good idea about the candidate. This part of the resume should be considered very seriously and should include success in the workplace history with official testimonials. And of course, unnecessary issues should be avoided. Employers can easily get a brief idea about you when you organize the necessary things in this sector. Which, of course, made the Resume more effective.

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Professional Position

Try to connect your professional position to the resume. So employers can look at your potential role. You don’t have to work very hard to do all these things very easily. Download a well-designed Resume Template and customize it as needed. Very easy!

What Is A Cover Letter?

In this article, we discuss a cover letter vs a resume. Let’s first see what is a professional cover letter. A cover letter is an essential informative document A cover letter is a detailed document that shows your desire for the specific job of hiring managers. It’s an opportunity to show more of your personality with a resume. Through the cover letter, you can discuss the specific items listed in the job description and how your skills and experience match those requirements.

Cover letters are not essential for every job application. This is an optional part. Although optional, it is very important. By sending a cover letter, employers will easily find interest in the job among you which will have a positive effect on them. Also, if the company needs you in the future, they will be able to contact you very easily through the cover letter. There is no alternative in the cover letter to present oneself as a preferred candidate to the employers in combination with all these issues. However, if the job description clearly states that the cover cannot be attached at the time of sending the application, then the cover letter has not been sent. In other cases, the cover letter must be sent. The cover letter is basically a combination of several important parts. Which is disclosed to employers in a highlighted way.

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Cover Letter Items

A complete cover letter is decorated with a combination of several items. Be sure to mention each item perfectly in the cover letter. Let’s see:


The title of the cover letter has to be arranged in the same way as in other professional letters. This section usually has to provide name, address, date, and recipient’s contact information. Do these things perfectly so that your cover letter gets transparency. And when the cover letter is finished, re-check the name, date, and other items from the title.


The professionally greeted part is a special part of the cover letter. However, to surprise the employers, it is important to find out the names of potential employers. If you can do that successfully, you must mention the name of the recipient in the cover letter. In this case, try to follow their last name. You can collect this from the official website of the company, social media profile, etc. However, if you fail to find it, you can mention it differently, but it is better to mention the name directly. This will make the potential employer understand that you are overly interested and aware of the company.

How Did You Find The Job

This item will try to explain to potential employers where you got the job news from. In this case, you will present the information briefly. There is no need to present the information in detail. If the company has placed an advertisement in a newspaper and you have received the news of the company through the advertisement, then it will try to mention it in one line. This will give the employers some help as they will understand where it is possible to get more responses by leaving the job posting. These things will meet their needs and have a positive attitude towards you.

How You Will Contribute To The Company

Naturally, employers provide jobs to the candidates to develop the organization or company especially. So they surely want to know how candidates can contribute to the organization. This is why you must enter the important information in the cover letter that is consistent with the administration in the position you are interested in getting the job. Also, try to understand that you will be an important part of the company and make a special contribution to the company through your abilities.

Disclose Career Goals

Of course, especially clearly state your goals in your cover letter. Set the goal in such a way that the employers understand that you are a suitable and perfect job candidate for the company. But never try to mention anything irrelevant and refrain from highlighting things that you do not have!

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Differences Between A Cover Letter And Resume

Cover letters and resumes are the same things. However the two-act as documents for professional work. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between a Resume and a cover letter.

  • The cover letter is originally arranged as a document to draw attention. The format that is followed in it is not the same as the resume or curriculum vitae. There is a big difference in format between a resume and a cover letter. The cover letter is basically arranged with title, body part, etc. On the other hand, a resume is equipped with many separate sections to disclose skills, references, hobbies, etc.
  • A cover letter vs a resume is many important issues. Resumes are equipped to provide detailed career information with the help of educational qualifications. Where you can get a comprehensive overview of your career history. Cover letters, on the other hand, should be designed to reflect specific job position-related details. In this case, even if the full history is not described. When it comes to paying for a cover, you need to keep the company and the desired job position in the main focus.
  • A resume should always be arranged through fewer pages. Because employers surely do not spend too much time scanning CVs or resume. The resume is usually between one and two pages. So that employers can get a better idea of ​​you very quickly. On the other hand, when decorating a cover letter you must try to present yourself fluently with specific points and keep the desired organization or company in mind. Remember that the purpose of the resume is to highlight all your skills and qualifications also the purpose of the cover letter is to present how relevant you are to the specific position.

Cover Letter Vs A Resume Example

Resume Example 

Jhon Due
jhondue@gmail.com | 938-880-5757
University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Summary Of Qualifications

  • Proofreading and editing certification from the Society for Editors & Proofreaders
  • Certified Adobe Expert

Professional Experience

Director of Content, January 2013–Present
ABC Marketing | Portland, OR

  • Managed a team of 12 copywriters
  • Up to 30 unique blog posts per week for a popular lifestyle website
  • Designed landing pages for several Fortune 500 companies’ websites

Senior Copy Editor, August 2008–January 2013

The Houston Ledger | Houston, TX

  • Maintaining up to 20 articles per day for print publication, ensuring they adhered to AP format
  • Contributed to the website’s content creation
  • Condensed, toned, and styled writing techniques were taught to journalists

Copywriter, April 2003–August 2006
Suburban Living Monthly | Fresno, CA

  • Scanned feature articles for spelling and grammar errors
  • Required revisions from writers according to the magazine’s style, content, and form
  • Published short articles every month about suburban life

Professional Memberships

  • Marketing Association of America
  • Executives in Marketing International

Cover Letter Example

Ava Chen
6660 Wellington Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC 12454
May 21, 201
Human Resources
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708
Dear Hiring Committee:

From your site, I recently learned about the tenure-track position at Duke for a literature professor. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of my application. Duke’s commitment to excellence and desire to work at an institution consistently ranked among the nation’s best have long impressed me. I have seven years of experience teaching at the college level, extensive knowledge of many genres and styles, and a strong desire to help my students develop their critical thinking and writing skills.
As a graduate teaching assistant at the University of South Carolina, I taught four sections of Introduction to Literature and two sections of World Literature. Among my expertise as an adjunct instructor in British Literature between 1640 and 1800, along with  African American Literature. It has been an honor to develop the reading passion of my students as an educator, and I hope to continue this mission as a professor.
In your job posting, you state that you seek candidates with knowledge of a variety of literary genres and periods, and I am confident that my experience at USC has prepared me for this role. You also explained the necessity of hiring a professor who has extensive experience in scholarly publishing. In addition to publishing my doctoral thesis with Yale University Press, I will participate in several academic journal articles upcoming this year.
My academic commitment to your school’s intellectual development as a professor would continue as well. As a member of the English Department faculty, I hope to encourage my student’s passion for literature and scholarly writing. Along with this application, I have attached my resume. I am interested in discussing this opportunity in more detail with you. Alternatively, you can reach me by email at clarissa.chen@gmail.com or by phone at 555-718-3489. I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Ava Chen, Ph.D.

Key Takeaway

Modern Resumes and cover letters are very important for professional careers. Also, as a conscious candidate, you should understand the difference between a resume and a cover letter or gain a greater awareness of a cover letter vs a resume. And understanding the two main points and paying special attention. These things will come in handy when it comes to getting a job so never look down on them. Instead, try to prioritize resumes and cover letters seriously. Good luck everyone!

Thank You!

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