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Software Engineer Resume [2022] – Example + How-to Guide

in Examples on October 26, 2022

Being a software engineer, you You employ your skills to create the future. Once you land the job, that is. One obstacle stands in your way: the enormous stack of further resumes on the recruiter’s desk. It’s time to stand out with your abilities.This article will walk you through the process of writing a software engineer resume from start to finish.

Specifically, we will cover:

  • An effective illustration of a completed software engineer resume
  • Writing a software engineer resume that will fill your diary with interviews
  • How to stand out on your software engineer CV [with the best advice]

Here is a sample resume for a software engineer made using our own online resume maker to serve as inspiration:

Software Engineer Resume  Sample 01

Sample 02

Sample 03

Looks good, doesn’t it? It’s time for you to make your own now.

How to Format a Software Engineer Resume

Now that your CV is properly formatted, you can start showcasing your skills.

The recruiter shouldn’t struggle to browse through your resume because it should be simple to read.

We can understand why the “reverse-chronological” resume structure is the most popular. It places your most impressive skills at the top of your resume so the employer can see your value offer right away.

We also endorse these resume formats for software engineers.

Functional Resume: This resume format is suggested if you have great software engineering skills but little professional experience.

Combination resume – This format combines the “Functional” and “Reverse-Chronological” resume forms. Software engineers with both skills and work experience should use it because of this.

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What to Include in a Software Engineering Resume

A software engineering resume’s primary sections are:

  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information
  • Skills
  • Education

Would you like to continue? You might also include the following sections:

  • Awards & Certification
  • Languages
  • Interests & Hobbies

How to Correctly Display your Contact Information

This section doesn’t need to be particularly creative, but it does need to be factually accurate.

Pay special attention to this section — the last thing you want is a recruiter who is impressed but unable to reach you for an interview!

The following must be listed in the contact information section:

  • Full Name
  • Title –Align this with the “Software Engineer” job description.
  • Phone Number –Check it many times.
  • Email Address – Use your firstname.lastname@gmail.com email address instead of your childhood email, lozlovespizza@gmail.com.
  • (Optional) Location –seeking employment abroad? Mention where you are.
  • Example: Lauren Hill – Software Engineer. 101-358-6095. laurenhill@gmail.com
contact information on resume
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How to Write a Software Engineer Resume Summary or Objective

Unbelievable information for you:

Recruiters only give each resume less than 6 seconds.

It is understandable that recruiters scan resumes in search of the most crucial information given the overwhelming number of resumes they must sort through.

As a result, you should make the most crucial information easy to notice.

The most effective approach to accomplish this is through a resume objective or summary, which are succinct paragraphs that put on top of your resume.

They serve as a fast summary of your qualifications for the software engineering position. They can be thought of as a “small preview” of your entire CV.

But how do the two sections differ from one another?

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence description of your achievements and professional experiences.

Software Engineer Resume Summary Example
experienced software engineer with a track record of creating strategies that have won awards for a variety of clients. 12+ years of industry experience include managing sizable technical teams to meet deadline-driven objectives. Strong abilities include MySQL database management,.NET, and Java.

A resume objective is a 2-4 sentence summary of your career goals.

Software Engineer Resume Objective Example
I’m a driven software engineer seeking to advance my career in software development at Company X so that I may contribute to the provision of cutting-edge software solutions. While attending University X, I gained experience coding, troubleshooting, and testing for my own projects. PHP, data structures, machine learning, and debugging are examples of relevant abilities.

Which of the following, summary or objective, is preferable for your situation?

We typically advise seasoned software engineers to use a summary. If you lack industry experience but possess the necessary skills, you should select a resume objective (graduates, career changers, or those still studying).

Resume Summary Examples
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How to Make Your Software Engineer Work Experience Stand Out

Recruiters want to know that you are capable of performing the job satisfactorily. Your work experience is the simplest technique to inspire confidence in the recruiter.

We suggest the following organisation for your work experience section:

  • Position name
  • Company Name
  • Dates
  • Responsibilities & Achievements

Here’s an example:

Software Engineer
03/2017 – 07/2020

  • For a 32% increase in company revenue, an e-commerce site with multiple payment APIs was built. New infrastructure was created to handle over a million client files with ease.
  • 100% compliance with industry best practises was consistently attained.
  • 84% fewer security breaches

You should emphasize your greatest accomplishments on your resume to set it out from the competition. The recruiter will be able to see the clear advantages of hiring you if you do this.

Rather than saying:

responsible for infrastructure


A new infrastructure was created to handle over a million client files with ease.

The first statement, to put it simply, doesn’t say anything.

This is a direct contrast to the second statement, which demonstrates how substantially your labour helped the organisation. You can’t argue with concrete evidence of your abilities!

What if You Don’t Have Work Experience?

Not everyone will be an expert in their field.

Perhaps you’re a recent graduate seeking your first engineering position.

How should you approach this section of your resume given your lack of experience?

The reply is

Mention any accomplishments at your place of study or your experience with internships, volunteer work, or any other activities.

Even better, you can make a portfolio of your own work.

Building a portfolio can be done in a number of ways, and you can even get paid for it:

  • Get some pertinent freelance jobs on UpWork.
  • As a side business, start your own software project.
work experience resume
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Use Action Words to Make Your Software Engineer Resume POP!

  • “Made”
  • “Worked”
  • “Managed”

These are all words that the recruiter frequently hears.

However, you don’t want your resume to put you at a disadvantage, thus you should emphasise your accomplishments by using strong words:

  • Conceptualized
  • Determined
  • Formulated
  • Initiated
  • Spearheaded

Here’s what it should look like:

B.A.A. in Software Engineering
The University of New Work
2012 – 2016

  • Relevant Courses: Software Project, Distributed Systems, Information Systems Modelling, Specification of Software Systems, Software Evolution, Software Quality, Agile Methods
  • GPA: 3.8

You might need further details at this point. If so, the following are some of the most typical queries we receive and their answers:

What if I haven’t finished school yet?

You should still list every year of schooling to date whether you are a recent engineering graduate or you are still in school.

Should I mention my high school diploma?

Typically, only provide your most recent educational level. As a result, if you don’t have an engineering degree that is relevant, list your high school education.

Should I prioritise my experience or education first?

Because experiences are most important, they come first. If you’re a recent graduate, you should probably begin with education.

Top 10 Skills for a Software Engineer Resume

Your resume for a software engineer must—

Prove that you’ll perform the job better than the competition.

But how can you accomplish this?

By emphasizing the appropriate software engineer talents on a resume, that is.

This is accomplished by looking at the job description and comparing the necessary skills to the ones you already possess.

Put all of your qualifications on your CV. These are the abilities that software engineers most frequently list on their resumes:

Hard Skills for a Software Engineer:

  • PHP
  • Data Structures
  • Machine Learning
  • Debugging
  • Web Development

Soft Skills for a Software Engineer:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Time-Management
  • Research
  • Team Player

Skill Tip

Don’t just include your skills in the skills section; try to pepper them throughout the entire document. You can omit some of your skills from the summary, education, and work experience sections of your resume.

What Else Can You Include?

The essentials have all been covered.

Nevertheless, consider this:

Is your resume memorable?

The aforementioned areas ought to be sufficient to get you on the shortlist, but adding a few extra elements might make the difference between you and another applicant.

Awards & Certifications

Have you been recognised for your engineering achievements?

Have you finished any training programmes to hone your skills?

Make sure to include any honours or qualifications you may have on your resume!

Here’s an Example:

Awards & Certificates

  • “ Software Engineering” – Coursera Certificate
  • “Critical Thinking Masterclass” – Skillshare


Although it’s doubtful that you’ll need to speak another language at work, the ability is nevertheless attractive to any recruiter. So, if you have room, feel free to include a language section.

Order the languages according to proficiency:

  • Native
  • Fluent
  • Proficient
  • Intermediate
  • Basic

Interests & Hobbies

Why is my love of fishing important to my job application, you may be asking.

Well, by mentioning your passions, the recruiter can learn more about you.

They can also demonstrate your potential for success on the team, particularly if you value social interactions.

Include a Cover Letter with Your Resume

Exactly the same as before, cover letters are crucial.

You see, adding a cover letter immediately makes your application more focused and unique.

A cover letter demonstrates to the recruiter that you are interested in working for their organisation, as opposed to a generic resume that has been sent to ten other organisations.

You need the right format to write a successful cover letter. What we suggest is as follows:

You should complete the following sections:

Personal Contact Information

Your full name, profession, email, phone number, location, and website (or Behance / Dribble).

Hiring Manager’s Contact Information

Full name, position, location, email

Opening Paragraph

You need to grab the recruiter’s attention in the first few phrases because they will probably only skim your application. Put it in brief to mention:

  • the post for which you are applying.
  • Your career highlights and highest accomplishment to date

The Body

The cover letter’s main body is now where you should get into the following details:

  • Why this particular employer is appealing to you
  • What you are already aware of concerning the business
  • How your engineering expertise will aid you in performing the job
  • Which comparable positions have you held in the past?

Closing Paragraph

Your cover letter should conclude by:
  • Finish the key ideas raised in the body sentence.
  • Thank the hiring manager for the chance
  • Finish with an open-ended call to action, such “At your earliest convenience, I’d love to chat more about how I can help firm X,” would do the trick.

Formal Salutations

Finish the letter in a formal way. Kind regards or “Sincerely,” for example.

Key Takeaways

Software engineers are in high demand and as a result, have a lot of opportunities to choose from when job hunting. When creating a software engineer resume, you want to highlight your skills and experience so you can stand out from the competition. Software engineers are often required to have a bachelor or master’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field. You may also be required to have education beyond high school in order to be considered for certain positions. Here are some tips to help you create a winning resume that will help you land your next software engineer job.

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