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Career Objective for Project Managers: What It Is and How To Write One

in Knowledgebase on September 18, 2022

A resume objective is a brief statement that tells an employer about a candidate’s career goals. For a project manager, including an objective on a resume can be very helpful, as it provides an opportunity to highlight their specific expertise and aspirations. If you’re interested in working as a project manager or are looking to transition to a different project management role, it might be beneficial to learn how to write a project manager resume objective. In this article, we explore how to write a resume objective as a project manager and provide some examples.

What is a project manager resume objective?

A resume objective is a concise statement that describes one of your career goals for potential employers. For a project manager, a resume objective might describe their previous experience in project management and highlight their expertise and skills that relate to the position. A project manager might also include career goals in their objective, like managing a specific type of project or leading a team of a certain size. If a candidate’s new to project management, they might use their resume objective to emphasize their passion for the job and interest in developing new skills.

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Benefits of writing a project manager resume objective

Here are some common benefits to writing a resume objective as a project manager:

  • Potential employers can get to know you as a candidate.
  • Talking about your career goals can show your dedication to the industry.
  • You can highlight specific aspects of your career according to the job listing.
  • Referencing your skills can show an employer that you have the ability to perform certain job duties.
  • When changing careers, you can use an objective to explain why you want to enter a new field.

How to write a project manager resume objective

Here are some steps for writing a resume objective as a project manager:

1. Reference your current job title

Most resume objectives begin with a candidate’s current job title, as it can give employers an idea of their present level of expertise. As a project manager, you might also include a reference to the specific types of projects you’ve managed or to the company you work for now. This can provide potential employers with even more information about your background, which might increase your chances of being hired, especially if your expertise matches the experience requirements included in a job listing. You can also add an adjective, like “experienced” or “passionate” before your job title to showcase your personality.

2. Identify a career goal

You might consider the career goal as the most important element of a resume objective. This is because a resume objective’s aim is typically to inform a potential employer about why you want the job you’re applying for. When identifying a career goal, you can focus on a single aspiration in your career, such as “hoping to find a leadership role” or “looking for a project management job in marketing” that an employer can easily associate with the job listing you’re submitting for.

3. Highlight your skills and expertise

You can include your skills and expertise in a resume objective in a few different ways. For example, as a project manager, you might reference what types of projects you work on, how many years of experience in project management you have and what some of your strongest skills are. Most resume objectives place a candidate’s skills and expertise at the end of the statement, but you can also mention them earlier, like directly after your job title.

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Project manager resume objective examples

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for project managers:

  1. Experienced project manager seeking a leadership position where I can use my excellent management skills and eight years of project management experience.
  2. New graduate hoping to find a project manager position to learn more about project management and develop my skills.
  3. Detail-oriented project manager with four years of experience looking to work for a company that values collaboration and communication skills.
  4. Project manager of five years looking to relocate to a new project management position where I can use the skills I earned from working with my previous employer.
  5. Current project manager at Pierce Construction hoping to find a similar role at Hastings Construction Solutions.
  6. Project manager with six years of experience in sales and marketing looking for a project manager role with your advertising agency.
  7. Business professional seeking to enter the field as a project manager, where I can use my five years of experience in general management.
  8. Engineering project manager with extensive knowledge of engineering seeking a position at ABC Labs.
  9. Dedicated individual with excellent leadership and management abilities seeking a project management position where I can apply my skills to a new industry.
  10. MBA with extensive experience in business management seeking a more focused role in project management for businesses in the retail industry.
  11. Project manager with six years of experience in cash flow forecast and managing costs looking for a role where I can continue advancing my career in finance.
  12. Experienced IT professional seeking a position with Internet Warriors managing your information technology projects.
  13. Project manager with experience in publishing hoping to find a job where I can use my love of books and knowledge of the market to improve a company’s operations.
  14. Leader with exceptional time-management skills and attention to detail looking for a position as a project manager.
  15. Experienced project manager in Scrum project management looking to transition to a company where I can engage in Agile project management.
  16. Professional with four years of experience in the restaurant industry looking for a project manager position where I can use my leadership and organizational skills.
  17. Project manager with eight years of experience in data management and performance reporting hoping to continue my career with a new company where I can advance to a higher-level position.
  18. Experienced project manager hoping to find a position at Software Solutions in the Software Development department.
  19. Project manager with three years of experience with Rogers and Sons Marketing Firm looking to transition to a position where I can better use my skills in finance and accounting management.
  20. Dedicated professional hoping to increase my knowledge of the business world by obtaining a job as a project manager in business.
  21. Project manager with no experience looking for a role where I can advance my skills and learn the best practices of project management.
  22. Seasoned project manager with three years of experience in software development project management hoping to advance to a higher-level leadership role.


If you are looking for a career change, then the project management field might be the best place for you to go. The project management industry is growing at a rapid rate, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to find the perfect career for you. With the following tips, you will be able to create a career objective that you can use on your resume when applying for jobs in this field.

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