11 Easy Certifications for your Resume (Plus Benefits)

11 Easy Certifications for your Resume (Plus Benefits)

in Knowledgebase on August 17, 2022

For many working professionals, obtaining a certification is a worthwhile investment. You can profit from a number of advantages that come with certifications in your chosen field. You will be better prepared for job progression if you are aware of these benefits and the credentials that are the simplest to list on your resume.

In this post, we explain certification, discuss the advantages of obtaining one, and list the top 11 popular and simple qualifications you might want to add to your CV.

What is certification?

A certification is a formal record that attests to your talents and credentials in a particular subject or trade. Having a certification indicates that your knowledge and skills in a certain field have been validated. To demonstrate their expertise and talents to potential employers, many workers list their certificates on their resumes. A number of businesses provide certifications, which give you the ability to develop new abilities while simultaneously gaining advantages for your professional career.

Benefits of earning a certification

When attempting to grow in your present work or find new employment, earning a certification may be quite beneficial. The following are some benefits of earning a certification:

1. Expand your knowledge and skills

Getting certified might assist you in updating or honing your abilities in your industry. Additionally, you’ll be able to pick up new skills that will broaden your industry expertise. Your ability to execute your work more effectively and your chances of finding a new opportunity will both increase as you obtain more information.

2. Gain credibility

You may establish credibility in your professional career by having a certification. For instance, if you’re a freelancer, many businesses prefer to deal with specialists who have credentials from reputable schools since it demonstrates your dedication to your field.

3. Gain a competitive advantage

The correct qualification may make you stand out from the crowd when you’re competing for a new job or expecting to get promoted. Employees with experience in their profession are more likely to be hired and promoted by employers. An advantage over rivals by demonstrating your skills and expertise in your field of work is possible with a certification.

Having a certification on your CV may wind up being the deciding factor as to whether or not you are hired or promoted over another applicant, even if you have a similar background to others competing for the same position.

4. Become part of a new community

You learn with other people as you work for a certification. Through the many classes and workshops required for completion, you’ll probably engage with other experts in your industry. Future networking possibilities may result from this for you.

5. Increased earning potential

Gaining a qualification also increases your chance of getting promoted. Certain their expertise and talents in a given field, many firms are ready to pay their staff members more. A certification may also enable you to get paid more than the typical employee with your level of expertise if you’re seeking for a new job.

Easy certifications to obtain

There are a number of credentials you may think about adding to your resume depending on your career and industry. Here are 11 straightforward certificates for various roles and industries.

Information technology (IT) certifications

There are a number of certifications you should think about including on your resume if you work in IT. IT specialists work with computer systems’ hardware and software. You can get useful abilities in this profession with the help of a certification. Make sure the certification is appropriate for your position and your present and future professional aspirations in the IT industry before you submit your application.

Human resources certifications

Consider being certified if you work in human resources to demonstrate your competency as a human resources professional. A human resources certification will give your CV the boost it needs to stand out among resumes of people with comparable job experience, even when your prior experience and education may already demonstrate your capabilities. You may learn the fundamentals of human resources and how they apply to your coworkers, employers, and more with a degree in this area.

Language certifications

If you’re interested in obtaining a language certification, you can do so to study or teach a new language. If the latter is the case, non-native speakers who wish to demonstrate to their employers that they are fluent in a language might think about getting this kind of certification. It’s crucial to think about what languages you’ll speak the most regularly because you’ll normally require effective communication abilities at work. Language credentials can be obtained in a classroom environment or online. Online courses are typically more affordable.

First aid certifications

Many sectors benefit greatly from first aid certification. Workplaces might benefit from having a first-aid qualified person on staff should the need for CPR skills arise, even if you do unrelated duties. Your first-aid certification may be required by some companies for certain occupations.

You will learn how to react and get ready for particular scenarios with the help of this kind of certification. It equips you with the skills and information need to respond in an emergency situation before medical personnel arrive. This kind of certification may be obtained in one to two days and is even more affordable to obtain online.

Project management certifications

Consider earning a project management certification if you’re a project manager to advance your knowledge in the industry. You may learn how to effectively plan and manage a project by earning certifications in this field. Having a project management credential will provide you the knowledge to boost your career while demonstrating to companies how serious you are about working in this field.

 Software certifications

Depending on your chosen job path, you can get a number of software certifications. Getting a software certification tailored to your industry, whether you work in marketing, customer service, analysis, or as a software engineer, can help you improve your abilities and demonstrate to employers that you are skilled and qualified. Look for a certification you can earn and take into account the software you now use or want to use.

Government certifications

Additionally, you can think about getting official accreditation. This kind of certification is another simple choice that may be very helpful to your professional career, even if the majority of occupations won’t require it. These may be ordered online, are delivered quickly, and many of them are free.

Notary public certification

This kind of certification might be desirable to companies even if you are not a notary because having a notary on staff can be useful. This kind of accreditation is also quite accessible and affordable. You will learn how to notarize significant papers in the course for this certification, along with other relevant skills.

Forklift operator license

An excellent way to strengthen your CV is to obtain a forklift operator license if you work in an industrial or commercial setting. This kind of certification is excellent to earn because it can be done quickly and quite cheaply. You will learn how to use machines properly, what your legal obligations are, and how to handle workplace dangers throughout the process.

Computer programming certifications

Consider being certified if writing code is a requirement for your job. You may learn the fundamentals of several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by earning a coding certification. A programming certification can enhance the value of your professional CV because this expertise is very in-demand.

Marketing certifications

Consider being certified in a variety of connected marketing platforms and technologies if you work in marketing. You will learn how to master the marketing platform of your choice if you obtain a certification in this sector. Given the variety of social media platforms currently available, a marketing certification is very helpful when it comes to social media marketing. Additionally, there are a number of free marketing credentials, making it a simple choice for many experts.

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