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Career Change Resume For 2021 [7+ Examples]

in Examples on June 26, 2021

It is important to change careers for different reasons at different times. If you are thinking of changing or switching your professional career then this blog is for you. In this article, we will discuss career change resume with examples.

The end of a new career means you are setting foot in an unknown destination. In this case, you need strong morale as well as skills and determination that will uniquely support you to survive in a new career. This time you will feel very low. You will feel like you have just graduated. In other words, after passing the recent graduation, an unknown doubt works in the mind of such a person, in which case you will understand the same thing.

All your thoughts will definitely come to mind when you go to a new destination with fully zero experiences. One thing to keep in mind is that in this situation you will never be able to deal with your competitor unless you are fully prepared. Hearing all this, you will be scared about career switching! Fear not, we will discuss this matter today and try to give you a detailed guide on how you can easily move forward in your new career.

What Things Can You Learn From This Blog?

  • How to grab a perfect curriculum vitae or career change resume format for a new career.
  • How to create a skilled objective and impress employers.
  • Transferable work experience: how to showcase it.
  • 3+ other relevant ways to influence the recruiter.

Choosing The Perfect Career Switching Resume Format

Choosing the right career change resume format is crucial. This is very important because by choosing the right format, you will be able to shape your resume to the desired level. A big part of creating a suitable resume is to arrange your professional story in the right format. Therefore it can be said that it is very important to choose an effective resume format. Also, it’s a big part of creating an effective resume.

Since you want to switch carriers, you must create a resume in a format that is transferable. In other words, your experience, your skills, etc can support you in a changeable way. Now your question may be which format would be best for you in this case? In case of career switching, you should use the combination resume format. In this case, this format will be suitable for you. 

You may be curious about why you should use a combination resume format. You may want to know the reason specifically. Let’s find out the reason in detail then.

The main reason for using this format is that this format places equal importance on your skills and previous work experience. That is, it spreads the focus evenly. This will allow you to easily replace transferable skills in the right industry. Which will come in handy. 

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This format is suitable for all people listed below:

  • Changing careers with transferable skills or work experience.
  • With some action/employment gaps or distance.
  • Including a wide range of skills and experience.
  • Appertaining in both creative and traditional thematic roles.

Hopefully, the matter has been cleared up. Understand that this format is best and suitable for whom. Let’s see which sections are included inside the combination format!

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective or summary
  • Skills summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certification
  • Projects

Great! Now that you have a rough idea of ​​the combination format, we will look at what you need to know about how to organize each section. Let’s get started! 

How To Add Your Contact Information The Right Way

Contact information is a must-have, for any self-promoting matter or program. This sector is very important for a professional resume or curriculum vitae. Because the employer gets a wide opportunity to communicate with you through the contact information. If you are one of the most known people in the world but you put your number or email is wrong then it will be difficult to keep in touch with you! Therefore, strong attention should be paid to the contact information section in the resume. This section is equipped with several information combinations. Here they are:

  • First name, last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Title

Provide appropriate information for each subsection of the contact information sector so that employers can easily contact you. Never make a mistake in this regard. Always be careful and attach the right information properly.

Got a clear idea about this? Is everything clear? Fantasy! So let’s move on to the next step.

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Impress Employers With A Outstanding Career Change Resume Objective 

The most important thing you can do in the second step is to limit the focus of your employers. So that employers continue to read your resume or curriculum vitae. It is very important to ensure this matter. If you are not sure about this, your chances of getting a job will decrease!

That’s why you need to organize your resume or curriculum vitae in such a way that it can attract the attention of employers in a matter of seconds. Because employers don’t spend too much time scanning a resume. So as a job seeker, you have to be careful about getting their attention in a short period. What is appropriate to do in this regard?

The correct answer is to use career summaries or objectives in your career change resumes. And to effectively present the necessary information to employers concisely and effectively through career summaries to be able to grab their attention.

Summary Example: 

“Have been providing customer service for over five years with efficiency as a sales manager at XYZ. Great track record of delivering quality support with an average of 4.6 / 5 rating over the last 2 years with over 4+ years of experience in phone technical support to gain communication skills”

Here are some things to keep in mind when decorating the Career Objective section:

  • Try to highlight your current relevant skills or experience.
  • Explain clearly how your professional background can make you proficient in your current job role or position.
  • Try to present the information thoroughly in short range.

Resume Objective Example: 

“Dedicated and hardworking individual interested to joined ABC company as a digital marketer. Also want to take advantage of my expertise in graphic design, Photoshop, creative content writer to help the ABC company in their marketing efforts. Have three years of extensive experience in this sector properly”

Show Off Your Know-How With A Skills Summary Section

The career summary section or objective section is at the top of the resume and this is important. But a short section of your skills as well is quite important. This will make the employer more aware of your skills. And they can imagine how much you can contribute to their company.

So must highlight the summary section of skills in your resume. It emphasizes your criteria. Also, even if you have no experience, you are sure to use your skills to bring some of the best attention. 

Career Change Resume Skills Summary Example


  • Created an online portfolio and relaunched the website using HTML, CSS, JS.
  • Disclosed top educational games that show results to the users.
  • Has created quiz applications to combine children learning with entertainment.

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Use Your Work Experience To Highlight Transferable Skills

To be clear about this issue, you have to be clear about another issue first. Tell me, can you find the full match of a resume of a digital market with a resume equipped for creative writing? Yes not is your answer! Think carefully about whether there is a possibility of similarity between the two! The answer is to think creatively, which is necessary in both cases. Must have great communication skills as well as two important sectors. From this, you can understand that there are some flexible skills. Which can adapt to multiple professional cases.

So when you are thinking about changing your career, you should list such skills. And attach them to your resume so that it is easily visible to employers and they can judge you by your skills with your experience background.

Work Experience Example
Sales Executive
Company ABC – 05/2015 – 09/2017

  • Expressed and presented a pitch deck that secured a $200,000 deal. 
  • Increased company sales up to 50% in half a year.
  • Boosted and set marketing sales strategy for the most Inferior products.

Here’s exactly what happened!

Here are equipped to acquire movable skills as well. Which can only be highlighted and chosen from experience. This will be easily clear to the employers and a positive attitude can be realized.

Brighten Up Your Education Section

Your education is a significant part of your professional career as well as your curriculum vitae or career change resume. So you should pay attention to this section. It is quite comfortable to arrange the education list in the resume. However, in this case, you only need to focus on a few things. You need to consistently try to list your latest educational qualifications and highlight the relevant important things. So that it becomes more acceptable and noticeable.

Below are some points to illustrate your mind:

  • Name of degree.
  • Name of an educational institution.
  • Location of the program [Optional].
  • GPA [optional]: [Only attached if you excelled].
  • Courses that are relevant to the job [Optional].
  • Exchange programs [optional].

Example Education Section
B.A. in Math
University ABC – 2015-202
GPA: 4.00

  • Gained proficiency in creative writing courses.
  • Part-time as a reporter for a university journal.

How And Why To List Skills On a Career Change Resume

Employers provide a lot of perseverance in the field of skills. In this case, they want to be clear through the skills department whether you are suitable for their company. Relevance is also the main focus of this section. In this case, you need to make sure that each of the skills expressed is relevant to the job description. And is best to meet the needs of the company. In this sector, you should list only those relevant skills that are suitable for the job you are applying for. Take a good look at the job description to know this better. Most job advertisements usually include a list of skills. From there you can pick them up. Let’s see an example then!

Career Change Resume Skills Example

  • 5-6 years of professional experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Up to 5 years of visual design experience. Main focal experience brand identity.
  • Fluent communication skills.
  • Good team player.

Showing Career Certifications On A Resume

Be sure to collect your testimonials or certifications before you take an interest in or change your career. And from there the great way is to list the testimonials that will match with your desired administration separately. And try to embody them in your resume. It clarifies the level of your knowledge. As well as express that you are ready. In this case, there is no need to add additional or irrelevant certifications. Try to attach testimonials or certifications that are highly acceptable and relevant so that your resume is clear and standard.

Certificate Section Example

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification, 2020
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certified, 2017.
  • HubSpot Creative Content Marketing Certified, 2016.
  • SEMrush Digital Marketing Toolkit Course, 2015.

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You must consider the above points when you change your professional career. And try to decorate your career change resume professionally keeping in mind the appropriate points so that it is flexible. This will allow you to easily change your career and achieve better results that will bring something better for your career. In all these cases you will need a resume template. With a well-engaging resume or curriculum vitae template, you will be able to get your resume ready in a short time. To purchase professional quality resume templates at a reasonable price visit www.resumeinventor.com, thank you!

Thank You!

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