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How to Write a Resume Summary for Teachers with Examples

in How To on September 27, 2022

Your resume is a crucial template for demonstrating your accomplishments and teaching expertise. Your resume’s summary section gives you the chance to highlight your teaching abilities and catch the attention of potential employers. Knowing how to create a strong summary will help you highlight your skills and demonstrate how well you’re suited for the position. We describe how to write a resume summary for teachers in this article and offer samples and templates that you may use as a model when creating your own.

What is a resume summary for teachers?

A resume summary for teachers is a condensed piece at the top of a curriculum vitae that highlights your qualifications. In this section of your resume, you can briefly describe your teaching philosophy, your qualifications, and how your special educational experience has helped you contribute to the academic performance of your pupils and the success of your school system. Additionally, a strong resume summary draws employers’ attention right away and explains why they should think about hiring you for their faculty.

What to include in your resume summary

Think about include some of the following information while writing your resume summary:

Work experience

Tell us a little bit about your special teaching experience. Include this unique experience in your summary, for instance, if you have substantial understanding of and experience tutoring pupils in remedial mathematics. The subjects and grade levels you have worked with throughout your career, as well as your degree of knowledge, should be readily apparent to employers. Make sure to leave out any employment experience that is unrelated to academics and only include your experience that is relevant to the teaching position.

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Essential skills

It’s crucial to highlight your academic talents in your resume summary so that hiring managers are aware of your qualifications. Use the first line or bullet point in your summary, for instance, to highlight how your management of the classroom and problem-solving abilities helped students succeed in the classroom. Include any information about how your interpersonal, communication, and emotional intelligence abilities improved student and family relationships. Similarly, if you speak many languages well and employ these abilities in the classroom, briefly describe your achievements.

Quantitative achievements

Measurable accomplishments, including awards or noteworthy statistics, can set your resume apart from those of other applicants. For instance, student improvement on standardized tests, academic advancement in core topics, and cumulative test scores are all useful accomplishments to list that demonstrate to employers just how you assisted kids in succeeding. Similarly, if you assisted other coworkers in promoting student accomplishments, be sure to cite these instances along with your quantitative experience.

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Teaching credentials

Be sure to emphasize your teaching credentials and any unique qualifications you have for the position in addition to your experience. Teachers in special education, for instance, might provide a number of teaching endorsements and certificates that attest to their skills and practical knowledge in working with pupils who have special needs. In a similar vein, national board certifications, unique publications, and other credentials that attest to your knowledge can demonstrate to potential employers how you might benefit their school or district.

How to write a resume summary for teachers

If you’re composing your resume summary, think about doing the following:

1. Choose a summary style

You can select from a few distinct summary formats, each of which has a unique focus and benefit for hiring managers who view your resume. For instance, the most typical format for resume summaries is a paragraph; nevertheless, you can include something more distinctive. Listing your occupation, job title, personal goal statement, and qualifications for the position in a segmented resume summary is helpful. Another summary format is a bullet list, in which you highlight three to four of your resume’s key qualifications, skills, and experience.

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2. Write in active voice

When introducing yourself in your resume summary, use action words and active voice. Employers can rapidly see your abilities and determine whether you’re a good fit for the job thanks to active voice. Employers are more likely to stay on your resume for longer if you use action words. Use verbs that demonstrate initiative, encourage kids, and achievement, such as “engaged,” “developed,” “implemented,” “innovated,” and other words and phrases that demonstrate your capacity to produce positive results.

3. Use relevant keywords

A lot of organizations scan resumes and screen potential applicants using applicant tracking systems. As a result, it’s crucial to include in your summary the words and phrases from the job description. Because companies are likely to enter this term into applicant tracking systems to filter resumes for the precise keyword, it is crucial to mention it if you have the necessary credentials, such as if an employer is seeking for instructors who hold national board certification. Employers are more likely to go through your full resume summary if you use keywords and phrases from the job description that align with your qualifications.

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4. Include the most prominent details

Keep your resume summary succinct and limit your inclusions to information that is pertinent to the position you are looking for. For instance, if you are applying for a position as a kindergarten teacher, highlight solely the credentials that demonstrate your capacity to oversee and educate children in this age group. Also take into account the job description so you can add pertinent qualifications and stand out to companies. Keeping your resume summary succinct can make it simpler for companies to swiftly assess your qualifications and suitability for the position.

5. Proofread your summary

Once you’ve finished writing your resume summary, proofread and edit it to make sure the wording is error-free. Before sending your resume to employers, check it for grammar mistakes, misspelled words, and any formatting difficulties. It’s also beneficial to have a friend, member of your family, or a coworker examine your resume to check for clarity and formatting issues.

Teacher resume summary example

 The teacher resume summary is provided below for your reference in writing your own:

Showcase emotional intelligence 

The middle school teacher in the example below demonstrates emotional intelligence by utilizing the words “social skills” and “empathy.” Teachers with compassion and intuition are in high demand.

Example: Responsible and adaptable middle school English teacher skilled in utilizing social skills and empathy to control student conduct; makes use of student feedback to develop engaging lesson plans that consider students’ strengths and shortcomings.

Display your leadership skills

You should demonstrate abilities that other candidates might not possess, such as leadership qualities. The teacher in the example below says they “trained a newly-hired teacher’s aide.” Training needs persistence, knowledge, authority, and determination. This lends the instructor more credibility.

Example: “Elementary school teacher with expertise teaching grades one, two, and three, with class sizes of up to 23 children.” “Created novel activities that increased student literacy and mathematics skills.”

Use statistics to impress

The high school chemistry instructor in the scenario below used a statistic to win over potential employers. This kind of data demonstrates how the teacher supports learning and academic success in the class. Statistics are concrete information that employers can comprehend right away.

Example:‘Teacher of high school chemistry with more than three years of experience working with high school pupils. introduced state curriculum and standardized testing, assisting 42 out of 50 students in achieving scores of three or above on the AP Chemistry Exam.

Add teaching hours to show experience

A teacher of art states that they have “400 hours of teaching experience” in the example below. Employers can easily determine how much practical work was done in the classroom by including this information. One thing that many employers seek for is experience.

Example: “Boston College art instructor and education degree graduate with more than two years of experience teaching art in Boston public schools; won a “Teacher of the Year” award in 2018; interested in utilizing 400 hours of teaching expertise to take on a new art teaching position.”

Paragraph style

When creating your own, refer to the example of a paragraph-style resume summary below:

10-year veteran of teaching English to children in grades 8 through 10, who is enthusiastic and driven. passionate about involving students in studying on all levels and boosting their social interactions by promoting group activities. gifted at engaging pupils using a variety of teaching techniques, including practical demonstrations, hand-drawn graphics, and visual presentations. 2019 Teacher of the Year Award winner, active school board member, and participant in fundraisers and neighborhood events

Segmented style

The segmented style resume summary is demonstrated by the example below:

Grades 8–11 in history and English

a dedicated educator for the Langley Falls School District who makes no concessions when it comes to improving student performance.

Dedicated teacher with 10 years of experience who speaks Spanish and English with ease and successfully builds relationships with both parents and pupils. Through the use of state curricular requirements, teachers helped students understand and apply complex historical facts, which resulted in an overall improvement of 10% on the state-mandated end-of-course tests. proficient in the use of multimedia and digital instructional resources, smartboard technology, and presentation technology. I’m eager to bring a distinctive perspective and methodology to Yorktown Junior High School since I have excellent communication skills and an innovative approach to engaging pupils.

Bullet point style

Additional guidance on how to format a teacher resume summary in a bullet style may be found in the sample below:

  • English teacher with experience in curriculum creation and intensive reading remediation techniques. She teaches English to students in grades 8 through 11.
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish, with original strategies for assisting bilingual students in learning English.
  • successfully assisted pupils in improving 10% on state-mandated tests from the prior school year.


It can be hard to write a resume summary for teachers, especially if you’ve been teaching for a while or if you’ve taught at multiple schools. That’s why we’ve provided you with some examples and templates to use when writing your resume summary. Hopefully, these resume templates and examples will be able to help you write a resume summary for teachers that will impress your potential employers and land you a new job.

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