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How To Include Professional Achievements on Your Resume

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When searching for a new position while interested in changing industries, it’s critical to make application materials that highlight your abilities and Professional achievements. You can convince a hiring manager of your qualifications for a position and the knowledge and experience you can provide the company by listing your professional accomplishments on your resume. You may submit a strong and convincing application by knowing what information to include.

In this post, we’ll go over the definition of a professional achievement resume, walk you through the process of making one, and provide you examples of accomplishments to list.

What is a resume that highlights professional achievements?

A resume that shows professional accomplishments is a job application document that enables you to highlight your successes from prior employment experiences and go through any career milestones you’ve attained. Due to the opportunity to highlight your positive traits, such as tenacity and perseverance, as well as your capacity to meet and surpass professional objectives, regardless of your industry or job title, this may be very useful while seeking for a career in a new industry. You can attract a recruiter’s attention and demonstrate to the hiring team why you stand out from the competition by including your accomplishments in your application.

How to highlight professional achievements on your resume

Your professional accomplishments can be highlighted in various sections of your resume, giving the reader a thorough idea of the key accomplishments you’ve made and the positive effects you’ve had on previous companies. These are the three methods for including your professional accomplishments on your resume:

How to include professional achievements in the professional summary section

Here is a list of actions you may take to add professional accomplishments to your resume’s professional summary section:

1. Review the job description

Review the job description for the position you’re applying for to become familiar with the responsibilities and expectations of the employer before you write a professional overview. Since a hiring manager will typically read the professional summary first, it’s critical to grab their attention and demonstrate your expertise in the role and sector. Consider any keywords, relevant experiences, or essential abilities given in the job description so you may better understand what to put in your introduction and throughout the rest of your resume.

2. Select one or two major accomplishments from your career

Since a professional profile only contains two to three words, it’s critical to keep it succinct and only include the most significant elements that demonstrate how you differ from other applicants. Even if you currently work in a different industry from the one you’re looking for, take into account your most noteworthy professional achievements that are relevant to the position you’re going for. This might assist you in focusing on the information you want to provide and help you leave a good impression on the reader.

3. Write a professional summary highlighting your achievements

Next, prepare your professional summary, emphasizing the accomplishments you believe are most applicable to the position or that will most likely impress the hiring manager. If you’re not sure which achievements to list, think about writing many drafts so you may analyze your choices and select the one that best fits your potential role. Before including it on your resume, make sure to reread your professional summary and fix any mistakes.

How to include professional achievements in the work experience section

Following these guidelines will help you list your professional accomplishments in the work experience part of your resume:

1. Consider the tasks your prospective role may include

Consider the responsibilities your potential employer would need when choosing what to list in the work experience part of your resume. You can use this information to create a list of your successes from prior employment that demonstrates your transferrable talents to your new employer and position. You can include a professional accomplishment that demonstrates your communication abilities, for instance, if your current work required you to speak with clients and your prospective role might require you to engage with management.

2. Reflect on your most important achievements

You can highlight the experience you’ve collected over the course of your career and what you’ve accomplished with your professional opportunities by listing your professional accomplishments in the job experience section of your resume. Consider your most notable achievements while working for that business and the contributions you made to the organization as a whole when choosing which bullet points to add beneath a role.

3. Include the timeframe and results

Once you’ve determined your career’s pinnacle accomplishments, take into account the duration, scope, and outcomes of your success as well as the projects you worked on or finished. For Example, it might be advantageous for you to emphasize if a significant accomplishment was finished in six months, a year, or five years and to mention how many other professionals you worked with to make it happen. This can give your potential employer crucial context regarding your accomplishments so they can fully grasp your abilities.

4. Quantify accomplishments if possible

Consider quantifying your successes whenever possible when listing them in the work experience section. This helps readers easily comprehend information and comprehend the significance of the accomplishments you made. If appropriate, think about employing key performance indicators (KPIs) or emphasizing percentages that demonstrate strategic advancements, such as a rise in sales or employee retention rates.

Examples of professional achievements to include on your resume

Examples of professional accomplishments to list on your CV are as follows:

Marketing and advertising resume

  • To boost website traffic by 30%, William and Smithson’s material was reorganized and rewritten.
  • created a new social media strategy for the business that brought in 9,000 new fans and saw a 23% boost in interaction.
  • supervised the $65,000 yearly advertising budget for the business.
  • supervised SmartBrite’s SEO efforts and produced at least eight articles per month.
  • ROI of 2.1 for Managed Spot Tech’s advertising effort during the previous year
  • reduced the Search Ads coverage CPC while maintaining the same conversion rate, saving the Stat Fly advertising department $1,500 per month.
  • grew Luxe Media’s organic website and social media traffic from 100,000 to 300,000 in a single year.
  • led a group of independent copywriters to produce 12 SEO content articles each month and bring in new customers for the business.
  • Served as the driving force behind a social media ad generation campaign for NXT Plus Agency that generated over 25 leads per month for the sales team.
  • introduced a new system for allocating the advertising budget that saves the company, on average, $1,200 every month

Business or human resources resume

  • Planned and carried out more than ten hiring occasions throughout the year, which increased the number of applicants by 65%.
  • Utilized social media, professional networking sites, and other websites to find excellent candidates and fill 45 available positions over the course of the previous year.
  • worked with neighborhood community groups and organizations to expand professional contacts and raise brand awareness among nearby businesses.
  • used techniques including coaching and staff motivation to encourage good client relationships with workers in the service department, which resulted in an increase in favorable evaluations on professional forums.
  • a new method of managing the applicant tracking system was put in place to guarantee data confidentiality and convenient access for HR experts
  • To keep management informed of potential candidates and open positions made sure the hiring team delivered reports on recruitment activity in a timely manner.
  • Utilizing insights from modeling and prediction data, effective strategic plans were developed, resulting in a 15% increase in sales over the previous six months.
  • By using forecast data to develop predictions about typical customer churn situations and planning for these events, we were able to cut customer churn by 20% over the past year.
  • used online traffic and social media data to install new material, update old scripts, and boost performance by 30% over the course of eight months.
  • designed a partnership program to expand the group’s professional network and reach, which brought in three new partners from around the US.

Education and teaching resume

  • kids performed 20% better on standardized assessments than they did the year before.
  • I supervised the master’s theses of three graduate students.
  • Six manuscripts were edited for submission to peer-reviewed publications by peers.
  • helped students raise their test results by 15% on average compared to their initial exam attempts.
  • After two semesters of specialized tutoring, a survey of students and parents was conducted, and the results were 92% positive. An ethnographic study was also done, and a book about the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology was released.
  • AB and BC calculus tutored 12 students for six months, enabling each student to improve at least one letter grade in performance.
  • Created an after-school program for teachers to support students in a variety of academic subjects and help them form good study habits. Students in the lowest-performing creative writing class at Clear Creek High School were helped to improve their wiring skills and increase performance on standardized tests by 25%, allowing them to surpass other classes within the school.
  • created a system that allows instructors to anonymously offer suggestions and feedback to the administration of the school, enhancing the sense of support among the teaching staff.

Finance and banking resume

  • aided in 10% material and labor cost reduction over the past year.
  • made sure Fresh Market Management followed its budget for the previous five years.
  • managed a $550,000 yearly budget for Mountain Marketing Firm for three years, providing advice on wise spending practices.
  • worked as a financial analyst on four projects with a combined budget of more than $175,000.
  • sophisticated data-management techniques were introduced and put into practice, resulting in an 8% increase in operational efficiency.
  • For the past two years, I’ve trained seven incoming bank tellers to help them comprehend the institution’s policies and standards for customer care.
  • a team of four other accountants and I worked together to create financial reports for the five departments of the company.
  • built a favorable rapport with over 30 clients, assisting them in managing their money and opening new accounts at the bank
  • processed more than 50 customer transactions every day using a great eye for detail and organizational skills.
  • Helped bank managers onboard and train new hires, which resulted in a 25% boost in employee satisfaction and retention.

Sales Resume

  • After my first year of employment, I resolved more than 30 service tickets per day and rose to the position of top-performing customer care professional inside the company. I also sent an average of 65 cold emails per day to potential customers and scheduled conversations with 15% of those receivers.
  • maintained an amazing 92% year-over-year customer satisfaction rate, up 10% from the person in the role before them.
  • over the course of 18 months, maintained a 15% to 20% closure rate while making cold calls to over 25 new prospects per day.
  • five months in a row won employee of the month
  • and conducted retention conversations with clients who needed help or weren’t happy with the business’s service, which resulted in a 15% rise in annual client retention rates.
  • During my tenure with Select Market, I assisted in educating and integrating seven new cashiers.
  • developed a new sales script for all businesspeople making cold calls, which resulted in a 10% rise in answers.
  • updated sales ticket data so management may quickly assess successful sales tactics

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