Do’s and Don’ts of a Resume – A guide for Freshers

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Have you sent your resume to multiple organizations but received no response from them? If yes, your resume might not be attractive enough to get hiring managers’ attention. Or it may have some additional portions that leave a negative impression on them. Whatever the case is, revise or recreate your resumes.

However, revising or recreating isn’t enough to get positive employer feedback; you also need to know the nitty-gritty of creating an outstanding resume. When you design your resume after acquiring all the details, you enhance the chances of getting a call for a short interview.

This article will discuss the dos and don’ts of a resume. It could help you leave a great impression on employers and enhance your chances of grabbing a job opportunity that you are looking for.

How to Create an Outstanding Resume?

Most people don’t know how to write a resume as they don’t have the required skills. Those job applicants can get some assistance from online tools. 

An online resume builder can help them in the process of resume creation. For example, it provides free templates for each industry or business domain. These templates can be edited according to your requirements. So, use those templates, make a resume, and put your hands on the job you are dreaming of.

It’s up to you whether you want to create it through a tool or you choose to design it manually. But you need to take care of a few things. In this writing, we have mentioned the Dos and Dont’s of a resume. 

Let’s start with dos!

Create a Customized Resume for Each Job

Usually, the freshers create one resume and share it everywhere. Unfortunately, they don’t thoroughly read the job descriptions and what kind of a person a company needs; they just upload the resume and start hoping for a positive response. You must not repeat the mistake that many do. Instead, you should always check what kind of skills and experience a company needs. After that, edit your resume according to them.

Customizing your resume can help employers know how attentive you are to the details. Besides, when you tailor it according to each company and position, you can enhance your chances of getting a call, as many companies use some software programs to analyze resumes. So, when your resume has the required skills, your resume will be picked by the software.

Showcase Your Skills

Showering your creativity, writing, and other skills through your resume is in your best interest. That’s how you make it easy for employers to learn whether you have the required skills or not. Even if you don’t have those skills, you should add them and start developing or honing them to impress employers.

If you don’t mention the required skills, you won’t even get a call for an interview. So, instead of losing a great job opportunity to getting hired by your favorite organization, mention and showcase your skills through your resume. For example, if you are applying for a graphic designer job, your document must reflect your design skills. Otherwise, your resume will be overshadowed by the other applicants’ documents.

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Always Highlight Your Achievements

Mentioning your achievements is a plus. Unfortunately, some freshers neglect this factor as they think they don’t have any achievements to put on their resumes. However, this is not the case. Everyone accomplishes some goal during their academic career.

Listing those accomplishments can leave a solid impression on HR managers as they think the applicants who have achieved some milestones in their career can also excel in their professional careers and become an asset to the company.

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Use Your Creativity

Creativity is a plus when you are applying for any job. Although hiring managers usually look for workers who can perform specific tasks, you must get their attention by presenting some soft skills through your resume. That’s why your resume must be creative and attractive so that it shows that you don’t only possess the required skills but also have other talents.

Furthermore, a creative resume also encourages HRs to at least call the applicant, which is the sole purpose of any resume. That’s how you can enhance your chances of getting the job you want or need.

Always Proofread Your Resume

Here comes the most important thing. It doesn’t matter whether you have copied a template from an online resume builder or built it from scratch; it is essential to proofread your resume. This process can help you locate the imperfections in your resume and let you overcome them and send a perfect resume.

A single spelling, grammar, or contextual mistake in your resume can cost you the job you direly need. That’s why you must not send your resume without proofreading it. Remember to check every word, phrase, and sentence, especially the parts designed to showcase your work-related skills and experiences. To make sure your resume is free of errors, you can proofread it through a grammar checker that checks it for all spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. 

Mention Your Qualification

When it comes to getting a job, your qualifications always matter. So, don’t forget to mention it in your resume. You will be the preferred choice of most recruiters if you have qualifications related to the job domain or industry. But, even if you don’t have the relevant qualification, you should also mention the highest degree you have achieved; it can help you get consideration for other jobs as well.

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Coming to the Don’ts!

Don’t Use Multiple Fonts

Many people make major mistakes while designing their resumes. One of these mistakes is using multiple fonts in their resume. They use those fonts to create their resumes more exciting and eye-catching. However, it is strongly not recommended, especially when you are a fresher.

Using different fonts in a resume can distract the reader and make it difficult to read through the text quickly. Therefore, using multiple fonts in your resume is not advisable because it will only result in poor presentation and lower chances of getting an interview call back from the employer.

Don’t Use Negative Phrases

Negative words and phrases mainly transfer negative vibes even when using them is positive. Yet, most applicants, especially freshers, use them in their resumes, cover letters, and other documents drafted for employers. 

These words or phrases can reflect a lack of confidence, vocabulary, and positive thinking, which is enough to get rejection. That’s why you should avoid them in your job grabbing documents. When applying for a job, remember that it is your only chance to capture the employers’ attention and show your knowledge, skills, and expertise. So, carefully choose the words to describe yourself.

Don’t Include Unnecessary Information

The hiring staff doesn’t want to know whether you play football, love gardening, or have other unnecessary skills. They only want to learn what special skills you have and how you can help the company in its endeavors. However, some newbies include this information to fill the blank spaces on their resumes. Whatever the reason is, avoid telling the employers what they don’t want to know.

Don’t Copy Others

Copying others’ words is unethical in most fields, especially when writing a resume. There are some chances that you and any other applicant have copied the text from the same platform. If the hiring managers catch those resumes, all of you may get rejected. So, if you want to avoid an instant rejection without getting a call, don’t copy others and write every sentence of your resume by yourself.

Don’t Lie

Most applicants try to exaggerate things in their resumes. Even they add the skills and experiences they don’t possess. Although it may sometimes work, if you are caught lying at any phase of the interview, you will be blocklisted by the company, and they won’t ever hire you for any position.

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