Sprucing Up Your Resume For A 2023 Job Search? Follow These Tips

in Knowledgebase on March 19, 2023

A recently updated resume can mean the difference between getting a callback and having your application rejected, whether you’re wanting to change careers or find a new position at a different firm this year. Refreshing your resume for the new year’s job search will require some imagination and consideration of your prior employment.

There are various methods to improve your CV and catch the eye of your desired employer, from getting more personal to finding better ways to document and promote yourself as a professional. members of the Forbes Coaches Council offer their top advice for updating a resume in 2023 in the section below.

  • Add Your Recent Accomplishments

Examine your achievements from the previous year, and be sure to list them on your resume. What initiatives have you led? What specific accomplishments (such as sales or cost reductions, for instance) can you list on your resume? Look at current job postings in your field to see where you may include more keywords that are specific to your industry. Jasmine Briggs, of Creatively Inspired Coaching

  • Make It Both Personal And Professional

It’s important to use the right words in your resume. Yes, you should use industry jargon to demonstrate your knowledge and competence on your resume. Utilizing language that reveals a bit about your personality, character, values, and hobbies is also crucial. People prefer working with those they enjoy. Make them interested enough to want to meet you.

  • Prove Performance With Data-Driven Statements

Use success stories to set yourself apart from the competition rather than trying to sound like everyone else. As additional evidence of achievement, provide data-driven assertions like “saved $400,000 with new workflows” or “eliminated 45% of financial irregularities.” Your resume will grab employers’ attention and motivate hiring managers to get in touch with you if you specifically detail how you brought value in prior positions.

  • Frame It Around The Role You’re Applying For

Your CV, whether it be on LinkedIn, in traditional form, or in another format, serves as a marketing tool to demonstrate that you have the skills your target company is seeking, thus it is crucial to tailor it to the position you are applying for. Consider it in terms of giving you the information that says, “This is who I am, this is what I do, this is how I do it, and this is the effect and value I can make for you.”

  • Articulate The Value You Can Add

Professionals looking for new jobs in 2023 should update their resumes to highlight their worth to an organization rather than their credentials and skills. Remove the excess. Particularly when businesses are running lean, employers will be more selective and seek out nimble personnel who can define the value they provide.

  • Tailor Your Resume To Each Company

Having many resumes is my best piece of advice for professionals looking to clean up theirs. The experience and timetable will remain the same, but you should identify and emphasize certain experiences or talents that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Never leave it up to chance whether you’ll fit in with the company. Cite instances that exemplify this.

  • Keep Your Social Media Content Consistent

Clarify the capabilities on your resume so that it is tailored to the position, and update your social media content so that it is consistent across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Employers will keep an eye on

  • Use Storytelling To Prove Your Value

An underused ability in resumes is storytelling. Include the procedures you developed, the innovations you led, the sales you produced, and, if applicable, the metrics that quantify these points in a succinct, one- to two-line bullet-point list of your accomplishments. A potential employer can see how you can contribute the same value to them by seeing your accomplishments and by describing and demonstrating them.

  • Add Your Passions And Interests To Your Resume

When you’re interviewing, the hiring manager is likely aware of your experience; but, what matters to them is getting to know you. Include your hobbies and passions on your resume because they can often be used as conversation starters at the start of an interview. Your contact information, talents, goals, and hobbies will stand out more from your experiences and education if they are on the left side of the page.

  • Emphasize Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities

Even though this idea is not new, people nevertheless frequently neglect to stress their accomplishments in their resumes over their obligations. The real differentiators are your achievements. Additionally, since resume software is used for so much screening, spend some time looking through the LinkedIn profiles of those who hold the positions you are interested in, and make sure your resume includes the keywords you discover.

  • Highlight The Work You Want To Be Doing

Some people view resumes as work history. Resumes should ideally reflect the type of employment you desire to accomplish. Make sure to underline and highlight the talents, competencies, and job roles where you have experienced the most fulfillment—what you want to be doing more of going forward—when searching for a new opportunity. To guarantee that you look for jobs that are connected with your experiences, intentionally highlight them.

  • Prove You Are A Good Fit For The Company

Organizations tend to be more traditional and “in the box” when it comes to hiring during hard economic times. Showcase a tough opponent. Refer to the job description’s main abilities in accomplishments and language. Yes, it’s crucial to stand out and differentiate yourself, but you should first demonstrate your safety; anything else is just a bonus.

  • Only Take Advice From Proven Resume Writers

Don’t allow anyone to critique your professional document. Find a means to dismiss the sometimes well-intentioned critics who demand modifications unless they are reputable, compensated resume writers. The most crucial “critic” is you, followed by a savvy hiring manager who encourages you to emphasize particular aspects of your experience that will help you succeed in interviews.

  • Include A Summary Of How You Do The Job Better

While it’s important to tailor your resume to each position you apply for by using the appropriate keywords and phrases, there is one shrewd additional step you can do to distinguish yourself from the qualified competition: Start with a summary that explains how you can complete the task more effectively, more quickly, profitably, or at a reduced cost. This will make it simple for you to stand out among a group of qualified applicants.

  • Be Digitally Visible

The CV uses outdated hardware. Each of us is a data point, and our own digital brands are the more valuable assets. On LinkedIn and social media, more businesses and recruiters are looking for talent. Additionally, machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used more and more to uncover talent profiles. Today, it is essential for experts to be found online and given consideration for jobs.

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