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You need a certain skills set to fulfill your job more easily and effectively as a sales manager. Knowing the abilities required for this job can help you choose what you need to study or practice. In this post, we explain the job duties of a sales manager and provide a list of the top sales manager competencies.

What is a sales manager?

The person in charge of managing a sales team for a company is referred to as a sales manager. The sales crew may work more effectively under their direction. Depending on the size of the organization a sales manager works for, their responsibilities may change. The majority of the time, sales managers distribute sales territory, supervise and mentor the sales staff, and set sales targets and quotas. Here are a few of their other responsibilities:

  • Address customer grievances
  • Make spending plans and budgets.
  • In order to identify the most successful sales strategy, analyze sales data and statistics.
  • For the purpose of creating a targeted sales plan, track consumer preferences and performance.
  • Estimate revenues and assess the products and services of the company’s prospective market and overall profitability.
  • Determine product and service discounts or special pricing
  • Organize the sales team’s training
  • Provide guidance to the sales staff on how to raise sales.
  • Find, employ, and train new sales team members.

Sales managers skills

As a sales manager, you need to have the right education as well as the aptitude for learning new things. Possessing sales management abilities may aid in your job performance and even in professional progression. As a sales manager, you must have the following abilities:

Hiring and recruiting

As a sales manager, you must understand how to spot excellent salespeople during the hiring process. While many of your responsibilities as a sales manager entail inspiring and developing your current team, finding the most qualified candidates to fill open positions may help you improve the performance of the sales team as a whole.

Your company must wait for new salespeople to generate enough revenue in addition to paying for their training. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your company retains excellent employees in order to maximize its investment. Your ability to keep your salesmen assures that you won’t have to start the hiring process over from scratch.

Performance management

As a sales manager, you will assist the sales team by mentoring, carrying out goals, and guaranteeing resource availability. Maintaining a sincere interest in each sales member’s development is also critical. To make this all work, you must have great performance management abilities. This ability enables you to properly supervise your team’s work, delegate, coach, provide constructive criticism, assist in helping them create objectives, and inspire your team.

Active listening

You need to be able to listen as well as communicate effectively with team members and potential consumers. By paying attention to what they’re saying, you may offer insightful follow-up questions and demonstrate to them your sincere interest in what they have to say. When it comes to your team in particular, active listening skills make sure you can provide them the correct tools, resources, or help when they need it most.


Offering sales coaching and training is crucial if you want to see your sales staff succeed. While sales training frequently focuses on product knowledge and sales tactics, sales coaching refers to promoting a certain habit that might inspire your team to achieve long-term success. You may more effectively assist each member of your team in developing as a salesperson when you possess good coaching abilities.

Mathematical skills

You spend a lot of time working with data and analytics as a sales manager. Because of this, it’s crucial to possess solid mathematics understanding and abilities. For instance, you must comprehend the statistics in a financial report in order to interpret what they imply in terms of the sales made by your team and the overall profit—or lack thereof.


You need to have excellent leadership abilities as well as an understanding of your position as a leader in order to manage and direct the sales team. It is your duty as a leader to inspire your team and give them the materials and equipment they require to do their jobs properly. Additionally, effective leadership enables you to recognize their assets and address their weaknesses.


The majority of a sales manager’s duties include meeting and conversing with the salespeople on their team. Therefore, understanding how to communicate with these people is crucial. Additionally, having effective communication skills guarantees that you’re providing the sales team and other teams with correct information in a timely manner and via the appropriate media.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is a term for a type of technology that enables you to control the interactions and connections that your team has with both current and potential clients. It simply gives you information on how each member of your team is performing. You can better manage contacts, sales, and agent productivity by becoming familiar with this method.

Social selling

Utilizing social media to locate, communicate with, and comprehend sales prospects is part of having social selling abilities. To develop leads and forge connections with potential clients and consumers, a sales manager has to possess good social selling abilities. By essentially helping you attract more consumers or clients to your business, this lead-generation approach may help you increase revenue.


It’s crucial for a sales manager to maintain their composure in the face of obstacles. You may regard every setback as a training or learning opportunity if you have this ability. Additionally, it helps you effectively allocate your resources, motivate your team, learn from the experience, and use what you’ve learned in the future. It also enables you to uncover methods to enhance the sales process.

Sales planning

The sales strategies for your team must be established, put into action, maintained, and updated by you as the sales manager. Sales forecasting, goal-setting, market and customer research, prospecting, and partnerships are all included in sales strategies. They are made up of a ton of scripts, templates, training materials, and other materials created to assist each member of your team in performing at the same level and consistently. In essence, a good company model is produced by a great sales plan. Consequently, having prior experience creating and utilizing a sales strategy might make you a more effective sales manager.


To examine sales data and financial reports, sales managers require analytical abilities. Having this ability enables you to assess the data’s relevance and enables you to draw insightful judgments. Your sales plan and methods may be improved using your results.


To ensure that their team operates to its full potential, sales managers must know when to assign particular duties. You may allocate your team more effectively if you are aware of the strengths and shortcomings of each salesperson. When you properly assign tasks to your workers, it allows them to grow professionally and contributes to the overall success of the sales team.


For their team to hit quota and accomplish their objectives, sales managers must be adept at motivating people. Taking the effort to encourage your staff when you see they are underperforming or unhappy with their performance will help them improve in the future. A little encouragement and support may go a long way toward building up your team and enhancing their level of job satisfaction.

Time management

Prioritizing your duties, upholding limits, setting aside time for certain chores, and scheduling your days in advance are all part of time management. Since sales managers are responsible for a variety of tasks, time management skills are crucial. You may continue to be productive and do the most, if not all, of your chores on time by using effective time management. Organizing your day not only gives you more time to finish your responsibilities but also enables you to communicate with your colleagues and increase productivity.


Since you will collaborate not just with the sales team but also with other managers and department heads, you must be a good team player if you want to succeed as a sales manager. It is simpler to do your job if you have good working relationships with everyone you deal with and are eager to work together to achieve shared objectives.


Knowing how to handle problems when they occur is crucial for sales managers. Effective problem-solving makes it easier for sales staff members to carry out their own duties. Additionally, it enhances the overall performance of the team.

Rational thinking

Sales managers must have emotional self-control. This entails listening to potential customers and engaging in conversation with them without being overly anxious or ecstatic. This ability enables you to keep your impartiality while successfully managing the dialogue.


Being a sales manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. You may accomplish your to-do list more quickly and simply if you maintain organization despite your hectic schedule and heavy workload. Your ability to be organized also enables you to maximize your time and better prepare for the day or week ahead.


Strong closing skills enable you to close any transaction and assist the sales team in closing most of their prospects on the first attempt. Remember that while having this expertise is crucial, it’s also crucial to control it by keeping it a secret from potential clients so they won’t feel threatened.

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