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Modern Resume Templates for 2023

in Examples on November 12, 2022

Want to work in a contemporary, hip environment? You’ll require a contemporary resume template to make you stand out from the competition. Applying for a job with a visually appealing and contemporary CV can be a significant bonus; it can truly give the company the idea that you’re inventive and go above and beyond. Building a contemporary CV, however, is not as simple as it may seem, especially since not everyone has a flair for design. We’ve gathered a list of the top contemporary resume templates for your convenience. You may quickly download them, fill out the information, and have a fantastic contemporary resume prepared! Here is our selection of the best modern resume template without further ado:

9+ Modern Resume Templates [You Can Download Now]

#1. Professional Modern Resume 

Price: 12.00$


Many recruiters have found this contemporary resume template to be very efficient and well-appreciated, and it has assisted numerous job seekers in securing their ideal positions with numerous businesses.

Download the template here.

#2. Professional, Yet Creative Modern Resume Template

Price: 8.50$


Want to add some flair to your contemporary resume? Then this template is the one you need to use!

This approach, which is preferred by recruiters everywhere, is reverse chronological. Additionally, it is divided into well-organized sections that start with the contact details and resume summary, giving the reader the most crucial details about you right immediately.

Download the template here.

#3. Functional Modern Resume Template

Price: 10:00$


Make use of this functional resume template with a beautiful style and color scheme to highlight and highlight your professional experience and skills.

In one organized page, you can include your image at the top, a list of the organizations you belong to, and a mention of your accolades.

Download the template here.

#4. Minimalist and Easy-to-Follow Resume

Price: 10:00$


For job seekers applying in conservative industries where the emphasis is on content rather than style but who nevertheless want to stand out with a more distinctive design, this straightforward and contemporary resume template is ideal.

Download the template here.

#5. Straightforward Modern Resume Template

Price: 14.00


This easy-to-use resume template gives equal emphasis to each part and offers enough room for all the information you would need to include.

Make sure to develop a compelling resume summary since it will be the first thing a recruiter sees after looking at that particular headline.

Download the template here.

#6. Mixed Modern Resume Template

Price: 10:00$


This functional and reverse-chronological resume template showcases your experience and skill set evenly and in a contemporary way.

Download the template here.

#7. General Modern Resume Template For Any Profession

Price: 10:00$


This generic modern resume template can be altered to reflect your preferences and professional qualifications. The majority of industries can utilize this application template successfully to apply for jobs.

Download the template here.

#8.  Infographic Modern Resume Template

Price: 10:00$


Use this infographic-focused modern resume template if you’re switching sectors or have little to no professional experience.

With the use of infographics and icons, this contemporary resume design highlights your skills and fills in any gaps.

Download the template here.

#09. Flashy and Minimal Modern Resume Template

Price: 09:00$


This design is a fantastic option for seasoned professionals who are brave enough to display it through a creative approach because of the vibrant color scheme, timeline-based sections, and entertaining iconography.

Despite the fact that this contemporary resume template does not include a section for your abilities or a resume summary, you should still take the time to look it over if you have relevant work experience and achievements that speak for themselves.

Download the template here.

5 Reasons to Choose a Modern Resume Template

You will be leagues ahead of someone who uses the dated black-and-white traditional format if you use a modern resume template. Here are the top 8 factors supporting the current effectiveness of modern templates:

  • Eye-Catching Design. Modern resume templates, as opposed to conventional black-and-white resumes, are designed with the goal of grabbing the recruiter’s attention.
  • Easy to Follow Layout. Modern resume designs are set up such that the most crucial details are displayed first.
  • ATS-Friendly Format. With ATS in mind, modern resume templates are created. This indicates that applicant tracking systems are unlikely to reject them.
  • Trendy Looks. The hiring manager will be aware that you are the kind of applicant who follows emerging trends.
  • Preferred by top companies. Aspire to work for a forward-thinking organization like Tesla, Apple, or Google? A résumé that will grab their attention is necessary.

Features of a Modern Resume Template

Modern resume designs are more individualized than old ones, allowing candidates to show off their ingenuity.

Here are a few characteristics that instantly identify a modern resume template:

#1. Design

Modern resume templates all share the same trait in that they spare no expense when it comes to design.

While some employ striking colors, forms, and graphics to make an impression, some are quite minimalistic and make excellent use of subtle colors and typefaces to look clean and properly constructed.

Regardless of your own preferences, a modern resume template can always be identified by its incredibly eye-catching design.

#2. Colors 

Modern resume templates frequently employ complementary color schemes to highlight certain resume parts, establish the organization, or simply give your resume more style.

Depending on your industry, you can choose a contemporary resume design with eye-catching colors or one that makes use of chic pastels and gradients.

#3. Fonts 

Since fonts play a significant role in the design, they are undoubtedly a crucial component of contemporary resume templates.

The most eye-catching modern resume templates on our list above make use of the power of alternate fonts and imaginative placement to stand out from the competition. Forget your standard Times New Roman and Roboto fonts.

#4. White Spaces 

Modern resume templates frequently have a lot of white space around and between resume sections because of their clever design.

This gives them a well-organized, tidy, and reader-friendly appearance.

#5. Creative Section Headings 

Modern resume templates typically have creative section heads that include icons, fonts, and different placements rather than slightly larger font sizes to divide section headings.

We adore this new resume function because section titles are crucial for creating a structured and readable resume.

#6. Easy to read

Because of their excellent design and clever use of color and space, the greatest contemporary resume templates are simple to read.

Recruiters can identify and scan material on resumes without getting lost in a sea of information by using the same style, fonts, and structure throughout.


A resume template is a great way to save time and effort in creating a resume. There are several resume templates that are available online that can be used in creating a new resume. A resume template is similar to a resume format but it is more detailed and has a more complete layout. The templates are designed in such a way that the user can just fill in the details and save the file as an email to themselves or as an online document. It is recommended that one should first use a template to get a clear idea of what needs to be included in the resume.

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